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How To Reduce YouTube Data Usage On Android
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How To Reduce YouTube Data Usage On Android

Imagine you are watching YouTube videos and got a sudden data usage warning on your phone, you must be thinking where did I use my data? Thinking whether that BBC documentary you just watched was worth spending all of your internet data?

Well, you can’t simply stop watching YouTube videos because of the high data usage, right? Then, what should be done to minimize YouTube data usage? If you are thinking the same thing, then you are in the right place.

In this post, we will talk about YouTube data usage and the best ways to minimize it.

Steps to Reduce YouTube Data Usage:

Let’s get started!

Fix 1- YouTube App Settings

  • Open YouTube app and click on the profile icon located on the top right corner. Select Settings.

Open Youtube Setting

  • Tap on General and enable the option of Limit mobile data usage.

Open General Setting of Youtube

This will help to Reduce YouTube Data Usage, and there will be sufficient internet available on your Android phone.

Fix 2- Disable Autoplay

While watching YouTube videos, there is a toggle of Autoplay located under the option of Subscribe.

Disable Autoplay Videos

If you enable the autoplay option, then there is a lot of chances that YouTube will consume your internet data.

Follow the below procedure:

  • Select the video which you want to play.
  • Disable the Autoplay toggle under the subscriber tab.

By this method, you save maximum Mobile Data Usage. You can also download favourite YouTube videos from an online downloader site.

Fix 3- Download YouTube Videos from Website

If you want to download YouTube videos from Website instead on App follow the instructions below:

  • Find the video to download and copy the link from the address bar.

Download Youtube Videos From Website

  • Go to And paste the copied link in the box.

Y2mate to download Videos

  • You will get an option to download the desired video under specific video size.

Download Desired Video

  • Click on the video to download. Hence your favorite video is now available in the playlist.

As you have reached till here, you must be thinking about what is the YouTube Data Usage Per Hour?

To understand the YouTube Data Usage, follow the table below. If you are looking to find the estimation of videos on YouTube Data Usage Calculator, it is not possible.

However, we are mentioning the calculation of per min and hour in the below table.

Video Quality 240p 360p 480p 720p 1080p
Per Min 1.6 MB 2.66 MB 4 MB 7.4 MB 12.4 MB
Per Hour 100 MB 160 MB 240 MB 450 MB 750 MB


Monthly YouTube Data Usage

Video Quality 480p 720p
30 min/day 3.5GB 7GB
1 hr/day 7GB 14GB
2 hr/day 14GB 28GB


Final Words

Reducing YouTube Data Usage is now easy and simple. All you have to follow the above methods correctly.  If you like this article, don’t forget to upvote and share it with other technophiles. Yes, subscribe to our newsletter for the latest tech tips and tricks.

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  1. Pam Summers

    The author uses a technique I've heard used to reduce Google's usage on Android. If you look at the list of apps that require Youtube API access, the most common example is a YouTube channel of YouTube users using an app named "YT Applications" (which I personally haven't used yet and it may be a mistake of thinking people don't realize they have a YT application or have an iOS app installed.).

  2. Petty Bliss

    It seems I might be missing something here that might be a more important point: don't use adblockers. The easiest way to do this is to use some adblocker.

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