Movavi Photo Manager – Is This The Ultimate Photo Management Software

Movavi Photo Manager – Is This The Ultimate Photo Management Software

Let’s say you have shot hundreds of spectacular images on some of the greatest locations. But, now as you sit down to edit images from a particular location, you are completely flabbergasted and clueless, because you have in front of you hundreds of jumbled up images from which you have to pick a few ones.

Take another scenario, to get that one perfect shot, you have clicked several shots, and now when you want to zero in on the right one, but what you have are several similar and identical duplicates.

Whatever the scenario, a cluttered photo gallery is a photographer’s biggest pet peeve because when you are swarmed with an unorganized gallery, you cannot think of anything. Not just for a photographer, a disorganized photo gallery can be frustrating for anyone. And, honestly, it’s not easy to manage a cluttered photo gallery manually. Therefore, you need a photo management software to put an end to this bedlam.

In this blog, we’ll talk about Movavi Photo Manager, a utility that can efficiently sort your photo library in no time at all.

Movavi Photo Manager

How Much Will Movavi Photo Manager Cost Me?

Movavi Photo Manager has three versions. The names and prices of each of the versions is mentioned below –

Movavi Photo Manager Cost

Note: Movavi often runs discounts on its products. The discounts on Photo Manager, as shown in the screenshot were valid at the time of writing this blog and are subject to change.

Movavi Photo Manager Features:

Movavi Photo Manager comes armed with several great features which let you manage your photos like a pro. In one photo managing software, you get a viewer, a photo organizer, a photo editor and much more.

1. Photo Viewer

Photo Viewer

First and foremost, the Movavi Photo Manager comes with a photo viewer. So, if you are tired of viewing photos in Windows photos which is its official viewer, you’ll certainly like Movavi Photo Manager’s viewer. Here you can –

  • See your photos in full-screen mode
  • Zoom in and out
  • Fit photos to screen
  • Move the images even while they are zoomed in
  • See images in before and after view in case you have performed edits on them

2. Photo Tagging:

Photo Tagging

Movavi Photo Manager provides you with exceptional yet simple tagging functionalities. You can either choose one of the tags provided by the utility from the left-hand pane or you can create your own tags as well. Once created you can right-click on the image/s and add them to any desired tag.

3. Facial recognition system:

This system is able to identify the faces of people in the photo automatically and then it sorts them in different albums.

So, where can this feature be useful? Let’s say you are creating albums for individual friends or family members, Movavi Photo Manager will identify the faces of each person and then segregate them into albums.

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4. Sort Images Based On Geolocation:

Sort Images Based On Geolocation

This intelligent and automatic algorithm of this photo managing software sorts your images based on the city or country they were captured in. You can, in fact, filter your images based on the city you have captured the image in.

So, no matter how many beaches, forests, monuments, mountains, castles, etc you have roamed across the globe, Movavi Photo Manager will let you zero down on the right image.

5. Duplicates Removal:

Duplicates Removal

The duplicate finder is one of the best aspects of Movavi Photo manager. As a photo management software, Movavi Photo Manager also helps you track and remove duplicate images from the hard drives on your computer. With the help of this feature, you can identify identical and exact copies of images and get rid of them, thereby saving tons of space.

6. Edit Images:

Photo editing is one feature that gives Movavi Photo Manager an edge over several other photo managing software. It comes packed with an ocean of photo editing tools that can help you completely transform images into something more attractive. You can either edit single images or edit them in batches. With these tools, you can perform several edits to your images such as rotating, cropping, flipping, and even changing their perspective.

Let’s delve a little deeper. The moment you select an image or multiple images, a green-colored ribbon pops up as shown in the screenshot below. These are basically, the editing tools.

The names of the tools of this photo managing software from left to right are mentioned below –

Edit Images

  1. Auto enhancement
  2. Rotate counterclockwise
  3. Rotate clockwise
  4. Flip horizontally
  5. Flip vertically
  6. Auto horizon leveling
  7. Resize
  8. Rename
  9. Favourites
  10. Tag
  11. Find duplicates
  12. Add to album
  13. Export
  14. Delete

7. Archive:


Don’t get scared just because you have clicked on the bin icon and have deleted a bunch of important photos. You may ask why? Or, another way to put this is, where do the removed images go to?

All your deleted images are first stored in the Archive. And, it’s not just your normal “Archive” that will delete images after say 30 days. You can change the number of days you want the images to stay in the archive to up to 365 days before they vanish forever.

From here, you can decide whether you want to delete the photos permanently or restore them. You can even select all images or reset the selection. And, even if you delete images permanently from Archive, they will still stay on your hard drive.

Wrapping Up

All in all, we can safely put that having a photo managing software like Movavi Photo Manager is a boon. You don’t get just one thing but so many wonderful photo management tools packed into one software. Whether it’s organizing photos into albums or tags or performing basic to intermediate level edits or even removing duplicates, Movavi Photo Manager is indeed magical. Do give it a spin and let us know if it meets your expectations. For more such tech-related content, keep reading Tweak Library.

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