What Are The Trending Cloud Gaming Services 2024?

What Are The Trending Cloud Gaming Services 2024?

No matter what age group you belong to, gaming can always tingle your sensations. In this modern era of gaming, streaming video games through cloud gaming services is latest norm. But a lot of you might ask, what is cloud gaming? Long answer short, just like music streaming and online shows, cloud game is a server hosted video game that can be played in real-time.

Cloud services nowadays are gathering interests from all over the world. The major benefit of using cloud services is providing ease to people who cannot afford high-powered gaming PC or gaming consoles.

So, if you are a gaming enthusiast, and you do not want to pay for hardware and are thinking to play games on the go, opt for one of the amazing cloud gaming services.

Best Cloud Gaming Services 2024

1. PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now

Get a PlayStation Now subscription to enjoy gaming at its best. The only required things are inclusive of a PC, and a suitable controller. PlayStation Now is a gaming service offered by Sony entertainment. Once subscribed, you can now login and start playing your favourite games online on Windows PC or PS4. For game enthusiasts, PlayStation Now offers more than 800 games in its library including games from PlayStation 4, 3 and 2.

2. GeForce Now

GeForce Now

Geforce Now is one of the top-ranking cloud gaming services with a comparatively smaller games library but all of them are amongst the excellent choices. This platform is subscription-based with a utility to play games on Windows, Mac and Shield TV. What you need? Just a subscription and you can play games online on multiple platforms with a single account. GeForce Now supports Windows 7 with 64-bit or better version allowing gamers to stream best of cloud games from anywhere.

3. Parsec


This one is yet another cloud-based gaming services that allows users to enjoy online games anywhere. It also lets you invite your friends to play games online with you even if the game doesn’t have multiplayer online. Furthermore, it offers DIY approach to let gamers build their own customized streaming service for games. The service is open for download and use but you’ll need to have the gaming hardware with yourself. It lets you play games at low latency i.e. 60 frames per second.

4. Microsoft Azure Cloud Games

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is one of the best cloud gaming services, capable of fulfilling the gaming needs of every game enthusiast. It is not only a great platform to satisfy gaming needs but also an amazing service that focuses on cloud tools for managing, building and supporting applications. This streaming service lets you create and run your game with a global secure cloud and game-specific services that caters to studios of all sizes and budgets.

5. Paperspace


Paperspace is another cloud gaming service that has recently launched GPU-powered virtual machines by Nvidia’s Pascal cards. This is not only a gaming service but also a player itself performing well in online gaming market space. Also known as the first cloud service, Paperspace empowers next-gen bids and cloud ML and AI pipelines. It is Parsec partner that aims at delivering the best cloud gaming platform in the world.

Play More Enjoy More!

This is it people! These were the best of cloud gaming services to turn your dream into reality without buying a gaming PC or a gaming console. Isn’t it great to have fun anytime and anywhere with these amazing PC games online? For the new generation, this is a new hub where people try play their instinct alive online.

You can choose any of the best cloud gaming services listed in this article. We recommend PlayStation Now and GeForce Now at the top list but even Parsec is a great choice for its feature of letting your friends play with you.

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