10 Best Speed Reading Apps For Android And iOS (Free)

10 Best Speed Reading Apps For Android And iOS (Free)

Speed reading is an art that not many possess. Even the most avid readers fall flat on their face when it comes to speed. And, they then are sad over the fact that they are not able to read as much as they desire. Well! If you have a smartphone (and, we are so sure that you have one!) you can become a speed reader in no time at all. Thanks to some of the best speed reading apps that creatively help you increase your reading speed.

Almost every app lets you take a free reading speed test so that you know your initial speed and then over a few days or months, after you have used an app, you will be astonished at how much you have improved.

What Is A Speed Reading App?

A Speed reading trainer app will teach you to read a text faster. This doesn’t mean that you skip words or don’t understand the context of what’s written. In fact, the best speed reading apps will even help you enrich your vocabulary and spot the exact important text which will give you the context of the whole text. Plus, with these apps, you will also be able to get rid of bad reading habits such as going through lines and words again and again, vocalizing words and sentences in your head and many others.

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Which Are Some Of The Best Free Speed Reading Apps?

Here are some of the best speed reading apps for Android and iOS. These apps can especially be a great companion if you are planning to appear for exams where reading is an essential part such as SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, etc.

SL.NO  Top 5 Speed Reading Apps
1 Speed Reading
2 Spreeder
3 Speed Read
4 Reader Pro
5 Read Me

Best Speed Reading Apps For Android And iOS

1. Speed Reading (Android)

Speed Reading Android App

Click here to Install

There is a reason why we have put Speed reading on the top of the list of best speed reading apps for Android. It uses simulators to expand your vocabulary and memory while simultaneously helping you increase your reading speed. It’s an engaging app and a fantastic solution to your reading problems. For instance, after using this speed reading trainer app you will save time reading any text and grasp the most important text


  • There are many exercises to help you improve your reading both qualitatively and speed wise
  • Supports fb2, ePub and all major text book formats
  • Simulators in the app help you quickly memorize words and numbers, expand the field of view and increase your ability to concentrate
  • This speed reading app that provides comprehensive statistics based on your reading performance

2. Spreeder: Speed Reading E-Reader and Trainer (iOS and Website)

Spreeder- Speed Reading E-Reader and Trainer

Whatever your reading speed is right now, rest assured that after you have diligently used this speed reading app, your reading speed will be three times of what it is now. Spreeder uses expert training tips along with state of art speed reading software. It is available as an iOS app and also has a dedicated website as well.

  • You can add your reading material to Spreeder cloud library and access it from anywhere
  • Your data is synced across all your devices like iPad, iPhone, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Windows. You can resume from where you had left off
  • The app helps you remove bad reading habits such as regression and sub vocalization
  • With the help of comprehensive and detailed reading reports, you know exactly how you have changed over time and how your progress has been

3. SpeedRead, Spritz Reading Free

SpeedRead, Spritz Reading Free

Click Here To Install

Want to learn how to speed through the text without missing out on things? SpeedRead is the speed reader app you are looking for. It chucks the traditional methods right out of the window and uses creative methods with the help of which you will be reading texts like a pro in no time at all.


  • The speed reader app comes with controls for words per minute (WPM)
  • Additional fine-tuning for comma, period delays and word length
  • Text-To-Speech integration using which the user can listen to the book
  • Different themes for regular and night reading
  • Supports Docx, Txt, Mobi, Azw, PDF, Epub, PRC, FB2 and AZW3 file formats
  • You can copy paste books from other sources as well
  • Easily control speed using Volume up and down button

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4. ReaderPro – Speed reading and brain development

ReaderPro - Speed reading and brain development

Click Here To Install

It doesn’t matter what your age or skill level is, if you have the will to become a speed reader you will become one. And, just to cement that fact there are several apps like ReaderPro. The app doubles as a speed reading trainer which has several exercises and techniques with the help of which you will be able to improve your reading skills in no time at all.


  • There are several exercises that you can choose from to improve your cognitive abilities
  • Flexible reminders so that you train on a regular basis. This also means you can choose a schedule as per your comforts
  • It is one of the best speed reading apps that let you find the key meaning of the text. No more will multi-page legal documents will baffle you!
  • Schulte tables and several other unique exercises to help you improve your reading speed
  • You can track your progress with the help of interactive data reports

5. ReadMe


Install On Android

Install On iOS

ReadMe is one of the best speed reading apps available. Though you may not find it on Google Play Store but you can find it on the Apple store. It comms with two unique speed reading tools namely Spritz and BeeLine Reader.


  • Read one word at a time at a certain WPM
  • The speed reader app helps you minimize eye movement
  • Bee line reader uses color coding method which increases your reading speed by 2-3 times
  • Font adjusted according to people with dyslexia
  • Compatibility with ePub and all PDF documents

6. Balto Speed Reading Free

Balto Speed Reading Free

Click Here To Install

Balto is a speed reading app for Android which mainly focuses on paragraph parsing which means it trains you to read long texts  in eBooks and webpages. To add on its navigation features are highly flexible.


  • Uses rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP) technique
  • Supports many file formats such as EPUB, TXT, PDF, HTML, DOC and many others
  • Integration with third party apps such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, feedly and many others
  • Using this speed reading trainer you can save your reading position
  • The app has a flexible navigation control

7. ReadQuick

Source: readquickapp.com

With this app you can better your comprehension and read much faster. The app has a browser within the app which helps you to reach any page on the internet that you wish to take the article from.


  • Keep a track of articles and words you have read and the keeping them as a benchmark increase your speed further
  • Speed read multiple words at a time
  • The app has a full fledged article viewer
  • You can easily connect with readability, Evernote, Instapaper and Pocket

8. Fast Reader

Fast Reader

Click Here To Install

Another best free speed reading app for Android is fast reader with the help of which you will be able to read ebooks, news, webpages or any form of content that uses text with utmost ease.


  • It uses rapid serial visual presentation techniques which reduces time which is spent when you move your eyes between two words
  • This speed reading app is highly customizable. You can set up typeface, size, speed and colors
  • You can select ebook right from the file explorer itself or choose a text from the browser and start practicing

9. Outread: Speed Reading Trainer

Outread - Speed Reading Trainer

Click Here To Install

The app is very aptly named. As a speed reading trainer it trains you to outread any text that comes your way.

  • Offers you 5 fonts to suit all reading conditions
  • You can track your reading progress with comprehensive stats
  • The app even works offline so whatever text you copy and paste from the web stays with you
  • You can filter things using tags or sort things datewise
  • Easily adjust the highlighter size and reading speed

10. Spree Free – Speed Reader

Spree Free- Speed Reader

With this speed reading app you will be able to read much faster than ever before. It minimizes your need of moving your eyes between sentences. All you have to do is just add the text you want to practice on.


  • You can read up to 1000 WPM
  • The app comes with light and dark backgrounds
  • You can select different chunk sizes – 1,2 and
  • The app comes with a word counter and progress bar
  • You can easily long press to go to the previous sentence
  • Customizable WPM setting

What Are Some Common Features Of Speed Reading Apps?

Here are some common features of speed reader apps –

  • Most speed reading apps contain simulators such as Schulte tables to increase reading speed and develop attention
  • Support several text formats
  • You can download your own reading material such as books and other documents and practice on them
  • Reading progress can be synced across several platforms
  • The best speed reading apps contain a lot of engaging, fun and creative exercises
  • Apps also come night and regular reading modes
  • Comprehensive reports on progress to keep you reminded of how far have you reached in your progress

Which Of These Speed Reading Apps Did You Like The Most?

There are several pieces of text that we have to go through day in and out. It could be consuming the important news from the newspaper or quickly munching on a novel or magazine while you are in a metro. The above mentioned speed reading apps will help you become a good reader in no time at all.

So, which of the above speed reading apps compelled you to put down other conventional speed reading trainers? We’d love to hear your experience in the comments section below. For more such tech related content, keep reading Tweak Library. And, don’t forget to follow us on all social media platforms.

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