9 Best Wondershare PDFelement Alternatives

9 Best Wondershare PDFelement Alternatives

Regarding PDF management it’s more than just a single-task endeavor. Numerous functions must be performed, and selecting any random PDF editing software won’t suffice. You truly need a tool capable of effortlessly handling the diverse tasks of PDF management.

There is ample PDF manager software available in the market, and Wondershare PDFelement has been users’ choice for many years; however, nowadays, people have started looking for Wondershare PDFelement owing to its cost. Also, Wondershare PDFelement has been known for crashing while handling large files, so finding an alternative is the best solution.

This article will take you through a list of the best Wondershare PDFelement free alternatives to use and manage PDF files effortlessly.

Tasks We Expect From A PDF Manager Tool For Windows:

  1. Splitting or merging PDF documents
  2. OCR capability for image-intensive or scanned PDFs
  3. Rotating PDFs in landscape or portrait mode
  4. Converting PDFs to multiple formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  5. Easy password protection and document encryption
  6. Form-filling capabilities
  7. PDF sharing and collaboration, allowing multiple members to work on the same PDF
  8. Text and image editing
  9. Flexible Bates numbering system for unique identification, beneficial for legal documents.
  10. Customer Support.

One crucial aspect that sets PDF management software apart is its speed. This article will discuss some of the best alternative PDF management software options.

Best Wondershare PDFelement Alternatives:

Let’s look at the best PDF Editor for Windows and manage our PDF files seamlessly.

List of Contents

  • 1. Systweak PDF Editor:
  • 2. Advanced PDF Manager:
  • 3. Qoppa PDF Studio PDF Editor:
  • 4. Foxit:
  • 5. Adobe Acrobat DC:
  • 6. Soda PDF:
  • 7. XODO:
  • 8. PDFCreator:
  • 9. Aryson PDF Manager:
  • Frequently Asked Questions

1. Systweak PDF Editor:

Systweak PDF Editor has an array of advanced features designed to streamline the creation and modification of PDF files. With its user-friendly interface, the software caters to both beginners and experienced users alike. The best part is that it provides a seven days fully functional trial version so that a user can quickly get a fair idea about the product.

Systweak PDF Editor



  1. Rearrange and reorder PDF pages with ease.
  2. Split and combine PDFs easily.
  3. PDF files can be password protected.
  4. A simple dashboard with a trendy style.
  5. Capability to replicate PDF pages or complete PDFs in a single operation.
  6. Quickly provision adding a signature.
  7. Frequently used PDF files can be easily starred.

Easy merging of files.

Provides a seven-day fully functional trial.

It lets you sign PDFs quickly.

Splitting and extracting functionality is available.

Provides password protection functionality for PDF files.


Not available for Mac.

Download Systweak PDF Editor

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2. Advanced PDF Manager:

Advanced PDF Manager is a feature-rich tool that can convert data into portable document formats. The program will allow you to effortlessly and pleasantly generate, combine, divide, merge, protect, and modify your PDF files. It is an all-in-one PDF solution that lets you get creative with your PDF files. You may sign PDF documents, fill out forms, and apply watermarks to them.

Advanced PDF Manager


  1. The software offers a wide range of comprehensive editing options.
  2. Users can read and move PDF pages effortlessly.
  3. PDF files can be protected by setting a password for enhanced security.
  4. The software also allows users to rotate PDF files, creating new orientations as needed.

Easy merging options available.

Easy split option to split PDF files.

Offers multiple viewing options.

Provides converting of PDF files.


Not available for MacOS.

Download Advanced PDF Manager

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3. Qoppa PDF Studio PDF Editor:

Qoppa PDF Studio PDF Editor is an impressive and robust tool designed to streamline and automate the handling of PDF documents. Its batch-processing capabilities and comprehensive features provide a highly efficient solution for managing bulk PDF files, making it suitable for individuals and businesses. Additionally, the software is available in both standard and pro versions, supporting the Windows operating system and Linux, allowing users to print PDF files seamlessly.

Qoppa PDF Studio PDF Editor



  1. It provides several compression options for reducing the size of PDF files.
  2. Text, photos, and annotations may be edited directly within PDF files.
  3. The program includes password security and digital signature capabilities.
  4. Qoppa PDF Studio can convert PDFs to a variety of formats.

Qoppa PDF Studio has a variety of editing tools.

It allows you to automate and apply repetitive activities to many PDF files.

It supports converting PDFs to various formats.

It includes built-in options for compressing PDF files.


Somewhat tricky user interface.

Download Now

4. Foxit:

Foxit is an outstanding PDF management solution that excels in various aspects. Whether editing, organizing, or protecting PDFs, Foxit effortlessly handles all these tasks without hassle. Notably, it stands out as one of the most user-friendly PDF managers, requiring minimal time for users to adapt and utilize its features effectively.



  1. Provides easy editing, creating, and layout changing of PDF files.
  2. Easy merging of PDFs is available.
  3. Provide password protection for PDF files.
  4. Simple PDF collaboration and sharing.
  5. OCR functionality can make any form’s text searchable and selectable.

Documents can be created, edited, signed, and filed.

Change the layout of the document with ease.

Drag and drop to merge and divide documents.

Easy removal or redact text facility available.

Documents can be password-protected.


Users need help with a range of formats while converting documents.

Download Now

5. Adobe Acrobat DC:

With over five million organizations globally relying on Acrobat DC, it’s the go-to solution for creating and editing intelligent PDFs, converting PDFs to Microsoft Office formats, and much more. When you’re on the go and need to collaborate with colleagues, spread across various locations, rest assured that Acrobat DC is equipped to facilitate seamless collaboration.

It maintains a smooth collaborative process regardless of your whereabouts or the device you’re using. Acrobat DC allows you to effortlessly share PDFs for viewing, reviewing, signing, and even monitoring their progress from any device and location. When learning about the best PDF Editor Software, Adobe Acrobat DC must be noticed.

Adobe Acrobat DC


  1. Helps with PDF editing, signature, and manipulation.
  2. Helps with creating and signing PDF files.
  3. Easy protection of PDF files using Password protection.
  4. Merging and splitting of documents are available.
  5. Provides the provision to compare PDF files.

Easy removal of sensitive data.

Excellent tool for professional work.

Easily convert PDF files to MS Office format.

Easy and intuitive interface.


Can be confusing for novice users.

Limited functionality trial version.

Download Now

6. Soda PDF:

Soda PDF presents a software solution that effortlessly empowers your business to achieve various document objectives. Seamlessly edit, create, convert, merge, split, sign, or fortify PDFs according to your requirements. Harness the capabilities of the finest PDF editor and converter to make document modifications. Our user-friendly PDF tools are designed to enhance document workflows by delivering efficient outcomes.

Soda PDF


  1. Provides the functionality to convert Microsoft Office to PDF.
  2. Batch tool enables you to generate or convert multiple PDFs in one go.
  3. It offers the added functionality of incorporating page numbers, watermarks, Bates numbering, and secure permissions to numerous files or folders within seconds.
  4. E-Sign feature to remotely sign, manage, and track electronic signatures, thus maintaining a secure distance between individuals and physical paperwork.

Provides OCR Edit, allowing you to swiftly search, identify, and modify text within scanned documents or image files.

Provide an array of tools.

Can be accessed from a desktop or via any device equipped with a web browser.

Easy splitting and merging of files.


Troublesome batch processing.

Download Now

7. XODO:

In your quest for a comprehensive solution that addresses all your PDF document needs, the XODO tool emerges as a valuable ally. With XODO, you can effortlessly and conveniently create, merge, edit, annotate, and distribute your PDF files. This tool provides various options, catering to online and offline requirements for working with and printing PDF files across various operating systems.


  1. Easy modification, creation of text.
  2. Provides added security with its Password Protect feature.
  3. Users can effortlessly export PDF files in different formats as well.
  4. Convenient splitting and merging features are available.
  5. Provides easy editing of scanned documents.

Redact sensitive information.

Supports different platforms and works along any device

Easy processing of multiple documents.


Comparatively fewer options.

Download Now

8. PDFCreator:

PDFCreator transforms every printable document into a PDF format and various other file types. Effortlessly convert your documents into PDF, JPG, PNG, TIF, and more formats. Seamlessly merge multiple documents into a single file. Utilize the convenience of automatic saving, enabling a fully automated PDF printing experience. Profiles simplify the process by providing quick access to frequently used settings with just one click. We handle the intricacies, making converting PDFs uncomplicated and user-friendly.



  1. Convenient splitting and merging features are available.
  2. Excellent tool for professional work.
  3. Easily convert MS Office format to PDF files.
  4. Provides the provision to compare PDF files.

Different licenses for different needs.

Easily convert images to PDF.

Easy to understand-interface.


Limited use trial version.

Download Now

9. Aryson PDF Manager:

With a name that perfectly aligns with its purpose, Aryson PDF Manager seamlessly manages all tasks associated with PDF files. It hence makes it to the list of best PDF editors for Windows. This comprehensive utility serves as an all-inclusive solution, addressing a range of functions from PDF editing and merging to splitting and ensuring their security.

Aryson PDF Manager


  1. Convenient splitting and merging features are available.
  2. Helps with PDF editing, signature, and manipulation.
  3. Provide password protection for PDF files.
  4. Modify PDF metadata such as the title, author, subject, update date, etc.

Handles large files quickly.

Easy to understand-interface.

PDF information displayed correctly.


PDF conversion could be faster.

Download Now

Thus, we’ve covered a selection of offline and online PDF managers that you can use as a Wondershare PDFelement free alternative. We’re eager to hear about the tool you rely on for PDF management. If you found this article valuable, please show your appreciation with a thumbs-up, and for additional similar content, continue exploring Tweak Library.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PDF Editor?

PDF editor software is a computer program that allows you to create, edit, modify, and manipulate Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

What functions does a PDF Editor perform?

PDF editor software provides a range of functionalities, including edit text, annotating text, merging and splitting PDF, page management, security, encryption, etc.

Which is the best alternative to Wondershare PDFelement?

As per our study, Systweak PDF offers extensive features and is easy on the pocket. It also provides a seven days fully functional trial version.

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