How to Make Android Phone Faster: 8 Easy Hacks to Try!

Why is my android phone slow? Tips to speed up android phone.

How to Make Android Phone Faster: 8 Easy Hacks to Try!

No matter which device you use, your smartphone’s speed and performance eventually degrade over time and continue usage. Isn’t that right? The first few months are a sweet ride, but your smartphone tends to slow down as time passes. Even if you take good care of your smartphone, it can only last 2-3 years. The smartphone you buy is not the same at the end of the warranty period. Your phone’s performance starts wearing out, and you may encounter several issues, including slowdown.

A slow-performing device can bother you as we are constantly glued to our smartphones. Wondering how to speed up Android phone? You’ve come to the right place. In this post, we have listed various tips and hacks that you can try to make your Android smartphone faster.

Let’s get started and see how you can enhance your phone’s speed and performance by trying a few hacks.

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How to Speed Up Android Phone Faster Than Ever

1 Organize the Home Screen

Boost android phone

Are too many app icons clogging your home screen space? Well, here comes the first step to making your device faster. Cleaning and organizing your home screen can speed up your device’s performance. So, only keep selective apps and widgets that you frequently use on the home screen for a tidy appeal.

2 Use a Lightweight Web Browser

Light-weighted Web Browser

Chrome is the default web browser on Android, but it is a resource-heavy application. We advise you to use a different browser app on your Android smartphone to improve its speed and performance. You can pick Puffin, Brave, or DuckDuckGo, as they are the fastest web browser apps for Android.

3 Uninstall Resource-heavy Apps

We are sure your Android phone must have a lot of applications, some that you use frequently and others that you barely use. Certain apps don’t perform so well on the Android platform. To name a few, we would say Facebook and Snapchat. Yes, they are the biggest culprits. Your device may lag while using Snapchat or Facebook, so we recommend you uninstall these resource-heavy applications immediately.

Uninstall heavy Apps

After uninstalling the bad apps, your phone’s speed and performance will considerably improve as your device will now use less memory and resources to operate.

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4 Turn Off Background App Syncing

Background App

Tons of default Android apps like News, Weather, and Social are set to automatic sync and are constantly run in the background. These apps are updated every 15 minutes putting a lot of load on the processor. Head on to the Settings app and turn off background app syncing. If you don’t want to disable it permanently, you can try setting the frequency period to a longer duration, like “Every 6 hours” or “Every 3 hours”.

5 Remove the Antivirus App

Here comes another quick hack on our “how to speed up Android phone” post. As the antivirus software is constantly running in the background, it may drain your device’s battery and slow down its performance. Uninstall the antivirus app and check if it helped in making your phone faster.

6 Reboot your Device

Reboot your Device

The oldest trick in the book, indeed. If you are constantly worried about “How to make my phone faster,” regularly rebooting your device is a simple yet effective trick that might help in enhancing your phone’s overall performance.

7 Update the OS

Update the OS

Now and then, developers release a new version of Android OS and applications offering bug fixes and performance improvements. Hence, maintain a habit of regularly updating the installed applications and downloading the latest updates immediately.

8 Use the Smart Phone Cleaner App

Last but not least, a speed optimizer app can help you save time and effort. So, rather than trying the above-listed hacks to make your phone faster, you can use the Smart Phone Cleaner app to do the job effortlessly.

Smart Phone Cleaner App

The Smart Phone Cleaner app is an all-in-one solution to optimize your Android phone’s speed and performance in just a few clicks. The app features some exceptional capabilities that instantly boost your device. The Smart Phone Cleaner app cleans junk files, deletes duplicate files, clears the Android cache, saves battery, and protects your phone from malware and other malicious threats. It also offers you additional perks like the Hibernate Mode, App Lock, and Game Speed Up mode.

Download Smart Phone Cleaner 

Smart Phone Cleaner is a powerful speed optimizer app for Android that can make your phone faster in just a few clicks. It is undoubtedly the ultimate way to speed up your phone. Download today!


This wraps up our post on how to speed up Android phones. You can use any of these above-listed tips to ensure your device runs smoothly for a while. So, until your phone reaches its hardware limits and wears out completely, you can use these hacks in the meantime to optimize the overall performance of your smartphone.

Do let us know which hack you liked the most. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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