Check Out These Best Math Apps For Kids

Check Out These Best Math Apps For Kids

Being a part of a world that is hit by a pandemic all around, we all are staying home and everything, be it a business, jobs or education, is managed from home. We all know how difficult it is to cope up with jobs, businesses and especially  education from home for your kids alongside household chores. On the contrary, by now, we all have somehow settled to a point where we have adapted our homes to be our workplace, education centre and what not.

Besides these struggles to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from COVID-19, it is equally important to keep your’s and your kids’ learning process going on. In this article, we would be talking about the best Math learning apps for kids.

Mathematics is one of the most difficult subjects and I have seen many kids and even myself being so weak in mathematics, remembering formulae and solving complicated sums. This is where the need for best math learning apps comes in force. These apps are interesting and interactive as they involve fun ways to make children learn and grow their brains stronger.

List of Best Math Apps for Kids:

1. Learn Math App: Game of Numbers

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Learn Math App the newly launched free math learning app for kids aged 6-12 years. This app offers them a chance to learn and grow from a beginner level. Not only this, a kid gets to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in a fun and interactive way. Not only this, it further lets your kids win gold, bronze or silver medals, based on their performance. You can help your kid’s mental growth grow with one such math learning app. What makes this app a number one choice is its unrestricted learning approach. The user-interface of Learn Math App is quite colorful and engaging that a child will not say No to study. After all, study with fun is indeed a good-to-go and quite exciting option.

2. Kids Math Learning

Kids Math Learning

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Another in the list of best freemium Kids math learning apps is Kids Math Learning. What makes this app a top notch choice is its text-to-speech engine support. Being at home, it has become essential for parents to help their kids learn Math-like subjects easily and interestingly using these apps. With this app, you can make your child learn addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, greater than/lesser than and much more. You can choose from different themes and you can set up math values based on your kid’s age. Play with the layouts and make your kid learn the best for his age.

*Includes in-app purchases.

3. Math Kids- Add, Subtract, Count, and Learn

Math Kids- Add, Subtract, Count, and Learn

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Let your preschoolers learn to add, subtract, count and much more with this amazing free Math app. Math Kids features amazing puzzles, and games that help a kid to learn and grow. The Math Kids app is a completely free math app for kids that is designed to teach young toddlers, pre-K kids the numbers and mathematics through mini games and some adorable characters. You can have a great time with your kid and boost him to play more and learn more to earn stickers based on their performance. It is said that when kids learn while playing, there are more chances of them to recall information quickly.

4. Fast Math For Kids With Tables3

Fast Math For Kids With Tables3

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An educational app for kids is something that has many colors, interactive interface, and of course some fun while learning. The Math app for kids is one of such educational apps in huge demand nowadays due to schools no longer in operation during the coronavirus pandemic. All kids are staying home and their parents are quite hassled to make them learn things the best way possible. The Fast Math For Kids With Tables is an educational app that lets your kids learn mathematics better and faster with its randomly generated questions. Besides addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, this freemium math app for kids makes them learn tables through some fun games and beautiful UI.

*In-app purchases

5. Kids Math – Math Game for Kids

Kids Math - Math Game for Kids

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If you are looking for a popular math app for kids aged 4 years or more, Kids Math app is the best bet. It not only lets your kid learn through unique and exciting fun games but also gives them a top notch knowledge about subtraction and addition. After you install this app and use this to teach your kid mathematics, he will surely learn to calculate right and faster. There are 3-modes in the app including addition game, subtraction game, and a mix of addition and subtraction to train your child with quick addition and subtraction skills. Nice music, sound effects, and colorful graphics make this app eye-catching for your kids and keep them engaged.

*In-app purchases

6. Monster Math: Fun Free Math Games. Kids Grade K-5

Monster Math- Fun Free Math Games. Kids Grade K-5

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Monster Math:Fun Free Math Games, as the name suggests, is something thrilling to look upon while teaching kids a horrifying subject like mathematics. But, contrary to its name, the Monster Math app lets you teach your child 70 plus math skills including basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions. This free (not really) math app belongs to kids of grade KG to grade 5th. This app is a great platform for kids to learn fun math facts with fun practice. The app allows you to customize math games that suit your child’s aptitude. The students can focus on different segments of mathematics like geometry, addition, subtraction (first and second grade), and multiplication and division, fractions etc. for kids of grade third, fourth and fifth. Let your kids hassle and struggle to get the right answers.

*In-app purchases.

7. Math Exercises For The Brain, Math Riddles, Puzzle

Math Exercises For The Brain, Math Riddles, Puzzle

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The best do not come for free, similarly Math Exercises For The Brain, Math Riddles, Puzzle app for kids is free to a certain extent but later asks you to unlock levels through some in-app purchases or using some coins you might have earned while playing. This is one of the best math apps available for kids at intermediate level and allows you to compete against the players across the world. This allows you to experience the heated battle and have some free  math games for kids to adults. What makes this app a top notch choice is its Brain games that guide the user to practice different mental skills such as memory, attention, speed, reaction, logic, and concentration. It is an overall must have math app for your kid’s stronger and activer brain.

*In-app purchases

Which Is The Best Math App For Kids?

Well, the level of discussion over the best math app for kids is quite heated but when it comes to choosing the best free math app, my vote certainly goes to the newly launched Kids Math App: A New Way Of Learning Math, while on the other hand if I look for something brainstorming, my vote goes for Math Exercises For The Brain, Math Riddles, Puzzle. Why? The answer is more beyond their user-interface, interactive puzzles, and more. Give these awesome math apps a try and you’ll get to know why these apps have my heart.

Let us know which app did you like the most for your child in the comments below?

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