iOS 13 Key Features You Must Know About

iOS 13 Key Features You Must Know About

iOS 13 launching this fall brings a slew of new features to your iPhone. These small tweaks will make your life easier. Although the number of Android users is more than iOS users, still Apple has its own work cut out.

Beta version of iOS 13 is available for developers however the public iOS 13 beta is said to arrive in July.

In this article, we will discuss iOS 13 key features, how to download iOS 13 beta, and iOS 13 compatible devices.

Which devices are compatible with iOS 13 and iPadOS beta:

  • iPhone 6S and higher
  • iPad Air 2 and latest
  • All iPad Pro models
  • iPad 5th generation and newer
  • iPad 4 mini and latest versions

Exciting new features of iOS 13 that all iOS users should know about:

iOS 13 Key Features:

Dark Mode – Dark mode as most of us know replaces bright screen with a dark one. This mode comes for all core Apple apps – calendar, music, and photos apps in iOS 13. Rumors suggest Dark mode will be system-wide, but we’ll need to see there are any exceptions.

New Photos Tool – In iOS 13 Apple adds new photo tab to allow users to remove duplicate photos, highlight best shots and do much more. Moreover, you can now rotate video and apply new filters and video effects.

  • Portrait lighting inbuilt tool in iPhone’s camera app adds a lighting effect to smoothen skin. It will also allow changing intensity and location of portrait lighting. Nonetheless, you’ll find more editing filters like vignette, vibrance, auto-enhance, and noise reduction.

New camera features in iOS 13

  • Photos app will arrange photos in YY/MM/Date mode.
  • As you scroll you can play live photos and videos.
  • View photos based on each day, month or year.

Swipe-able keyboard – Finally Apple adds a feature called QuickPath Typing to let users trace a word to spell it out. In Android this feature has been there for years. Now is the time for Apple users to try it.

Swipe Able Keyboard - iOS13

This new feature is useful for one-handed typing and in theory is much faster and accurate.

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New Map Tools:  by end of 2019 you’ll be able to see roads, parks, beaches and more as Maps will get Apple Carplay support.

Security Features: new privacy feature called Sign in announced. Using this feature user can log into accounts and apps without adding email addresses. This will protect users from third-party tracking. Moreover, users can choose to share or hide email addresses or can ask Apple to create a random email to mask the real email address.

Moreover, now you can choose to share location data just once stopping apps from pinging location when you’re using it.

Optimized battery charging: to improve iPhone’s battery life. This feature will ensure that the iPhone’s battery doesn’t remain fully charged all the time. Lithium-ion batteries (used in iPhone) are said to have longer battery life if not changed above 80%

Besides, these Apple adds certain other tweaks to iOS 13.

  • Apple splits new OS just for tablets called iPadOS.
  • Find my Phone and Find My Friends are folders into one single app called Find My.
  • Siri gets an audio update in iOS 13.
  • iMessages may work with Dual SIM phones.
  • Customize Memoji Avatar.
  • Mute email thread.
  • Language customization per app.
  • Send spam calls to voicemail and mute unknown callers.
  • Reminder app gets updated in iOS 13 and new filtering options like Today, Scheduled, Flagged and All are added.

How to install iOS 13 beta?

Remember to access iOS 13 beta files and to install it you need to have paid Apple developer account. Paid developer account costs $99 annually, it gives you access to publish an app on the App Store for sale.

If you are paid developer visit sign in using your Apple Developer ID > download iOS 13 beta software.

Since over the air (OTA) file isn’t available for the first beta you’ll need to manually install it.

These are the key features of iOS 13 Apple announced at the annual WWDC developer conference. But, keep in mind Apple often reserves some surprises of the iPhone launch each September. We will keep updating this article as we hear anything new.

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