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How to Make Your Smart Home More Secure
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How to Make Your Smart Home More Secure

Few years ago, we could only visualize a world where everything in our lives could be connected to internet and each other. But no longer this is the case with the rapid growth of internet of things (IoT) we are on the brink of a smart home boon and home automation has become a reality. We can now communicate and control our devices remotely via voice command or by push of a button.

Isn’t it fantastic? I know the answer is yes because most of us don’t know the flip side of the coin. With the growing number of connected devices unwelcome visitors are getting more chances to access your devices and network. But we shouldn’t forget there’s always a way around to solve even the most difficult problem.

Here we bring the solution to stay safe by setting up a secure network and by filling up all the security gaps.

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How to Secure your Smart Home

1. Secure your network:

Smart devices are always connected to internet and for this most of us use Wi-Fi. But if the Wi-Fi network isn’t secure then your device and the information on it has isn’t secure. To stay secure ensure you use a router with firewall and enable Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA2), an encryption protocol. Not only this you also need to change the username password if using the default. Apart from this create multiple network identities and use them separately one for smart devices and one to make online transaction.

2. Know your smart device:

Understanding your smart device is the first step to stay secure. You need to know the capabilities of the device. There are certain smart devices that can listen to whatever you say, so disabling these features is what is required. But you can do so only when you know what the device does. Also check the privacy and security setting and change then according to the usage and your needs. Plus, install updates whenever you receive a notification. Not doing so, you may fall a victim to cyber-attack.

3. Run a security software:

Not all the security software can protect your smart device. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t run one. An antivirus program is a must for your PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone, as it can block any malicious threat that my try to access your device. When using a security software always make it a point to update it whenever you receive a notification. Also, you can enable automatic update so that you don’t miss on any update. These updates are released to patch your system from any security vulnerability.

4. Secure your smartphone:

Securing your smartphone is another important thing that one shouldn’t miss. It goes without saying, smartphone apps are used to control smart device, therefore keeping the unsecure or keeping them unlocked is the biggest mistake. One should use strong passwords to lock the device.

Imagine if your unlocked device falls into wrong hands then what harm it can cause. They can get into your house, can control your device and what not. Therefore, you need to keep your phone locked and read the Privacy Policy of all the apps that you install. This is to know what all information they collect.

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These steps will surely help you to stay safe. Until there is a sure short way that will make your smart home secure its only you who can ensure safety of your data. Now it’s up to you to device how secure you want your smart home to be. The sooner you will start more secure you will be and be ready for attacks in future. However, it depends on how serious you take this and how do you want the things to go. Your decision of today will make the future and will tell how secure your data is from being attacked.