Fingerprint Accessibility: Assuring Security Or Inviting Hackers?

Fingerprint Accessibility: Assuring Security Or Inviting Hackers?

Everyone is using smartphones with fingerprint security nowadays, whether it is Samsung or iPhone. Gone are the days where you needed to unlock your device by either swiping up or entering PIN or pattern. Since privacy plays the most important role, everyone wants to use a smartphone wherein all their important data is secured. The security might vary from person to person or from device to device, but the most common security patterns include PIN, Pattern or FaceID or Fingerprint ID. Your device is your ultimate endpoint and you want all your sensitive information to be confidential at the end of the day.

As far as Android and iPhone are concerned, the iPhone is the most secure in terms of privacy and security. Now with two-factor authentication and biometrics features, every smartphone is made secure. However, the two-factor authorization feature is on the way. There are some applications like Google authenticator that provide the best security in terms of SMS. What do you think are the factors to be added in smartphones for better privacy and security?

Security To Unlock Smartphone: Which Is Best?

Security: Which Is Best?

Now, with security options like PIN, pattern, fingerprint, and Face ID feature, which one to choose? If you have researched the security feature for your smartphone that suits you, go for it. However, many smartphone users are using the new security feature, Fingerprint Sensor and Face ID. As per the screen lock type, the Swipe option has no security, Pattern and PIN have Medium security, and password, Face lock, and Face ID have high security.

Screen lock type

With the latest Fingerprint security and Face ID security feature, everyone is using them in their smartphones. But, sometimes Face ID and Fingerprint options don’t work. What do you think about the security feature? Would you go for Patter, Pin and Password feature instead of Face ID and Fingerprint sensor?

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Do You Think Fingerprints Are Vulnerable To Hackers?

Fingerprints Are Vulnerable To Hackers

According to cybersecurity experts Aaron Turner and Georgia Weidman, “iOS is still good, but Android’s SELinux is the bane of my existence as someone who’s building exploits.” and also states that had good experiences with Motorola and Nokia Android One devices as they are secure in terms of privacy and security.

Fingerprint sensors are using our thumb biometrics and it might be easier to a hacker if your device is lost. Whenever you tried to unlock your device with an inbuilt fingerprint scanner, your fingerprints left behind on your device screen. There are few apps and some techniques that hackers know very well and might unlock your device easily using your fingerprints which are left behind on your device screen.

Crypto apps and companies are one of the most attractive targets for hackers and they can easily unlock your smartphones. Well, we are waiting for the two-factor authorization option to enhance more security on smartphones, till then, make the best use of these security features on smartphones.

We hope you will be using the best security feature on your smartphone to protect from hackers. If you have any suggestions or more information regarding security patterns in smartphones, feel free to mention in the comments section below.

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