The Best eBook Reader Apps For Android in 2023

The Best eBook Reader Apps For Android in 2023

There was a time when we used to visit a book library to read books or borrow our favorite guide from someone.

But, in today’s world, we have sunk deep into technology and instead of going to a library or visiting a friend for a book, we can install eBook reader apps on our Android phone. But finding a good eBook reader app can be tough in a sea of options on the Google Play Store.

“The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest (people) of the past centuries.” – Descartes

To end this pursuit, we have shared the best eBook reader apps for Android, that you can install and start reading your favorite titles.

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Best eBook Reader Apps

1. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is the best eBook reader for book lovers. This app offers a vast collection of magazines, comics, newspapers and books hence making it popular among its users. If you get stuck on a new word, don’t worry you can take benefit of its in-built dictionary that helps you to understand new terms while reading.

Moreover, you can also fulfil your educational necessities by engaging in its broad variety of textbooks, and eBooks for exam preparations.

Download this best eBook reader for Android from here.

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2. GoodReads


The Goodreads offers a wide range of books along with text formatting tool. This eBook reader app gives you the options to scan a book to get reviews, plot, and genres from the users.

GoodReads owns a tag on Editor’s Choice on the Google Play Store and adorned by its users. The application weighs 31MB.

You can browse various books in different genres and create your own library. To enhance your reading skills you can register in the Reading Challenge too.

Install this best eBook reader app for Android from here.

3. Google Play Books

Google Play Books - Ebooks, Audiobooks, and Comics

Google Play Books is another key player in the family of eBook reader apps that own Editor’s Choice tag on the Google Play Store. You can choose comics, audiobooks, best-selling eBooks and textbooks from its wide library. Additionally, you can check audiobook samples without even buying them.

Do you want to share your favorite comic with your friend? Share it to anyone and sync with Google Drive too!  Moreover, there is a Night Light setting option which adjusts the background brightness.

You can install this best eBook reader for Android from here.

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4. Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko, an eBook reader app offers a user-friendly interface and supports PDF, Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks, EPUB. You can also create your bookmark on the favorite part of the eBook page!

You can take benefits of its reading tool which comprises an option to change font size, background colors, line spacing, brightness and more that suits best for your reading experience.

This is one of the best eBook readers, that weighs 16MB and owns a 4.1-star rating from its users. This application is available at the Google Play Store.

5. Kobo Books

kobo EBook Reader App

Here we have Kobo Books last on the list of best eBook reader apps for Android. This app features almost 5 million titles, where there is something special for every user. This application is easy to use and curated in such a way that offers the best reading experience.

You can also take benefit of its night mode along and read in Spanish. English, Italian, Dutch, Japanese and French language. Additionally, this eBook reader app owns a tag of Editor’s Choice on Google Play Store.

Which eBook Reader Apps For Android Will Be Your Take?

These eBook reader apps are the quickest way to read your favorite magazines anywhere and at any time. You can use any of the mentioned best eBook reader apps for Android to quench your thirst for reading.

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