YouTube Alternatives : Best Video Sharing & Streaming Sites

YouTube Alternatives : Best Video Sharing & Streaming Sites

When we think about online video streaming, YouTube comes first in our mind. Indeed, it should be because YouTube has gained its popularity being in the business for several years while offering a wide variety of content.


But due to strict guidelines and frustrating YouTube ads, many of its users demanded sites like YouTube. Additionally, it is also seen that many video creators channel gets blocked or their videos went down for no reason. That’s why many of its users are in search of YouTube alternatives that help them to share their videos and reach them to the right target.

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Best YouTube Alternatives

1. Vimeo – Site Like YouTube:


If you are a regular visitor on YouTube, then you can add Vimeo on your rotational list. If you are a filmmaker or creative artist who wants to showcase their work, Vimeo has everything according to your needs.

Vimeo offers high-quality video content of 4K Ultra HD to its users. This platform is good for learning craft and artistic content.

Vimeo offers all the features but still, there is a hidden drawback of this platform. You can only upload 500MB video content weekly.

You can get this amazing YouTube alternative from here.

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2. DailyMotion- Another Video Streaming Site Like YouTube:


DailyMotion is a smart site like YouTube, that offers high- quality video content with fewer restrictions as compared to YouTube.

DailyMotion boasts professional videos with quality content. These platforms operated common video formats but reduced storage room less than 150 MB and shorter than 20 minutes per video.

Moreover, DailyMotion offers almost the same layout as YouTube.  You can also install a YouTube alternative app of DailyMotion from the Google Play Store.

You can check this amazing website from here.

3. Twitch – Curated For Gamers:


Twitch is the best live streaming platform for gamers but still, you can consider Twitch as a YouTube alternative. This platform offers esports, gaming talk shows, live video streaming, and music videos from concerts.

Twitch mainly focuses on the Gamers community along with this you can also take advantage of music, arts and Tv series.

Unlike YouTube, Twitch is free from annoying ads so that you can browse your favorite content without interruption.

You can enjoy your favorite gaming video on Twitch from here.

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4. Vevo- Best YouTube Alternatives For Music:


Vevo is an extensive platform for music lovers and another YouTube alternative that offers fast and endless music contents. Vevo boasts 26 billion views per month and 246 million active users that can help to enjoy music from the leading artist.

Vevo owns high -quality music videos from Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group.

Vevo is simple to use a site like YouTube from where you can enjoy loads of music repeatedly.

You can browse your favorite music anytime and anywhere from Vevo.

5. 9GAG TV- Entertainment Sites Like YouTube:


Here comes 9GAG TV, a perfect place to enjoy funny videos, memes, GIFs and images. And 9GAG is also considered as a YouTube alternative.

Users can browse contents from the list series located on the left side pane. And can distinguish various funny topics from trending, hot and fresh series.

You can also install a YouTube alternative app of 9GAG from Google Play Store.

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Which Best YouTube Alternatives Will You Choose For Entertainment?

YouTube is a vast video streaming platform that lets you showcase your talent through various video contents. But as said above because of strict guidelines and irritating ads on YouTube, many users have migrated to other sites like YouTube. Some are in search of YouTube alternatives that allow sharing their talent to the world.

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