Best Chrome Extensions Every Student Should Use

Best Chrome Extensions Every Student Should Use

Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser throughout the world as its intuitive features and ease of access make it a more user-friendly and secure browser. There are several chrome extensions by Google that make it even more useful and suitable for teachers and students.

Here in this article, we are going to explore how these best chrome extensions can be downloaded and installed from chrome web store to get the most out of Google Chrome. Now students and teachers need not install a lot of software to get help in studies, rather they can simply install these chrome extensions by Google and make their life simpler.

Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary Extension

The very first Google Chrome extension in our rundown is ‘Google Dictionary’ that helps students and teachers to explore and understand new words. Whenever you come across a new word, you need not perform a search on a new window. Rather you just select the word from the text, and it will pop up the meaning, definition, and hear the pronunciation of the word in context. You can also click on the popup to launch a complete Google search of that particular word.

Get Google Dictionary

Grammarly Chrome Extension

Grammarly Google Chrome Extension

This is one of my favorite Google Chrome extensions. This is a free grammar, spellings, sentence formation, and punctuation checker for students, working professionals, and teachers. It comes with a FREE and a paid version for advanced users. It gives instant suggestions as you type and highlights the grammar errors in RED and other errors in different colors.

Grammarly also collects most common errors of an account and sends a collective report for you to gauge and practice more on those corrections. You can download the Grammarly Google Chrome extension by Google extensions page.

Get Grammarly Extension

Alpha Text

Alpha Text Google Chrome Extension

Alpha Text is a FREE all in one accessibility extension to customize your browser. It allows you to customize text color, font size, font type, adjust the background color of your screen for optimal viewing. You can also use this Google Chrome extension to adjust the line spacing, switching between a single to 1.5 or double line spacing that makes the article easier to read.

You can say that MS Word’s customization features are bundled in this Google Chrome extension available for free. This is a top trending app on the chrome web store and would be an asset if added in ‘my chrome extensions’.

Get Alpha Text

Bitly Google Chrome Extension

Bitly Chrome Extension

Bitly is a short link creator for long links that are hard to remember or follow. Bitly Google Chrome extension allows you to shorten, measure and optimize long links of websites for your reference. Just within a couple of clicks, you can customize the link and share it with your friends.

While researching a particular topic, you can save links to your online references or share them with your project partners. You can shorten, brand or tag the links separately and post them on Facebook or Twitter to easily recognize them.

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Lightshot Screenshot Tool

Lightshot chrome extension

Lightshot is one of the best chrome extensions for taking screenshots while reading a document. Lightshot Chrome extension is a simple screenshot creator to save a screenshot by simply ‘drag and capture’ feature. Whether you wish to save a rectangular portion of a page or you wish to save an entire page, Lightshot is the right option available FREE of cost.

Lightshot also allows you to measure and scale the image format with a wide variety of customization options. You can add text, highlight, format text, save image directly on cloud, share it on social media or save it on your desktop with simple options. This chrome extension by Google replaces many Screen Capturing Tools.

Bonus Extension – Voice In Voice Typing


Voice In Voice Typing chrome extension

VoiceIn is a powerful Chrome extension by Google to drop comments, post reviews share thoughts any multiple voice entries on different websites. It is a simple voice to text convertor that uses Google’s speech recognition engine to take voice input. Once you install the extension, it is advisable to close and restart the browser. Click on the text box and then right-click and select ‘Start Recording’ or click on the extension button and start speaking.

VoiceIn recognizes 120 languages and can be triggered using Ctrl+Shift+9 (Keyboard Shortcut). VoiceIn works well with Grammarly and makes your work easy. This is the best chrome extensions for voice to text input and is easily available on chrome web store.

Summing Up

Here we have compiled a few of the best chrome extensions that are easily downloadable from chrome web store for free. There are thousands of Google Chrome extensions however we have handpicked top 5 google chrome extensions for students and teachers.

These Google Chrome extensions will be your best friend while researching or working on your projects. If you like this article, do click on like and share it with your fellow students if you wish them to score well along with you. For any queries or if you are looking for a specific extensions type, do write us in the comment section and we shall get back to you with the best possible solutions.

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