How To Block Ads On YouTube

How To Block Ads On YouTube

Removing YouTube ads seems to mandate when you are watching your favorite video on the platform. These pop-up ads might persuade users to get rid of these annoying YouTube ads as soon as possible.

Well, the Internet is full of various types of apps and extensions, which claims out to stop YouTube ads. But, most of them don’t work as they are supposed to show how to get rid of ads on YouTube permanently so that you can enjoy your video without disruption?

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Coming to the point, if you are one of them, you want to stop ads on YouTube, then read on to know the answers to common queries in terms of YouTube ads. Here are the basic questions with answers to help you disable YouTube ads.

How do you stop ads on YouTube?

As said above, various ad blocker extensions promise to stop YouTube ads. Well, YouTube is a website that has a vast range of content and, here, you need to pay for removing the ads. But if you are using the Chrome browser and thinking to stop such annoying ads, we are mentioning the YouTube ad blocker on Chrome.

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Video Adblocker for YouTube™ Extension- can stop YouTube ads from coming up while you play your favorite video. Here is the highlighted feature of this YouTube adblocker.

  • Free and easy to manage
  • It blocks pre-roll YouTube ™ video ads on all sites.
  • This YouTube ad blocker halts banner/text ads from the entire YouTube.

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Does Adblock work on YouTube?

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It has been seen that Adblocks doesn’t work well with YouTube. Those, who are not aware of the Adblockers, let us help you.

They are the smart, and intuitive browser extensions that restrict unwanted ads that interfere in our browser experience.

If you are someone who is facing an issue with YouTube adblocker, here is the quick method to make Adblock work on YouTube again.

  • Update The Extension With Latest Version

Solely, as soon as developers release the latest version of an extension, it automatically gets downloaded on your browser. But, if you are unable to download then try to reinstall it.

  • Re-installing the Extension

Open Chrome and search “Chrome://extensions/” you will get the list of installed extensions. Click on remove and again reinstall it from the Chrome Store.

  • Log-out from The Google Account

Ads are, by some means get connected to your Google account, when you browse on YouTube. If you log in and then log out in your Google account, it will help your YouTube ad blocker to work again.

How do I disable ads?

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There may be a fair chance, once you install any extension and now you want to disable it. Below are the methods to follow to disable ads on Chrome.

  • Paste the following link on the Chrome address bar- Chrome://settings/
  • Search Ads and click on-site settings.
  • Now, navigate to the Ads, and tap on it.
  • You will get a list of Ads on the page. Move the slider to disable the YouTube

Why Is My Adblock Not Working On YouTube?

This is the most frequent question asked by users. Here are the most common causes which lead to malfunctioning on YouTube adblocker.

Reason 1- Faulty Chrome Browser

Fix– You can fix the corrupt Chrome browser issue, check the Google Chrome update.

Chrome Menu (three dots on the right upper side) > Settings > About Chrome (Left Side Pane)

Note- You should always update Chrome even when it is running fine, Why? Read to know the answers Why Update Chrome Even If It’s Working Fine 

Reason 2- Browsing On YouTube App

Fix- Understand, extensions work on internet browsers; it is not an application that will support smartphone features.

Reason 3- Remove YouTube Browser App From Chrome

Fix-  When you are using Chrome, you don’t need a YouTube browser app to enjoy your favorite music videos. Chrome YouTube bug was common in 2015. However, , people are still facing this bug issue, which is tied up with the YouTube Browser app. You can remove this by the following method:

Enter Chrome://apps in the address bar > Right-click on YouTube browser > Remove from Chrome.

Additionally, you can also try by deleting the Chrome browser’s history, caches, and cookies.

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How do I install Adblock?

As said above, ad blockers help to give a perfect user experience and also helps to remove unwanted ads from our browsers. Here we will show you the method to install Adblock on your browser. (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari)

For Safari Users

  • In the Mac App Store, search Adblock, click on the Get it to download on your web browser.

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Final Word

Hopefully, we above are the best ways to remove YouTube ads from your favorite videos. The questions and answers mentioned can help you get answers for all your queries related to disable YouTube ads and YouTube adblocker.

If you are using any other practice which will stop YouTube ads, let us know in the below comment section. If you have any other related questions for the same, let me know in the comment box, will respond to you!

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