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Internet of Things Vs. Internet of Everything
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Internet of Things Vs. Internet of Everything

Today Internet of Thing is the one the most discussed technology, as it connects machines to machines. However, as we all know that its human tendency which keeps on demanding, which results in new innovations. Today we are going to discuss about one such innovation known as Internet of Everything, which adds a new dimension to IoT.

What Is IoE?

The internet of everything means giving special properties to connecting objects that are used in our daily lives. This makes the objects more intelligent and utilizable. For example, if a teapot is connected via the internet of everything, then it can be used from any part of the world.
As we have discussed earlier that IoE can be understood as one of the extended dimensions of IoT, therefore the idea of IoE also came from Internet of Things. The only difference is that in IoE, people are connected along with things resulting in making a powerful network. So, the IoE will be a network connection of all things, no matter it would be data objects, things or people.

How IoE Is Different from IoT:

In internet of things, thing means physically present objects. It may be a smartphone or a thermostat.
An internet-connected device can be controlled remotely like a thermostat, whose temperature can be controlled by a mobile phone. However, as we know that the internet does not only have physical objects. The internet also contains data streams that travel through the connections between computers, resulting in making the people its primary part.
The internet of everything takes all these things in one single package and permits everything to interact with each other. However, on the other hand, IoT only permits the devices to interact with each other.

Connecting All Things in IoE:

We will need all the available and coming technology to connect the objects for better and quicker interactions. It must be extremely flexible and consistent. IoE will change the world in every field. The world will become a closely connected system. This will have a big impact on our lives. So new feature technologies should be required. The limit of ongoing technologies also needs to be pushed so that all connected objects works in an efficient manner, and there must not be any chance of failure.

Practical Uses of IoE:

IoE is finding use in different fields. People are adopting it to make their daily operations faster than ever due to its reliability. Its aim is a more connected world.
Manufacturing Sector
Many manufacturing units have already improved the quality level of their production and automated the routine operations by using IoE.
Medical services
Doctors’ have greatly benefited as they have faster access to reports of the patient’s condition. The creation of Telepresence units does not require doctors to be physically present as doctors can do their daily rounds along with patient consultation.
New Job Market
IoE will provide great help to new entrants in the job market as they will be able to adapt to their daily tasks much faster. IT professionals will be able to handle networking and communication systems very easily. IoE will open up new job opportunities along with the growth of industries.
However, system administrators will have a tough time in keeping up with the technology and security.


The internet of everything if successfully implemented can be the giant leap for mankind. As, wherever it has been applied, has allowed users to connect everything and get faster access to connected objects.
Intellectual minds are seeing IoE as next gen technology which will allow the world to connect more closely.

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