Top Face Recognition Apps For iOS and Android

Top Face Recognition Apps For iOS and Android

We all know that due to extra security measures and photo identification, we require face recognition apps for our Android and iOS smartphones. Like, eye recognition and touch recognition features, face recognition app uses your face to unlock your smartphone. Therefore, in this blog, we have highlighted the top 6 face recognition apps for your android or IOS phones. Let’s get started.

Best Face Recognition Apps For Android and iOS:

1. IObit AppLock

IObit AppLock - Face Recognition App

IObit App Lock is a very important app to protect your privacy and data. It has a face look and fingerprint lock system to easily unlock apps without a password. The app uses AI to recognize your face and unlock the app quickly. It works for android mobile only and can easily be downloaded from Google play store.

Here are some of the best features of this app-

  • Face lock and unlocking response time are less.
  • Fake Lock disguises the lock screen with fun covers
  • For better security fingerprint lock (only for android 6.0 and more) is available.
  • Screen Lock locks your device screen
  • It hides private content from notification
  • Catch intruder’s photo and notify by email
  • Customized Delay Lock to avoid frequently unlock
  • Support 13 languages
  • User rating-4.5/5

2. FaceLock

FaceLock - Face Recognition App

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Privacy and security are important for everyone nowadays. So, protecting the data on your phone is very necessary. For this, various apps have been created. One of them is the FaceLock app. The app does only one thing it is made for – Lock device/application by using your face as a key. This app works on the face recognition principle. This app is only available for android phones and which can easily be downloaded from Google play store and it is offered by Wise Orchard.

Here are some of the best features of this app-

  • Free of cost
  • Minimum requirement of the system
  • Has pin access
  • Can enhance the security level
  • User ratings-⅘

3. Luxand

Luxand - Face Recognition app

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In this app you can detect any face and give it a name then this app will memorize that face and recognize it later. To get the best results one should hold the camera at arm’s length and then they can slowly rotate their head in all the possible directions for the app to memorize their face at all the views.

Here are some of the best features of this app-

  • Predicting what children will look like in the future.
  • Transforming faces into 3D avatars.
  • Augmented reality facial filters.
  • It supports family sharing.
  • It can memorize various people’s faces.
  • User rating- 3.2/5

4. Bio ID facial recognition

Bio ID facial recognition - face Recognition App

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Password hacking is too common nowadays. Typing and creating a long and complex password is quite difficult and annoying. Passwords alone are not strong enough to secure your device and data. You are just one click away from getting hacked and losing all of your data or other important information. The BioID app is a multifactor user authenticator. The way face recognition works today, Developers and companies can easily add biometric authentication to their mobile platforms with a few lines of code. Their end users can log in or authorize transactions securely and conveniently. This app can also detect photos and video replays attacks.

Some features of this app are-

  • If you forget passwords. Be recognized.
  • Protect yourself
  • Protect employees
  • Protect users
  • The app supports both iOS and Android devices
  • User rating- 3.2/5

5. Face2Gene

Face2Gene - Face Recognition app

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It is a healthcare app that is used by bioinformatics and clinicians to detect specific disorders in patients by using facial recognition. It compares two similar types of faces, the one having syndromes and others which do not. This app should be used only by healthcare professionals and should not be used without proper medical training.

Here are some of the best features of this app-

  • It does Patient Evaluation with Deep Phenotyping.
  • It helps in detecting Dysmorphic Features & Reveal Related Traits
  • It also helps in Discover Relevant Genetic Disorders
  • It has access to Best-in-class Resources.
  • It also gives access to the London Medical Database to search for syndromes and review photos and features.
  • This app works well on iOS as well as an android device and can easily be downloaded from their respective stores.
  • User rating- 3.1|5

6. AppLock Face/Voice Recognition

AppLock Face or Voice Recognition

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This app is developed by sensory, the leader in advanced face and voice biometrics technologies. It helps in locking the apps on your phone or tablet which you want to keep private and ensures that only you can have the access to all the important apps/information such as all the social media apps, all the financial apps, all the data-saving apps, all the private information, all media content.

In voice recognition, use the voice commands of your choice and can secure your private data. You can also set any type of unlock phrase to access your locked apps.

Some of the features of this app are-

  • Your face and voice are the only keys that can unblock any locked app.
  • This works well on all the Android devices and can be easily downloaded from the Google play store.
  • It’s 100% free and 100% ad-free app.
  • User rating- ⅘

I hope you like this article. Also, let us know about your favorite face recognition apps in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading.

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