How to Find and Delete Duplicate Video From Android

How to Find and Delete Duplicate Video From Android

Nothing is  more annoying than your phone’s storage overflowing due to dozens of unwanted apps and files. If you’re tired of sifting through uncountable files/folders and old apps that you no longer use, it’s time to get rid of them and reclaim valuable storage space. Thankfully, you can uninstall all useless apps in a few taps, but what about those unnecessary duplicate files that take up a major portion of your storage space? Multiple replicas of the same video file is one of the hardest to detect and remove. Hence, we recommend using a duplicate files fixer to remove duplicate videos from your Android phone          .

Manually removing duplicate videos/images is a time-consuming process, so we suggest two methods that are frequently used to remove duplicate videos from Android devices automatically.

But first, let’s take a look at why it is essential to find & delete duplicate videos & other multimedia files from our devices and how to do that.

Why Should You Remove Duplicate Files?

  • Duplicates may occupy a  major portion of your device’s memory.
  • Makes the sorting process very difficult, hence reducing productivity
  • It gets harder to backup the original files/folders.
  • You have an unorganized  media collection.

Best Ways to Find and Delete Duplicate Videos from Android (2022)

Taking help of a reliable duplicate file finder is one of the most convenient ways to quickly find duplicate videos and other multimedia files & recover storage space. It eliminates the need to trawl through all the folders by hand, as it automates the entire process. We recommend using Duplicate Files Fixer, an excellent utility that runs a comprehensive scan on your internal memory and memory card to detect identical and similar-looking photos, videos, audio files, documents, etc.

Method 1- Use Duplicate File Fixer

It’s one of the most effective duplicate video finders, designed for Windows, Mac, Android & iPhone users. It offers a user-friendly and straightforward UI  that makes the entire de-duplication process effortless. This duplicate file finder is designed with an intelligent algorithm that instantly detects all types of files, including photos, videos, audio files, documents, and more, to free up lots of space in one go. Before deleting duplicates from your smartphone, the app lets users preview all the duplicates before deleting them permanently.

Duplicate Files Fixer Highlights:

  • Run full duplicate scan or for specific photos, videos, audio files,
  • Classified, group-wise results.
  • Easily reclaim storage space.
  • Supports scanning internal storage & memory cards.
  • Preview scan results before deleting them permanently.
  • Auto-Mark duplicates in one tap to automatically mark clone files, leaving one in each group.
  • Shows the amount of storage space that has been recovered on Android.

How to use Duplicate Files Fixer to find & remove duplicate videos & other files?

Step 1: Duplicate Files Fixer can be installed from the Google Play Store or by clicking the Download button provided below.

Step 2: Run the application, and you will be greeted with a screen like the one below. Grant the necessary permissions to clean duplicate files and hit the Got It button.

Duplicate video cleaner

Step 3- Select the file type you wish to scan for duplicates and tap the Scan Now button.

Duplicate video finder

Step 4– Depending on the amount of data your phone stores, the scanning process may take time. So, sit back and relax!

scan duplicate video

Step 5– Following the scan, scroll down and see the summary of all duplicates discovered on your smartphone.

A. If you don’t have any duplicates, you will see this on your screen

Duplicate files

B. If there are any duplicates, they will appear in different groups. Mark the duplicate files you want to delete or use the Auto Mark option.

Delete Duplicate files

Step 6- Press the Delete now button and you will be shown the amount of storage space that has been freed up after removing the duplicate files.

Clean duplicate files

Method 2- Files by Google

Every Android smartphone available today has Files by Google, a file manager by Google. This fantastic file organizer app gives you instant access to all your data. It offers several functions to manage your large/old files/folders, delete duplicates, clean junk files, delete old screenshots, transfer files, and more.

Step 1: Launch Google Files on your device.

Remove Duplicate files

Step 2– Tap the Clean button, located at the extreme left, on the lower side of the window.

Duplicate video

Step 3: Select the Delete duplicates option, and see all identical photos, videos, and multimedia data in a single place.

Delete all duplicates

Step 4: Select the videos or pictures you want to delete and hit the Move to Trash button, which will easily      remove duplicate videos and other files from your Android phone     .

Final Thoughts:

In these ways, you can remove similar and identical images from your Android phone and reclaim storage space without wasting time to get an organized photo collection. You can remove duplicates with either method mentioned above. However, an efficient app like Duplicate Files Fixer can easily eliminate duplicates as it shows identical and similar-looking files based on content & not just filename. Thereby leaving no duplicates on your device.

Was it helpful? Which method would you choose? Let us know in the comments section below.

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