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Best File Managers for Android
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Best File Managers for Android 2019

Table of Contents

1. Systweak Android Cleaner2. Mi File Manager3. Astro File manager4. Amaze File manager5. ES File Explorer

If you are looking for a file manager for Android, you would aim to have a complete grasp on the files in your device.  You would probably be looking for various things under one roof. You would look at a file manager that can help you with several things and that too while you are on the move. If you are managing the files on your Android device, here are a few things that you be juggling with, something that a file manager for Android so brilliantly tackles.

  • Managing your storage space
  • Help you find files at once glance
  • Easily move files from one folder to another

Best File Managers for Android:

1. Systweak Android Cleaner

Systweak Android Cleaner - File manager for Android

It might not be a dedicated file manager for Android but it is way more than that. While it helps you manage the files on your device efficiently, it even helps you get rid of all the unnecessary junk. Moreover, it even boosts your devices RAM too.


  • Manage the storage of your device through categorized media
  • Separate categories for all media-related files on your device
  • Simple, easy and intelligent way of organizing documents, pictures, and videos. By doing these you can free up a lot of precious space on your device
  • Backup important apps and uninstall the ones that are taking a lot of space on your device

Rating on Google Play Store: 4.6 Stars

No. Of. Installs: More than 1 million

2. Mi File Manager

Mi File Manager - File manager for Android

Install Now

Touted as the best file manager for Android, Mi File Manager comes with several features. You can do many things with this file manager app apart from just opening, moving or deleting files.

 Manage files easily using these features:

  • Mi File manager recognizes various formats pertaining to videos, images, documents, etc. It also recognizes RAR, APK and ZIP files
  • Mi File Manager app has a very clear, clean and crisp user interface that makes it easy to manage files
  • Files can be organized and categorized according to their formats
  • Easily transfer files between PC and mobile using the Wi-Fi network
  • Global search algorithm which means you can enter keywords to search for files
  • Easily access external memory like OTG devices and SD cards

Rating on Google Play store: 4.8 Stars

No. Of. Installs: 100 million

3. Astro File manager

Astro File manager - File manager for Android

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Astro File Manager is a file manager for Android that can help you easily sort your internal and external storage by the way of managing the files on your device. With the features mentioned below, you can clean your phone, manage files and free up tons of space.


  • With this file manager app you can easily perform basic file functions such as move, copy, share, rename, delete and compress files on all storage areas – SD card, internal storage, and the cloud. Also, manage the backup of your files on the mentioned storage areas
  • Inbuilt compressor and ZIP file opener that can compress files to RAR and ZIP format and even open them
  • Neatly organize and sort your files and folders with the inbuilt file organizer
  • Create a backup of your apps and restore them should you need to factory reset your device

Rating on Google Play Store: 4.3 Stars

No. Of. Installs: More than 50 million

4. Amaze File manager

Amaze File manager - Best File Managers for Android

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You might perceive Amaze file manager as light (which it is as it weighs only 7.6 MB), yet, the app proves to be one of the best file managers for Android. One thing that makes the app even more wonderful is that it is open-source and ad-free.  


  • Easy app management – open a file, create a backup and uninstall an app, all through the same app
  • Multitask by working on multiple tabs all at the same time
  • Cut, copy, paste, delete, compress or extract files in a hassle-free manner
  • Several themes and attractive icons
  • You can get cloud support (with the help of additional plugins)

Rating on Google Play Store: 4.3 Stars

No. Of. Installs: More than 1 million

5. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer
Source: es-file-explorer.en

Download ES File Explorer Here

The reason why you should download ES file explorer is that ES File Explorer also is known ES File Manager is an awesome tool for managing programs and files on your Android device.


  • Presence of FTP client using which you can manage files both on your Android device and your PC
  • Access contents of documents in several file types
  • Decompress and view RAR or ZIP files
  • You can use it as a video player, photo viewer, cloud file manager and even a browser

To Sum Up

Every device comes with its own file manager for Android but, maybe you expect a little more. The fact is that the file manager that comes preinstalled in an Android device may lack one or the other features. This is where a  file manager app download can be greatly beneficial.

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