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Old photos are a token of precious memories spent with loved ones. We often find these photos in an old chest or wooden drawer in your granny’s almirah! Reminiscing old memories bring a smile to our faces.

What if you are going through your old family album, and find some creases, or stains on your favourite photo? Thinking what should you do? How to save these old photos from decaying? Do you want them to look fresh as you took them yesterday?

Well, folks, in this digital world, it seems everything is possible. There are Photo Restoration Software that can help you restore your old image as new digitally.

Photo restoration software are tools that are used to restore old photos by removing blemishes, stains and balancing colour contrast to it.

Additionally, these kinds of software also restore old pictures by removing skin discolourations.

restore old pictures


In this article, we will discuss photos restoration software which can help you in restoring glory in your photogenic treasured past.

Photo Restoration Software

1. Retouch Pilot

We have Retouch Pilot at the top of our list. This software aims to remove imperfections from photos such as scratches, dust particles and creases. This tool can benefit to digital camera users to perform image enhancements according to their preference.

Pro’s Con’s
●     This software works best, for light-weight image correction.

●     You can try Retouch Pilot for free

●     If you are looking for more image enhancement features than Retouch is not a good option to take.

●     Users can save images in TPI format only.


Retouch Pilot

Image source-

Pricing-  Users can choose the plan between 79.95 EUR to 245.00 EUR.

Download- You can get Retouch Pilot from here.

2. Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop is a well-recognized photo editing software used by many artists, designers, and photographers.

This app also enables to restore all kinds of photo restoration. It comes with a Clone Stamp tool which helps in removing damage around the picture.

Pro’s Con’s
●     This software is specialized in restoring old photos.

●     Multiple image format is supported by Adobe Photoshop

●     The newbies may get puzzled while using this.

●     Users may find it expensive as compared to other software.


Adobe Photoshop

Image source-

Pricing-  Users can choose the plan between US$9.99/month to US$52.99/month.

Download- You can get Adobe Photoshop from here.

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3. AKVIS Retoucher

Here, we have AKVIS Retoucher next in our list of Photo Restoration Software. This magical tool will not only vanish scratches, stains, and dust from the photo but also reconstruct other missing parts from the surrounding.

It also allows improving picture composition and removes irreverent objects like date stamps, wires, and hairs.

Pro’s Con’s
●     This software is easy to use for those who never tried their hands in old photos restoration.

●     You can get customer assistance in multiple languages

●     Little expensive as compared with other software.



AKVIS Retoucher

Image Source-

Pricing-  You can pick the plan within US$11/year to US$154/year.

Download- You can get  AKVIS Retoucher from here.

4. SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher

SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher offers complete perfection to your decayed picture by touch-up and polishing the old images. This effective software will help to get rid of folds, watermarks, torn edges and scratches.

SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher itself identifies the defects in the old image and restores without leaving any sign behind editing.

Pro’s Con’s
●     This software offers to upload multiple images in a single time.
●     You can add sketch effects to the image
●     You may find a shortcut for undo (Ctrl + Z) but there is no shortcut for the redo.



 SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher

Image source-

Pricing-  Users can choose the plan between US$10 to US$39.

Download- You can get  SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher from here.

5. Corel Paintshop Pro

Corel Paintshop Pro is another best option for old photo restoration. This software is easy to understand with intuitive editing tools which helps to restore old pictures.

Though the homepage comprises of tabs with many functions yet you can easily understand the editing tool.

Pro’s Con’s
●     This software offers smart functionality.

●     Beginners can easily understand and try their picture restoration.

●     You have to pay for the basic version

●     This software can’t be used on Mac OS.



Corel Paintshop Pro

Image source-

Pricing-  You can pick the plan within US$65.94 to US$91.59/year.

Download- You can get  Corel Paintshop Pro from here.

6. Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Fotophire Editing Toolkit is an effective photo restoration tool which helps in old photo restoration. This software comes with a single package of the editor, clutter and eraser which is useful in editing pictures. Reconstructing old blur photos is an easy task for Fotophire.

Moreover, you can even change the image background with the help of Fotophire’s Photo Cutter

Pro’s Con’s
●     This tool offers an intuitive editing tool.

●     You can use and understand the functionality with its trial version.

●     There is limited access to the retouching tool.

●     You have to pay for complete software



Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Image Source-

Pricing-  You can pick the plan from US$ $49.99/year to US$89.98/year according to preference.

Download- You can get Fotophire Editing Toolkit from here.

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7. Photoscape

If you are looking for a free photograph restoration software, then Photoscape will work well for you. This software will give you enhancement in terms of colour correction instead of digital photo reconstruction.

This software comes with basic features which will surely help you to restore old photos.

Pro’s Con’s
●     This software offers a reliable interface and easy to understand.

●     Photoscape works best with colour correction

●     You may get disappointed with the frail picture quality.

●     A little weak picture enhancement.




Image source-

Pricing-  Photoscape is free to use.

Download- You can this software from here.

Final Words-

Old photos are a memento of our past. Earlier, there were no digital cameras or smartphones to capture all the sweet memories you had, hence photographs were the only means. But now with advanced technology, you can not only click photos and save them on a cloud but also restore old photographs with ease, even the ones that have been roughly handled or have creases or stains.

With this list of some best old photo restoration software, you can give your old torn photographs a new life.

Which tool would you prefer? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t forget to upvote and share with other technophiles.

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