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Best Air Quality Index Apps for Android and iOS in 2021
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Best Air Quality Index Apps for Android and iOS in 2021

The air that we breathe in is densely populated with pollution and this is not just the case of a big city. This is common to towns and some villages as well, as the industries, transportation all contribute to pollution. It has been over a decade that if we do not raise questions on these living conditions now we will see repercussions. The air quality index apps were designed keeping this in mind .Balance in nature is important and when not maintained the course moves around it deliberately affecting our health. All of us should have this in our smartphones before you travel to a new city. Of course you should be prepared to face the harsh reality of city pollution.

How To Measure Air Quality?

How To Measure Air Quality

There are methods to measure air quality and there are devices specially designed to measure air quality. The instrument works similarly to a thermometer and when exposed to air it will show you how clean or polluted it is. Well, as we know air that we breathe in majorly contains Oxygen and Nitrogen. The most commonly found air pollutants are Carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ground level ozone and aerosols or airborne pollutants.

Air quality index is basically the daily air quality check for the pollutants in it. AQI should always be in between 0 to 50 which is termed as good. With the help of the air quality app anyone can check out this on a daily basis. By learning how to measure air quality we can judge that if we have to use a mask before stepping out.

With a number of iOS and Android Air quality index apps available, this has been made easy as an everyday task. Let’s learn about these wonderful air quality apps –

List Of Best Air Quality Index Apps in 2021

1. AirVisual-


Air Quality | AirVisual by IQAir AG is the best air quality index app. It categorizes the results into easy to understand results for the users. The simple interface puts a new user to ease as they walk through the app. The air quality index app is capable of showing you the results for all over the world. One can get the comparison for the indoor and outdoor air to learn the difference. Along with this, it shows you a 7 day forecast so you can plan your days ahead. Not only this, one can also check the history of the place and learn more about the type of pollutants found in air.


  • Simple interface is easy to understand for the users.
  • A 7-day forecast is added to help you get informed.
  • Data trends for the air pollutants.
  • Indoor and outdoor air quality can be compared.

Get it here for Android.

Get it here for iOS.

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2. Plume Air Report

Plume Air Report

Plume Air Report is one of the best air quality index apps for your smartphone. The air quality check app works for the betterment of you, therefore keeps checking the real time air quality index. Gives you results for which air is cleaner for you for doing outdoor exercise. Get separate reports all over the day with morning, evening atmospheres differ from each other. The smart notifications will send you alerts for the dangerous air pollutants present in air.  As well as when the air is clean and is it safe to step outside to eat.


  • Real-time air quality check.
  • A 4-day forecast is available on the app.
  • Manage your notifications.
  • Detailed maps give you information for each street.

Get it here for Android.

Get it here for iOS.

3. Air Quality Index BreezoMeter

Air Quality Index BreezoMeter

Air Quality Index Breezometer is another of the creative air quality check apps. It will provide you with the 5 hour forecast and it will give you the street level air quality data. Learn about your exposure to the air outside and track how it has been affecting you over the time. Not just for you but you can add the locations for your loved ones and keep a track on their air quality as well. The air pollution app will alert you for air quality, pollen, weather and fire as well. All this information will help you decide if you can have those outdoor plans or rather stay indoors.


  • Air quality check for the local streetwise area.
  • Get a personal chart for the exposure to the air pollution.
  • Learn the air quality index for the loved ones too.

Get it here for Android.

Get it here for iOS.

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4. Air Quality: Real Time AQI

Air Quality Real Time AQI

 Air Quality: Real Time AQI has been a good app for a long time. This shows you the air pollution check in the area along with the weather. The direction of the wind is also indicated in the app for your area to stay informed. The air quality is titled as per the calculation and different air pollutants are shown with their weightage.


  • Real-time air quality index app.
  • Shows AQI for 60 countries all over the world.

Get it here for Android.

5. Air Quality

Air Quality

Air Quality by FFZ srl is another air quality index app which is good to measure the air pollution. You can get the category wise breakup for all the pollutant substances present in the air. The air quality check app also shows you the weather conditions and gives accurate information. Check the air quality for all the places around the globe sitting in your room.


  • Monitor the air you are about to breathe outdoors.
  • All the air pollutants are measured closely.
  • Share the results with your friends.

Get it here for Android.

Use the inbuilt method on smartphones-

The smartphones come equipped with wonderful features and it is one of them. The iPhone and Android both are capable of giving you the AQI for the area you check on the maps.

On iPhone, go to the Settings app and scroll down to locate Maps. Now go to the Climate section and turn on the toggle switch for the Air Quality Index and Weather Conditions. When this is turned on, you will see the weather conditions and the AQI shown along with the location on the Maps app.

On an Android device, go to the Weather app, and you can enter the location and get the AQI for it.

To Sum up:

Air quality Index apps are sure to keep you informed on what’s up with the air level in your location. This helps in deciding how to dress up and protect yourself from the hazards of air pollutants. The people with breathing problems and allergies can be warned prior and they can take measures to protect themselves.

We hope this article will be helpful to you as you are trying to find out air quality index apps for Android and iOS. We would like to know your views on this post to make it more useful. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.

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