Best GameCube Emulator For Android in 2024

Read On To Discover The Best GameCube Emulators For Android To Easily Play GameCube-supported Games!

Best GameCube Emulator For Android in 2024

Regardless of whether you were born in the late 20th century (1980s-1999) video games are an important part of our lives. Similarly, the accessories or supporting devices play the same role. Without them, it’s nearly impossible to play the games to their full length as they have been designed. Some of those accessories are compatible with your device & others are trying to be compatible but users are always in for a treat.

For example, here we would be talking about the best GameCube emulator for Android devices (the Nintendo video game console). With the all-in-one compatibility of working on Windows, Mac, Linux, & Android, these game consoles have become more popular than ever. Some features include excellent controllers, turbo speed, networked multiplayer, and even more!

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Best GameCube Emulator For Android in 2024

Thanks to our high-tech smartphones we are using, the need to use the PC is gradually going down. Having said that, there are a few things that cannot be taken care of if you don’t have the PC.

If I talk about playing games on PC, I believe we have got different options that can give us better experience including the Android GameCube Emulators. This trending & popularity is one of the reasons you may find Nintendo Game console emulators online. There can be as many as you will dig, however, you only want those who serve the purpose fully & don’t leave you in question.

1. Dolphin Emulator

Without a doubt, the best GameCube emulator you could ask for your Android device would be, Dolphin Emulator. It’s an absolute free & open-source video game console with the ultimate compatibility from Windows to Linux & Android. With the continuous updates & ability to give more to the users rather than the original consoles has been well received over the years.

Dolphin Emulator

Additionally, Dolphin Emulator isn’t limited to GameCube only as you can use the same game console for the other Nintendo video game console, Wii. So in case you have explored the GameCube enough or are bored using the GameCube Emulator, let’s switch to Wii with the same Dolphin Emulator.

Download this amazing & best GameCube emulator that can give you the experience of life, Dolphin Emulator here.

2. MegaN64

Another addition to the list is a Nintendo 64 (N64) emulator, MegaN64 that lets you play games seamlessly. & just like Dolphin Emulator, MegaN64 is also absolutely FREE to be downloaded, however, the downloading must be done into the SD card.


Thousands of users from all over the world have proved this GameCube emulator as one of the best ones because it doesn’t give you any problems. From the controlling switches to setting it up on your Android device, it’s a child’s play. & you will find there are many users who want to customize the controlling options as they feel, are most welcome to do that.

Download MegaN64 GameCube emulator on your Android device & start playing uninterrupted games.

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3. DraStic DS Emulator

DraStic DS Emulator is one of the fastest & easy-to-use emulators you can think of while finding the best emulator for your Android device. With the proven record of the best combination of minimum software & hardware requirements (1 GHz single-core processor & 256 MB RAM), the tool works smoothly on your smartphone.

DraStic DS Emulator

Additionally, the DraStic DS emulator is as customizable as you want it to be. From extending the 3D graphics resolution to tweaking your overall gaming experience (cheat codes), you can do anything. Plus you have the power to increase the emulation speed on your fingertips with fast-forward functionality.

Without delaying, visit the Play Store, download & install the DraStic DS Emulator & start playing.

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4. ClassicBoy

Anything that can jog your memory of the traditional game fun with the advanced system improvements must hold a place in your list. With ClassicBoy, one of the best things is that it’s improved game controllers & that’s why you should play the games with sensors, like fighting games. Because those are the ones that can make you feel like you are actually in the game.


Now, in case if you aren’t a big fan of using sensors while playing games, you can always switch to joysticks & gamepad. Customize the controllers the way you feel & remember that this all-time-favorite’s competency goes with GameBoy, Sega, & PlayStation, & Nintendo GameCube.

Start using this easier than ever & world class compatible GameCube emulator, ClassicBoy on your smartphone & start fighting like never before.

5. Nds4droid

The list is getting stronger with every addition as all of them are quite compatible, customizable, & powerful enough to let you relive your fun days. Like the Dolphin emulator, Nds4droid is also an absolutely FREE & open-source GameCube emulator you can ask for.


Comparatively new to the market, nds4droid has made its marks because of its continuous improvements & many-features-supporting-techniques. Unfortunately, Nintendo DS emulation is still somewhat slow, even on higher end phones, but we’ll continue to make improvements :). If you’re having trouble with performance, try different “frame skip” options.

Download nds4droid GameCube emulator & get a good gaming experience on your smartphone.

6. M64Plus FZ Emulator

Next on our list of Best GameCube Emulators for Android includes M64Plus FZ Emulator. It is a free game utility that allows players to run and enjoy some of the most popular game titles like N64. The application can be installed and used on a variety of smartphones and is highly compatible with multiple gamepads and controllers as well.

MP6 Plus FZ Emulator (1)

Unlike other popular Android emulator options, it features all the necessary cores and plugins. With the Pro version, you get the support for Google Drive cloud backup as well. To start playing games over the Internet, you need a router with UPnP and you need to be connected to the router.

7. DrasticDS

DrasticDS is another popular emulation app that comes with the ability to run some GameCube games without any hassles. The app works similar to the PC version when it comes to enjoying amazing features like controller support, button mapping, save states, etc.

Drastic DS (1)

The Android emulator supports enhancing the game’s 3D graphics by 2 times as compared to the original resolution. Not only this, using the DrasticDS emulator for Android, you can customize the placement and size of the DS screens for both portrait and landscape modes.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What Is A Good GameCube Emulator?

The market has tons of applications when it comes to enjoying GameCube. We recommend using the Dolphin Emulator for this purpose. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android smartphones. And, it is not limited to GameCube only, you can play various games from the Nintendo GameCube Wii emulator as well.



Are Emulators Legal?

Yes! Emulators are legal to download and use. But, sharing copyrighted ROMs online is certainly illegal.



Can Android Emulate PS2?

Absolutely! There are a variety of PS2 emulators designed and developed for both Android smartphones and PCs. To name a few options in the category, try using PLAY! PRO PlayStation, PTWOE, etc.


Wrapping Up:

There can be as many gaming emulators as you can find, however, always go for the ones that can be worthy of your time. That is why we have enlisted here the best, compatible, highly customizable, & in-working-condition GameCube emulators for your Android device.

Don’t forget to explore every one of them & then go with the best one that’s working out for you.

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