10 Best Google Chrome Security Extensions

Staying secure online is not an easy task. To stay safe and protected online a browser with built in security features like Google Chrome should be used.

Google Chrome offers built in security features like the incognito mode, ways to control data collection by websites based on users browsing activity and much more. But if you need more than this, you can use third party security Chrome extensions and take your privacy, security to next level.

There are many chrome extensions available in the market and all promise to give prominent level of security but not all can be trusted. As some fail the precision and some may turn system slow and sluggish. Making things worse therefore, choosing right chrome security extension is important as it will help to keep system and data secure in this age of cyber-attacks.

Here, we enlist certain trusted and proven successful Chrome extensions that you can use to improve browser security. So, what are we waiting for let’s take a look.

10 Best Google Chrome Security Extensions

1. StopAllAds

StopAllAds Security Extension for chrome

Get rid of irrelevant ads and browse safely with StopAll Ads. A must to use google chrome extension as it allows you to browse ad-free and identifies malware domains. Not only this with StopAll Ads you can deactivate social media buttons and surf freely without worrying about being tracked. It optimizes your browser and gives you a faster browsing experience.

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2. Ghostery

ghostery plugin for chrome

When it comes to privacy Ghostery is one of the most reliable and widely user Chrome extension. It is a free chrome security extension that works in background and notifies user when a tracker is found and blocked. It saves information about all detected trackers on a website to let user decide if he wants to allow certain sites to track. Ghostery disables all type of data tracker and at the same speeds up page loading by optimizing performance automatically.

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3. Adblock Plus

adblock plus security chrome extension

Get a faster and pleasant browsing experience with Adblock Plus. An extension that block ads, trackers, malware and much more. Adblock Plus stop companies from tracking your online activity. Besides, this it comes with preset filter list to quickly block ads. The only negative things about it is, if it considers an ad non-intrusive Adblock Plus will not block them.

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4. PureVPN

purevpn chrome security extension

Encrypt all your Internet traffic with PureVPN. It offers next level of protection as it uses military grade encryption to protect your data from prying eyes. It keeps user connected without disclosing its identity.

PureVPN fights malicious entities and masks users IP with a virtual IP to stop hacker from accessing users’ real identity. Apart from this PureVPN block ads, data trackers and give protection from malware attacks and leak protection.

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5. Disconnect

It is one of the best anti-cookie and anti-tracking Chrome extension. It protects user from every probable malware, data tracking attack. Even more it blocks third party cookies and give user the control to allow or disallow various website scripts. Also, Disconnect stops social networking sites from collecting data and protects malware injection.

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6. Click&Clean

An innovative and totally free solution to scan your PC for malware, delete browsing and download history. Not only this it even erases temporary files, cookies, cache and deletes client-side web SQL database. This powerful google chrome extension does all this instantly in a single click. Other than this Click&Clean easily access information that might be saved by extra browser add-ons. It even provides option to generate password and data cleaning in Incognito mode.

7. LastPass

A handy tool that creates strong password for all your accounts thus making it difficult for the hackers to crack your account. It saves all passwords in a secure vault to give secure access. LastPass automatically detects when you need to enter credentials and does the job for you. It stores login user names, passwords, makes checkout process faster and saves you from the hassle of remembering all those passwords. As a master password is all that you need to access LastPass secure vault.

8. DuckDuckGo

Escape advertising tracker networks, search privately, decode privacy policies and do a lot more with DuckDuckGo. With DuckDuckGo installed Internet will no longer feel creepy as this extension will help you take control your personal information.  DuckDuckGo increases encryption protection and forces sites to use an encrypted connection to protect your data from those prying ISPs.

9. Perspective Guard

First AI extension that will protect you from social media manipulation by analyzing posts, tweets, reddits and more. The chrome security extension will show alert message there’s a risk of you being targeted by negative and misinformed campaign. It keeps user aware about fake news, social engineering, hate speech, cyber bullying and all susceptible speeches.

10. Privacy Badger

This extension automatically learns to block invisible trackers, it keeps a list of what to block. The extension learns by watching your browsing history. If same tracker is notices on three different site Privacy Badger blocks it even more, it removes outgoing link and provides enhanced privacy protection.

This is the was the last but not the least on the list of 10 best Chrome extensions to provide security. Instead of using any random extension we suggest you use any of the enlisted extension for better security and protection. These extensions will provide enhanced level of protection and will also optimize your browser performance.

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We hope you like the list and if there is anything else you would like us to add please let us know. Also leave feedback in comment box.

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