4 Major Risks Associated With Smart Home Technology

4 Major Risks Associated With Smart Home Technology

What once seemed like something out of science fiction movie has become a reality today. Smart Homes uses digital technology to connect various devices together. From your home appliances to entertainment devices to security systems, this aspect of IoT integrates everything to control all from your smartphone screen.

While bringing several exciting new ways to smarten up your life & your ‘home’ in particular. We may all experience growing pains as well that comes associated with smart home technology.

Let’s look at some of the major threats linked to home automation system that could lead to security or privacy risks!

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Top 4 Potential Risks Of Smart Home Technology

Some of the most common cyber security threats against smart home & smart devices are:

1. Data & Identity Theft

Data generated by smart wearables provide cyber attackers a straightforward gateway with an ample amount of targeted personal information that can potentially be exploited for identity theft and fraudulent transactions. So, make sure to choose the apps wisely.

2. Your IoT Devices or Smart Apps Can Leave You Vulnerable

All the IoT devices and smart apps follow a set of permissions that grant themselves privileges to automatically perform an activity. You might find it useful, because every task is automated and performed at a designated time. But the most concerning issue is their ability to be hacked, if they get tampered & hacker is able to infiltrate the home security system, there goes total control of your house.

3. Smart Technology Makes Location-Based Tracking Easy

Attackers uses Google devices to send a link (it could be an advertisement or an update notification) to smart home owners. Once the user clicked the link & by any chance the page is left opened for a minute, the attacker can easily obtain your location.

4. Technology Failure

With so many interconnected parts, even a simple technical jargon could lead your smart home pose a huge problem. Moreover, it’s inviting inconvenience and vulnerability at the same time.

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Best Tips To Secure Home Automation System

Follow these basic practices to secure your home networks & smart devices:

  • Regularly update your smart apps & devices.
  • Try using the remote feature instead of voice activation for better control & security.
  • Create complex passwords & have two-factor authentication to protect your IoT devices.
  • Frequently monitor & control permissions granted to Smart Devices.
  • Invest in best-in class Identity Theft Protection Services for utmost protection, so that you can fully enjoy the convenience & benefits provided by your smart home technology.

Wrap Up: Be Vigilant

With an increasing rate of our dependence on the Internet and on our smartphones, it’s really just a matter of few moments before our homes get well-connected. Likewise, the more home devices are added to IoT, the need for better security mechanisms arises. As a smart homeowner it’s up to you to do proper research & assess the risk of brining smart technology to your home.

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