Best Word Games Apps For Android And iOS You Can Play During Quarantine

Best Word Games Apps For Android And iOS You Can Play During Quarantine

An idle mind is where the devil resides. During this time when we are in quarantine and isolated, all kinds of thoughts both good and bad are bound to hit our brains. This is the best time when we can let the ocean of words that lie within us pour out and play some of the best word games out there.

And, how can we do that? Where can we find popular word games?

The answer lies in our smartphone. The best way you can keep the devil away from your brains is to keep it engaged. So what better, than to use our smartphones and play some of the best word game apps.

Here we’ll have a look at some of the best word games for both Android and iOS. So, let’s dive in, shall we?

Best Word Games For Both Android And iOS

1. Scrabble Go

Scrabble Go

Your good old Scrabble is back! This is undoubtedly one of the best word game apps for Android. You have the same board and tiles like you had with the board version of the game. Here are some of the features that will make you immediately hit the install button and get it on your device –


  • There are four competitive game modes to choose from
  • You can start playing with your family and friends and stay connected with scrabble friends while you are playing
  • Highly customizable tiles that you can get and show off to your friends
  • Take your gameplay to the next level with powerful boosts like Word Spy, Upgrade, Hint and Vortex
  • Practice against the computer to get acquainted with the game

Install On Android

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2. NyTimes – Crossword

NyTimes - Crossword

It doesn’t matter if you have subscribed to the daily newspaper, The New York Times, if you are in love with crossword puzzles that it publishes, this app is for you. While it is one of the best free word games apps for Android and iOS, you will have to subscribe for accessing crossword on your Android or iOS device –


  • There are daily puzzles which are released at 10 p.m. ET and at 6 p.m on weekends
  • With a subscription you can have access to puzzles on several devices and even on the web
  • Haven’t subscribed? Worry not you can play mini puzzles which are short and sweet and are available everyday
  • Subscribers also have access to 20 years of puzzles
  • Crosswords are further packed with tricks like clues, rebuses, checking, revealing and much more

Install On Android

Install On iPhone

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3. Hangman


How good is your vocabulary? Want to know how good, pick up your iPhone and challenge a friend, if you will. You’ll immediately fall in love with the classic chalkboard feel that this free word game for iPhone comes with and get the complete hangman experience.


  • Attractive chalk-dust interface
  • Varied levels to test your vocab – easy, standard and hard
  • Categories span across several categories like food, animals, holidays, geography
  • You can even prepare for competitive exams such as SAT and TOEFL
  • Hangman free supports one player and two player

Install on iPhone

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4. Work With Friends 2

Work With Friends 2

One of the most popular word games available both for Android and iOS users. It is a great way to team with friends and solve word puzzles, word games and enhance their and your vocabulary.


  • One of the best word games for Android which lets you challenge family and friends who adore crossword puzzles
  • You can go solo and compete against themes fictional characters and move up the ladder
  • More than 50000 new words which are inspired by the community and pop culture
  • Create a team of up to 5 members and compete in lightning rounds

Install On Android

Install On iPhone

5. Word Search Puzzle

Word Search Puzzle

Wrack your brains with one of the best word games for Android. Word search puzzle is a very trendy and probably one of the most popular word games searched on the Google Play Store today. With this game, you can hone your spelling, vocabulary and puzzle skills all under one  roof.

  • Attractive HD colorful interface where you can swipe down, up, right, left diagonally to mark words
  • 4 difficulty levels and game modes to tantalize your brain
  • Over 50 word categories where you can prove your mettle
  • Daily challenges and real time puzzles to keep you hooked
  • Several hints so that you don’t get frustrated
  • Reverse word selection

Ready, Set, Word!

The clock’s ticking and the stage is set! If you love words, just like we do, grab an app and start smashing one word after the other. Do let us know what word game you love the most and what keeps you glued to this game. For more information on apps and technology from all spheres of life, keep reading Tweak Library. Also, if you like our content, do give us a shout on all social media channels as well.

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