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Best Offline Reading Apps for Android
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Best Offline Reading Apps for Android

Despite watching a lot of video content, a sizeable portion of your day is spent on reading articles and blogs. Imagine a situation when you have no internet connectivity whatsoever – you have no Wi-fi or have run out of mobile data. Would you then wait to first have access to the internet? Would you let go off your favorite article or blog? Why should you when you can have some of the best offline reading apps.

Best Offline Reading Apps For Android:

1. Pocket

Pocket - Offline Reading Apps

Pocket is a great offline reader for Android that doesn’t just let you save textual content but even video content. You can save stories, videos, articles and much more from several sources ranging from online publications, pages or other apps.


  • Pocket is integrated with more than 1500 apps. The publishers it supports include the likes of Buzzfeed, Google News, Medium, Business Insider and so on.
  • Pocket cares for your eyes, so that, you can read as much as you wish to. Its customizable display is meant for clearing out visual clutter. This way you can focus on the information that you love.
  • Not in a mood to read? Want to free your hands? Pocket is one of those offline reading apps that has an inbuilt text-to-speech feature. Turn on Pocket’s “listen” feature and listen to your favorite content while you are on the go or while you are working out at the gym.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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2. Article Reader Offline

Article Reader Offline App

Article Reader is touted as one of the best and credible offline reading apps. It is packed with features that take offline reading to the next level. At this point of time, it doesn’t let you save video content and filters it during the search but rest everything is just on point.


  • You can export any article to PDF format and read it on any device, thanks to its cross-platform functionality.
  • The app is extremely is easy to use. 1-2-3 that’s how easy it is. Open link in your browser, copy the link to clipboard and open article reader.
  • It has a text-to-speech functionality and the saved articles do not take much space on your disk.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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3. Wallabag

Wallabag - Offline Reader App For Android

Another great offline reader for Android that lets you save content for offline reading is Wallabag. Immaterial of the device you have – smartphone, desktop, laptop or e-reader, Wallabag stays with you everywhere you go –


  • It has a very comfortable and friendly view (quite like a UI of a webpage).
  • It has easy compatibility with other offline reading apps. You can import data from apps like Instapaper, Readability, Pinboard, etc.
  • Wallabag is an open source platform and offers API documentation to developers who wish to connect their apps.
  • It offers TTS functionality and tags using which you can listen and manage your content.

Rating: 4.3 Stars

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4. Instapaper

Instapaper - Offline Reader App

If you wish to take your offline reading to the next level and want a newspaper like reading experience, Instapaper is just the right app for you. It is undoubtedly one of the best offline reading apps available on Google Play store. It looks quite simple, but has a lot in store for you –


  • It trims blogs, articles and other forms of content in their most basic form. You thereby get a simplistic, no-nonsense interface where you can enjoy your content seamlessly.
  • You can download up to 500 articles on your tablet or smartphone and unlimited articles on the website.
  • You can change the view to a dark mode or tweak the brightness settings for night reading.

Rating: 4.1 Stars

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5. PaperSpan

PaperSpan - Offline Reading App for Android

Last but certainly not the least, making it to the list of best offline reading apps is PaperSpan that lets you read, listen and save articles that interest you.


  • A lightweight app that lets you read, manage and listen to offline articles all at once.
  • Categories are assigned to articles. This helps you choose articles as per your mood.
  • You can keep an important part of an article by highlighting it and then, save it for later reference.
  • Best of all, the app is ad-free.

Rating: 4.4 Stars

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Now, with so many apps not letting you break your reading rhythm, ditch the “no-network” “no-Wifi” blabber and head on to a reading-spree.

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