Top 5 Best Mind Training Apps For Android And iOS

Top 5 Best Mind Training Apps For Android And iOS

Without a doubt, the brain is the most important and complex organ in the human body which coordinates and controls actions and reactions, allows us to feel and think, store memories, etc.

Most people tend to overthink and stress a lot which could affect the brain’s vital nerves leading to mental health issues.

But the brain can be trained for several activities like problem-solving, improve memory, quick decision making, and focus, etc. It’s important to do some brain exercises while playing Mind training games which will improve memory and sharpness of the brain.

These mind training apps are designed to improve thinking and memory skills, intelligence and focus, with the eventual goal of improving the performance of everyday tasks. Playing brain games can help in increasing brain sharpness and prevent aging.

best brain training apps

If you want your brain to perform some advance features and enhance more skills like decision making and problem-solving, etc. There are a lot of brain games or apps available on Play Store and App Store, however, we have listed some best mind training games and apps to sharp your mind. Here are the best brain games that will help your brain balanced all the time.

1. Memorado

best brain games

The best Workout gym training app for the brain is Memorado- Brain Games. Users can improve memory, concentration, logic, reaction, and mathematical skills with 14 fun and challenging mind games over 420 levels. With stunning graphics and easy usability, users can easily personalized daily workouts that are configured in this app. Set your goals and track your statistical progress that will show both strong and weak areas (that need more attention) with Memorado’s unique and fun interface and users can select five new games every day that will enhance intellectual learning.

Download this app for Android| iOS

2. Elevate

best brain games training apps


Elevate is a completely free brain training app that can help improve speaking skills, attention, processing speed and math etc. It includes more than 40 games to boost brain productivity, learning ability, and self-confidence. Users can easily track their goals on the Elevate calendar and cross the difficulty levels after achieving daily goals. Those who love a chunk of competition, users can compare scores with their friends as well.

In other words, it’s one of the best brain training app that you can download it right now.

Download this app for Android| iOS

3. Lumosity

best brain training apps for iOS

The world’s best popular brain training app, downloaded by over 90 million users worldwide is, Lumosity: Daily Brain Games. This app will discover your strongest training area of the brain with memory games, speed games, word games, problem-solving games, and math games. To check if your brain is more interactive and remains a fun-loving experience with this app, the app provides a wide assortment science-based games to enhance skills like speed, problem-solving, attention, flexibility and many more. Users can play 3 games per day until users have signed up for a fresh account.

Download this app for Andorid| iOS

4. Peak

best brain training apps for Android

Peak is a free and fun brain training workout app designed for users. It has a collection of over 40 plus games that you will play endlessly. It’s enhanced with short term memory, problem-solving, attention, language, mental agility, creativity, and coordination. The best part about this app is, it has a personal trainer that helps users to find the ideal workout for the brain to boost up with different skills. It only takes 10 minutes a day to complete the brain exercise and with 40 plus brain games, users can challenge friends on social media with the same level of age group by comparing your brain map and brain game performance.

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5. CogniFit

best brain training apps

The only brain training app that allows users to figure out and improve memory and intellectual skills in a professional and fun way, CogniFit. This app encourages and improves users’ mental functions with puzzles, memory games, educational games, reasoning games, and learning games so that users encourages to challenge their brain to boost various skills. Users can customize programs and enhance exact skills without unnecessary stuff, based on the user’s goals. This app has specific exercises and brain games for kids with learning abilities (Dyslexia test, ADHD Test, Dyscalculia test). With the help of online tests, users can evaluate mental skills with different mental disorders and mental illnesses (Insomnia, Depression, Parkinson). This app is totally based on the concepts of neuroplasticity and neuroscience.

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Miracles can’t happen overnight but, our brain can be trained to improve with several skills set like mental agility, coordination, problem-solving and concentration. To develop a sharp mind, you should develop or challenge your brain every day by trying mind training apps that are listed above.

We have almost listed the best apps for training brain and if we have miss something, feel free to write in the comments section and let us know if you have any brain training apps that will help others apart from the above 5 apps.

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