How to Speed Up YouTube Videos

How to Speed Up YouTube Videos

YouTube is now the best platform where you can learn, watch, laugh and do more things in day to day life. We all want that YouTube videos will play constantly without buffering issues but, it generally happens with everyone. It’s completely annoying when we are sitting in front of the screen and waiting for the video to load and it still loading…..Right? Totally Frustrating!

While watching any online YouTube videos or movies, the Internet comes in this place. Whenever you are watching any particular video and your video stops and you paused the video to avoid buffering, it’s quite annoying. The level of frustration arises when you are watching any live streaming shows and you cannot afford any video buffering issues at any cost.

There are many ways to fix YouTube loading slow or YouTube buffering issues. We have mentioned some of the ways to fix YouTube video buffering issues, please have a look to get rid of these YouTube buffering issues.

Ways to Speed Up YouTube Videos:

1. YouTube- Clear Cache From Browser

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We all know that while watching any videos on YouTube, it will start creating cache files that will slow down YouTube videos. To get rid of these cache files and want to know how to speed up YouTube videos, follow the below steps:-

  • Open the particular Browser(Chrome), tap on three vertical dots menu.
  • If you have open Chrome browser on PC, click on More Tools>Clear browsing data.
  • On your device, tap History>Clear Browsing data.
  • For Mac, Android or PC users, you have to select the time range at the top or choose All Time to delete everything.
  • Check all boxes, next to Cookies and site data and Cached images and files.
  • Now, tap on Clear data.

(Note- Once you have clear all data, you may have to sign in back to your Google account).

2. WiFi Router- Restart

YouTube videos running slow
Image Source- Digital Trends

One of the basic and easiest things, restarting your home WiFi router or modem. It will boost up your internet speed as well. Sometimes restarting your WiFi router might improve the internet speed significantly so that you will not face issues like video buffering or slow down YouTube videos again. Simply you have to unplug the router cable and wait for a few seconds and plugged back in. Now, you have to wait for the router to restart and check if there is any improvement in the Internet speed. Since rebooting the WiFi router might not be the permanent solution but, we can give a try to enhance the internet speed.

3. Wired Connection Over Wireless Connection

Video buffering
Image Source- nursecallsystems

Wired, instead of Wireless? Sounds weird, Right? Most of us don’t know that wireless signals have a lot of barriers that affect the internet connection. For example, your WiFi router is placed in your bedroom and you are watching television or working on your laptop, then WiFi signals might not be strong as they have to pass with a lot of barriers like doors, walls, and some electronic appliances, etc. This might affect YouTube loading slow videos and your viewing experience might not be as good as you expected. In order to avoid this, we always recommend using a wired connection like Ethernet cable to get improved or better internet speed.

4. Lower Quality Settings

YouTube buffering
Image Source- Kim Komando

Google always sets the best video quality(depends on connection), less loading time but, we again face server error issues due to heavy traffic. However, we can still choose the video quality as per our need but we cannot improve the traffic. Follow the below steps to lower the video quality:

  • Open YouTube>Play any video.
  • Click on the Settings gear icon at the bottom right corner.
  • Click Quality.
  • You can choose the lower quality instead of recommended one and try to lower the quality until the YouTube buffering issue is not resolved.  If you still facing the same issue, try the next method.

5. Set Limit For Number Of Devices

YouTube video buffering
Image Source- webeatm

If you have many devices that are connected with your WiFi router like tablets, smartphones, laptops, voice assistants, and many other appliances(Wireless connection), it will slow down the speed of your internet connection through which you will face video buffering issues. And due to these multiple connected devices, bandwidth will be divided among different channels and you will again face video buffering issues while watching videos on Youtube.

We would recommend limiting the number of devices(if they are not using at the same time) by disconnecting the WiFi option or you can limit to only primary device to enjoy the wonderful experience while watching YouTube videos.

We have listed the best ways to boost internet speed and methods to fix YouTube video loading issues. We recommend users to try once and see improvement while watching online YouTube videos. If you have more useful tips and any recommendations, feel free to mention it in the comments section.

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