Best Free Xbox 360 Games To Play

Best Free Xbox 360 Games To Play

If we talk about high-end or high graphic games, PlayStation and Xbox definitely are the first names to strike our mind. With the launch of Xbox 360 console by Microsoft, you will find a wide variety of high-end games with several genres. Consoles like PlayStation and Xbox 360 are the major turning points in video game history. Many people experience a variety of games by playing Xbox 360 games. There are many games available for Xbox 360 with many categories, however, you will find many paid games available on Microsoft page. Here we are going to mention the best Xbox 360 games, you can get it free. Below are the free Xbox 360 games that can be played by users. Have a look!

Best Xbox 360 Games For Free:

1. Fortnite 2

Fortnite 2 - Free Xbox 360 Game
Image Source- Epic Games

If you love battlegrounds games, Fortnite 2 is one of the best and popular game for Xbox 360. This is completely a multiplayer game where you and your friend can join to create a perfect team to win the battles. You will be fighting with 100 players with your team on an island, collect useful resources, and survive until last. There will be the last man, or one team will be standing. Download now and jump into the action.

Get Fortnite 2 for Xbox 360

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2. Crossout

Crossout - Free Xbox 360 Game
Image Source- Zonammorpg

Crossout is for those who love MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) games and one of the best Xbox 360 games to play. This is a free-to-play vehicular combat game in which you can upgrade players and vehicles through trade and combat. You will find a wide range of vehicle parts for buggies to off-road vehicles. A complete vehicle combat game in which a player gains reputation, access to blueprints, cars, parts, etc. To win a battle, the player should destroy the enemy vehicle, capture base and perform other tasks (depends on game mode). Choose your own battle strategy, survive and get the victory.

Get Crossout for Xbox 360

3. Destiny 2

Destiny 2 - Xbox 360 Game
Image Source- Gamestop

Destiny 2 is a combat shooter game for Xbox 360 to explore the mysteries of our solar system, unleash constituent abilities against powerful enemies. You have to create your Guardian and collect unique weapons, gears, and armors to defeat enemies. You can play with your friend, join another Guardian to challenge other missions or compete against them. Defend your city of humanity from the dark force with an array of weapons and armors.

Get Destiny 2 for Xbox 360

4. Cuisine Royale

Cuisine Royale - Xbox 360 Game
Image Source- Microsoft

Cuisine Royale is one of the brutal multiplayer shooter game with realistic weapon, mystery traps, and demonic rules. A battle among dozens of players, show your battle skills and traits, be stealth or rush, shoot from distance, and many more. Use demonic powers to build mystic seals, heal allies, slow down enemies or even teleport yourself or your enemies somewhere hell out of the place. Most downloaded Xbox 360 game and you can even play in first or third-person view to help your allies in order to help them and win battles easily.

Get Cuisine Royale for Xbox 360

5. Warface

Warface - Free Xbox 360 Game
Image Source- Moby Games

Warface is a most popular first-person shooter game with millions of fans around the world. With four unique classes with special teamwork, skills, mission, and raids with hundreds of modules, weapons, camo items, and types of equipment to play with. You can play this game with your friends and clear all the difficult levels integrated on Maps. Knockout your enemies with a heavy machinegun and other weapons, save your teammates and mine the corridors. Fight with enemies to achieve rewards, achievements, and trophies.

Get Warface for Xbox 360

6. Roblox

Roblox - Free Xbox 360 Games
Image Source- Microsoft

Another MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game inspired by LEGO, Roblox. You will see a virtual universe that lets you create, play and be anything you can imagine. This game allows users to buy, sell and create virtual items. Like, you can buy clothes, sell body(vehicle) parts, accessories, gear, and packages under the Roblox account. You can play this game with your friends, anytime, anywhere. Connect with your friends, chat online with Xbox integrated Voice chat option.

Get Roblox for Xbox 360

7. War Thunder

War Thunder - Free Xbox 360 Game
Image Source- Microsoft

War Thunder is one of the most free-to-play MMO military game, dedicated to aviation, armored vehicles, and naval craft from World War II. Over 1500 highly detailed aircraft, tanks, helicopters, warships, and other combat vehicles from historical documents and surviving sources to battle or defeat enemies. Experience full-scale combat missions with more than 100 maps representing the main historical battle theaters.

Get War Thunder for Xbox 360

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There are large varieties of free Xbox 360 games to play with, however, we have mentioned the best Xbox 360 games that you can download from the official website of Microsoft. Some of the best and top-rated games for Xbox 360 that you can consider are: –

  • Mass Effect 2
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Batman: Arkham City
  • GTA V
  • Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  • Fallout 3 and 4
  • Forza Horizon 2
  • Far Cry 3 and 4
  • Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
  • Tekken 6

We have listed all the games that are best in class and we would suggest users to download and play all the above games and experience them. If we have missed any Free Xbox 360 games, feel free to mention in the comments section below.

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