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Tips To Keep Your Wifi & Router Safe From Malware
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Tips To Keep Your Wifi & Router Safe From Malware

Giving an Wi-Fi access to someone means that the person can use your wireless network, which is the most common gateway for any malware or other infections.

And to keep the gateway that is network and Wi-Fi access points secure, many organizations use multiple security tools and techniques. But, anyhow with the rising cyber-attacks and threats, these techniques could be a fail sometimes. Still, to stay optimistic and safe, we are here with some of the best tips to keep your Wi-Fi & router safe from malware.

Secure Your Network:

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There are several types of Network Security that could be used to stay prevented from unethical and malicious invaders. Network Security is a practice widely implemented by many of the organizations to ensure that their data over network is safe and secure. These practices prevent your network from any unauthorized access or malicious activity. It uses multiple layers of security to keep away any potential threat and blocks inauthentic gateways to keep Wi-Fi access points safe.

WPA Security Protocols:

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Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) is a set of security protocols and guidelines by Wi-Fi alliance to keep Wi-Fi access points secure from any unauthorized access. WPA 1, WPA2 and WPA 3 are all protocols with each having unique security measures.

WPA 2 when compared to WPA 1, is more secure, and have different length for password. Using WPA will make the network stronger and it will be much difficult for anyone trying to break into your organization’s network. It is also recommended that password for the Wi-Fi access should be changed periodically to keep the invaders away.

Turn Off Remote Access:

Many router services provide an interface for configuration, which could be accessed by anyone by entering a specific IP address on a web browser. This way anyone could fiddle with the Wi-Fi settings and can give access to the unwanted IPs as well. To get rid of this process, it is recommended to disable remote access for everyone, only limited admins can control and configure the router.

Some More Measures To Keep Wi-Fi and Network Secure:

Along with the above enlisted preventions, there are some other security measures as well that could be implemented to keep the network and Wi-Fi access safe from malware, which are as follows:

Use VPN:

Well, VPN is a way to prevent data loss and keep communications remote. VPN creates a remote way between the device and a network, which can’t be tracked or controlled, as it uses IPsec or SSL technology to safeguard all the communications taking place over the network.

Turn On Pop-Up Blocker:

By enabling pop-up blocker on your web browser, it will block all the pop-ups on websites that you visit. Many websites use pop-ups for advertising purposes, but one with the malicious intent try to enter into your network with the help of pop-ups. As you tap on a pop-up to enable it, it will redirect you to some other website, which could be hosted by a malicious attacker.

Update Windows:

With time, every system needs to be updated, be it hardware or software. Similarly, Windows also needs to be updated time-to-time. As in every update, there are several security updates as well, which monitors and detects potential threats and keep them away from entering into the system.

Antivirus Software:

A good antivirus program will scan your system for infection and will remove them quickly in just a few clicks. An antivirus software comes with several features to safeguard your system and network, such as, firewall protection, Internet security, settings for privacy and many more. It is recommended to use an antivirus software to keep your data and system safe from any type of malware.

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So, this was all folks! These are some of the best tips to keep your Wi-Fi & router safe and secure from malware. If you found this helpful, please let us know. You can also drop your feedback in the comment section below.

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