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11 Best E Learning Apps for Your Kid’s Online Education
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11 Best E Learning Apps for Your Kid’s Online Education

Keeping kids engaged can be a daunting task, forget making them learn, especially when the schools are out. In recent times, the online education industry has gained a lot of momentum. Educational apps ranging from parents to toddlers have made learning fun and approachable.

One thing that kids can spend hours on is the smartphone. Most kids learn to use smartphones even before even they can walk. As a result, E-learning apps for kids have gained a lot of popularity in recent times too. They provide an awesome solution to make your kids learn while keeping them engaged. Most of the kids’ learning apps offer an intuitive and playful interface to keep the kids active and occupied. Engaging graphics and sounds make learning enjoyable for them.

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List of Best Learning Apps for Kids:

Here are 10 best applications available for kids which can make them learn fast while still keeping it interesting:

1. KidsMathApp:

KidsMathApp- E-Learning App

Click Here to Install on Android

KidsMathApp is a fun E-learning application for kids. This application is developed to help your kid learn basic mathematics easily. It is designed in the form of a Balloon game to make learning fun. Enjoyable graphics and multiple themes help keep them engaged.

This app features unlimited levels of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division for unrestricted learning. Time-bound game decision making also aids in improving your kid’s motor skills and concentration. Different medals for progressive performance keep your kids competitive and interested in improvement.


Helps improve basic mathematics

Improves Motor Skills

Unlimited Levels for Unrestricted learning

Helps in improving Time management skills

 Kids Friendly UI


Would love to have it for iPhone as well

With all the given features, KidsMathApp is the best application available for an amusing learning experience of your child.

2. ABCD Drawing- Learning With Fun

ABCD Drawing App

Download ABCD Drawing App for Android

ABCD Drawing is one of the best e-learning apps for kids that provides them a platform to learn new things while having fun at the same time. Each feature of this app is so eye catching that you end up using it more and more. ABCD Drawing app is designed for the kids under 5 years of age and helps them learn speaking and writing alphabet and numbers, along with this it has a feature of musical drawing.


Learn alphabet, numbers, and basic drawing skills.

The musical sound in the background keeps your child engaged.

Helps them learn speaking and writing both at the same time.


No such cons detected yet.

3. Quick Math Jr.:

Quick Math Jr - E- Learning App

Download for iOS

The second application on our list is developed for the kids in elementary school. This is also aimed at improving the basic math skills of the kids. It features 12 different games to keep the app engaging and fun to use.

This app also proffers buildable graphics to keep the learning experience enjoyable. This app is only available for iOS. It also promotes interactive UI which requires the kids to write the answer on the screen. This app can be really fun to use for kids of 4-8 years of age.


Free of Cost

12 Different games to keep it interesting

Interactive UI


Only Available for iOS

4. Hungry Caterpillar Play School:

Hungry Caterpillar Play School - E-Learning Apps

Download for Android

Download for iOS

Unlike the previous 2 applications on the list, Hungry Caterpillar is not aimed at improving the basic mathematics and logical skills of your kid. It rather focuses on the basic area of learning that a kid requires in school: Shapes, Colors, alphabets, numbers, book reading, etc.

The app features crisp bright colors and 3D details to make it realistic and engaging. It is based on the popular Eric Carle’s book. This app is available for both iOS and Android.


Focuses on multiple areas of learning

Available for both iOS and Android


Beautiful 3D details


Some features require a subscription

Difficult to interact with UI

5. Epic!

Epic - E-Learning App for Kids

Download for Android

Download for iOS

In contrast to all the apps mentioned above, this app doesn’t focus on improving any particular skill. It’s similar to a library in your phone. It contains over 35,000 e-books for children. With this application, you can take your kid’s reading with you while traveling.

It also features Read-to-me function which reads out the content to help the kids who are still learning to read. This app is available for both iOS and Android.


Read-to-me feature

Availability of over 35,000 books to choose from

Available for iOS and Android


Requires a monthly Subscription

Difficult to use UI for kids

6. -E- Learning App

Download for Android

Download for iOS is a popular application. This app features polished and amusing storyline-based videos, quizzes, and activities. It also calls attention to a virtual map that outlines the child’s learning progress. It proffers engaging and enjoyable graphics. Quizzes in-between the videos help promote attentiveness and concentration.

This app is available for both iOS and Android. Users are entitled to get one-month free subscription on their first download.


Polished videos for improved learning

Fun and engaging graphics

Available for both iOS and Android


Requires subscription to use

Difficult to use UI for kids

7. Starfall ABCs:

Starfall ABCs - E-Learning Apps

Download for Android

Download for iOS

This app is for preschoolers who are still learning alphabets. It offers an interactive way to learn alphabets. The colorful graphics look appealing to toddlers which helps keep them engaged. This application with an animated interface is an excellent way to introduce your kid to alphabets, vowels, and simple words.

The upgraded version also includes lessons on social skills and mathematics. This application is available for both iOS and Android devices.


Colorful Animation

Available for both iOS and Android

Kids Friendly interface


Some features demand a paid subscription

8. Fish School:

Fish School - Eleraning App

Download for Android

Download for iOS

Fish school is a really fun application. It is aimed at helping your child learn letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and much more. This learning app offers amusing graphics. Your child can interact with the app by making the fish swim and do funny things.

This application has been the winner of the Parent’s Choice Gold Award. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms.


Amusing graphics and animation

Interactive UI

Available for both Android and iOS

Free to use


Only a few choices in shapes and numbers

9. Elmo Loves 123s:

Elmo Loves 123s

Download for Android

Download for iOS

Elmo Loves 123s is a popular E-learning application. It uses kids’ favorite characters to help them learn numbers. It features videos, games, and drawings to help kids memorize better and faster. The entertaining graphics help keep the kids engaged.

This app is available for both iOS and Android devices.


Available for both iOS and Android

Entertaining graphics

Kids Friendly Interface


Requires subscription to use

10. Winky Think Logic Puzzles:

Winky Think Logic Puzzles - Elearning app

Download for iOS

This app is a little different than all the applications mentioned in the list. It contains a series of different logic-based puzzles. The puzzles are aimed at children aged between 4-8 years. It features 180 different puzzles and helps improve the decision making and analytical skills of your kid. This app involves three different levels of difficulty.

This app is only available for iOS and not for Android. Users also have to buy a subscription to use it.


Improves Analytical skills

Improves Decision-making skills

Has an interactive UI


Not available for Android

Requires paid Subscription

11. PBS Kids Games:

PBS Kids games aren’t just one application but a series of applications. The applications range from reading games to math and science games. PBS Games offer amusing graphics and an interactive UI to help make kids learn better. PBSkids organization offers over 200 learning games to choose from.

Available for both iOS and Android

Download: Website

PBS Kids games are available for both iOS and Android devices.


Entertaining Graphics  

A plethora of Apps to choose from


Need to download multiple apps

There are hundreds of similar e-learning applications for kids available for both Android and iOS. These are the top 10 apps based on user reviews and feedbacks. Investing in an E-learning application is worth the investment. Especially, the applications which include games and fun activities. They bridge the gap between entertainment and learning for kids. They provide an enjoyable learning experience for kids.

Do let’s know which application you think is the best. We love hearing from you.

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