How To Properly Set Up PlayStation VR

How To Properly Set Up PlayStation VR

Sony PlayStation is a gaming console and media center developed by Sony Corp. Sony provides different accessories to be used with PlayStation to increase the entertainment factor of the console.

This detailed article will help you to properly setup PSVR in your home. If the PSVR is not properly set up, you won’t be able to get the full experience of it.


Requirements of PSVR

Note: PSVR is sold separately from the PS4, you can purchase it from any online or offline store.

  • Playing area should be of 10 X 10 ft which is recommended but 6 X 6 ft area should also be suffice.
  • Make sure to clear all the surroundings so that PSVR users do not get tripped.
  • PlayStation Move controller (Not mandatory but a big plus).

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How to Set Up the PSVR

In the box content:

PlayStation VR headset, Processor unit, PlayStation VR headset connection cable, HDMI cable, USB cable, Stereo earbuds, AC power cord, AC adaptor, PlayStation VR with PS Camera.

In the box of PSVR

After opening the package and unboxing the PSVR first connect HDMI cable connected to the back of your PS4 to the HDMI TV port located on the back of PSVR processing unit.

PSVR first connect HDMI cable

Now connect the PS camera using the camera cable that comes with the PSVR bundle to the AUX port on your PS4.

Now connect HDMI cable that comes in the PSVR box to the HDMI PS4 port on the PSVR processing using and other end to the HDMI port on your PS4 to send video from PS4 to PSVR.

connect HDMI cable

connect the USB cable

Now connect the USB cable that comes with PSVR to the back of Processing unit and connect the other end to PS4

supply power to PSVR

Now it’s time to supply power to PSVR, to supply power to your PSVR connect the AC cord to the adapter and plug the cable to the PSVR processing unit and connect other end to the power outlet.

PSVR headset to the processing

Now connect the PSVR headset to the processing unit using the headset cable to the correct ports.

PS camera on your TV

Now mount the PS camera on your TV using the mount bracket that comes with PS camera.

Note: The camera should be placed in the center and facing slightly downwards.

camera should be placed in the center

You can use stereo earbuds provided with PSVR.

Note: PSVR is an individual accessory and needs to be powered on individually, it does not turn automatically with PS4

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How to properly set up the camera:

PlayStation camera comes with Depth-sensing 3D technology that accurately tracks users, its DUALSHOCK 4 controller, and the PlayStation Move controller.

Make sure to position the camera to the angle and height so that it can easily track player and its controllers. Height of the camera should be the same as your head as it will help you to track PSVR. Camera should be able to capture your PSVR and controllers if the camera is set to the higher angle that it won’t be able to track your controllers in your hand.

For the best results camera should be 4.9 – 6.6 ft from your head and there should be no direct lighting to the camera as it may hinder its viewing capabilities.

Tips for a Better PSVR Experience

Tips for a Better PSVR Experience

Some Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your PSVR

  • Make sure that PSVR fits comfortably: Use the PSVR adjustment mechanism to properly fit PSVR on to your head.
  • Make sure to clear your play area: When using PSVR you cannot see your real surroundings and you can trip over if you do not clear your surroundings.
  • For fine-tuning go to Go to Settings > Devices > PlayStation VR and adjust camera and tracking lights.
  • Before putting on your PSVR check the lenses if they are clean. And to clean the lenses use a clean microfiber cloth to avoid any damage.
  • Charge your DualShock 4 controller and Move controller beforehand to avoid distraction because of battery.
  • Players generally take some time to get adjusted with PSVR. Therefore, take small breaks in between your gaming marathon.

Gaming is all fun and with the use of PSVR your gaming experience will surely increase.

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