How To Stream Mobile Games On YouTube And Twitch

How To Stream Mobile Games On YouTube And Twitch

If you are a gaming fan and want to know how to stream mobile games on a big screen, or on twitch and YouTube, this article is for you.

For those who might not know Twitch is a video live streaming service operated by Twitch Interactive (Subsidiary of Amazon) which gives a platform for gamers. You can watch, chat and many other things with millions of other fans from around the world.

Many people and gamers are watching Twitch streamers and play the most popular Android games like PUBG and Fortnite. And it’s easy to stream your favorite Android game on YouTube and enjoy your Android games from your phone or tablet using YouTube gaming and Mobcrush apps.

All you need decent bandwidth, good internet connection, and your Android game. We are going to discuss how to stream mobile games on twitch and YouTube. Have a look!

What Is YouTube Gaming

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There is no secret, You will see a large amount of gaming content available on YouTube and YouTube has a dedicated version and app dedicated to game streaming and channels– YouTube Gaming. To start streaming your games from your device, YouTube Gaming is the best platform to start with. It requires Android 5.0 or newer to use YouTube streaming effortlessly and functionally.

How To Stream Mobile Games On YouTube

  • Download and install the YouTube gaming app on your phone or you can create your YouTube channel.

(Note- Before you stream your mobile game on your YouTube channel, you need to enable live streaming first. Make sure, your YouTube channel is verified and there are no live restrictions for 90 days and your channel also meets the requirement of at least 1,000 subscribers).

  • From the home screen of YouTube gaming > tap on the Broadcast
  • Select the streaming quality like 480p SD, 720p HD.
  • Few reminders will be displayed once you start streaming and you will be live to the public. Any type of notifications, phone calls, messages, and passwords will be visible to the users. Turn on Do Not Disturb option while YouTube gaming, best option.
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  • Choose your game that you would like to stream. The app will give you a list of recommendations apps to stream. However, you can scroll down to the bottom and select include all the apps on your phone.
  • Give a chunky or little title and a short description of your streaming title so that potential viewers and subscribers will know what you are playing.
  • Send your streaming link to other users from social media and followers.
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In the end, the screen will tell you to be ready for recording your game and your phone will be load up with your selected game with recording controls. It allows your front-facing camera to show your face to users on-screen. Once your game starts, you’ll find a floating bubble with all streamer controls (after tapping on the bubble) and bottom of your screen, you can view all stats, chat and see other settings as well.

How to stream mobile games on YouTube For iOS Devices

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For iOS users, you can stream your game via iOS ReplayKit. ReplayKit supports iOS 10.2 and later iOS devices and the ReplayKit is Apple’s framework that allows users to share and record their gameplay.

  • You have to select YouTube as a streaming app.
  • Create your live streaming title and choose your privacy settings too.
  • Add your video description, turn off/on live chat option and paid promotion (if it includes).
  • To start your Live stream, tap on the “GO LIVE” button and you are ready.

Again, enable the Do Not Disturb option for all notifications, calls, messages, etc before live streaming as your phone’s screen will be visible to your viewers).

How To Stream On Mobile Games On Twitch

Stream using Twitch
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Twitch is one of the largest online streaming community. However, the Twitch app for mobile doesn’t allow users to stream from your mobile from your Twitch account, at the beginning. For open-source streaming, use Open Broadcaster Software(OBS). OBS lets you stream or record your gameplay from Mac, PC or Linux to Twitch. All console games are popular among streaming services, you can connect your phone using USB debugging and screen recording application to create and save new streaming videos.

  • To unlock the developer options on your Android device, go to Settings > About Phone.
  • Tap on Build number 10 times until it says, “You’ve unlocked the developer options”.
  • Enter the Developer Options and turn on USB Debugging.

Once you have set up your OBS to your Twitch account, you are ready to stream mobile games on Twitch and ready to play games on big screen.

Above are the best options to stream mobile games on Twitch and Youtube. YouTube gaming is much easier as you don’t require much setup whereas Twitch will give you more control on stream exchange and bit challenges while initially setting up. Let us know which one you would like to stream mobile games on a big screen in the comments section below.

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