How To Optimize Battery Performance on Android

How To Optimize Battery Performance on Android

Smartphones have become an extension of our needs. We can see them in everyone’s hands around us. Even, technology has contributed to this industry. But still, there’s one thing that every smartphone user has a problem with i.e. phone’s battery life. 

No matter how we use smartphone be it spending time on social media, news feed or playing games smartphone battery always takes a troll. Moreover, if are a frequent mobile device user, then you might find yourself sitting in a corner and charging your phone more than once during a day. 

Well, there can be various reasons behind the poor battery life of your Android phone like brighter screens, background applications, and faster internet connections. Whatever the case maybe we need a battery optimizer

In this article, we will be focusing on how to save the Android phone’s battery life.

To make things easy here we have reviewed one of the best phone battery booster app i.e. Smart Phone Cleaner: Phone Booster & RAM Optimizer app. This is an amazing app that will not only help to boost the phone’s battery but will also do other tasks.
So, let’s know more about the app. 

What is Smart Phone Cleaner?

Smart Phone Cleaner is the best battery saver app that helps increase your Android phone’s performance. This tool offers a one-tap booster feature to delete duplicate files, optimize the phone’s battery and clean junk files. Moreover, this app improves overall phone performance. 

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Why you should use Smart phone cleaner?

This app gives a lot of reasons to use. Unlike other battery optimizer, this tool comes with features like duplicate files remover, file explorer, app manager, game speedup, junk file cleaner and so on.

1. Junk File Cleaner

Because of the continuous usage of Android devices, the phone gets filled up with numerous junk files that mess up your phone. Junk File Cleaner feature safely removes these unwanted files and frees up space, which helps improves the overall phone’s performance.

2. Game Speedup

To enhance the gaming experience and performance on Android devices this feature is of great help. Game speedup identifies and closes background running applications that could interrupt gaming efficiency. This tool also frees-up RAM to help your device a significant speed boost.

3. File Explorer

Files Explorer helps in managing stored files on your device. This tool works excellently in categorizing the files. Additionally, you can easily share, delete and take back-up your files.

4.  WhatsApp Module

WhatsApp Module helps view WhatsApp files in one place. By using this feature, you can easily manage, add, view, received and sent WhatsApp media such as documents, videos, images, Gifs, voice notes and so on in one place. You can even get rid of unused data taking up the phone’s space and device performance.

5. Duplicate Files Remover

Duplicate Files Remover helps get rid of unnecessary space on the Android device. This feature scans your device and identifies duplicate files based on file type and name.

6. Battery Saver

Battery Saver examines the battery status and eliminates background apps that are draining your Android’s battery. Using this feature, you can view the device’s temperature along with battery voltage. 

Still, need more reasons to use Smart Phone Cleaner? Then here they are:

  • Smart Phone Cleaner allows hibernating apps that take unnecessary RAM and consume battery. 
  • App Manager locates and displays space-hogging apps that are no longer in use. Thus helping to save valuable storage space.
  • Cache cleaner and RAM optimizer solve most of the Android phone problems and optimize it to boost performance. 

Final Word

Android devices are being used widely by mankind. But, when battery life starts draining, it becomes annoying. Android devices offer a lot of features to use, which demands battery consumption. Therefore, battery optimization is important. 

To keep your Android battery optimized, you must get a battery saver app for Android. Smart Phone Cleaner is a helpful app to enhance your battery life. If you like this article, let us know in the comments section below. Subscribe to our Newsletter to get more tips & tricks.

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