Aiseesoft PDF Merger Review – Is This The Best Way To Merge PDFs

Aiseesoft PDF Merger Review – Is This The Best Way To Merge PDFs
Consider This Scenario

I have collected some splendid pictures and descriptions of some of the best vacation destinations across the globe for a coffee table book that I had to further send to a friend. Now, these descriptions and pictures are scattered here and there. To make it simple for my colleague to review these, I’ll have to compile all the PDFs into one single document. Is there a way to combine all such individual PDFs into one?

Oftentimes we have several PDF documents scattered here and there because of which we have to go through the plight of opening up every PDF. This creates a discontinuity in our content-consuming process. How about you sort all PDFs belonging to the same category together or bundle all PDFs of the same genre and combine them. You might be wondering if that’s even a possibility. Of course, it is. Up until now, to merge PDFs files you probably were dependent on one single PDF viewer where you had the option of merging PDFs intertwined between several other options.

Here’s some good news. You can now install a standalone PDF merger utility that can help you merge PDFs files in no time at all. In this blog, we’ll talk about the Aiseesoft PDF Merger which is one of the best PDF Mergers. For the simple reason that it’s extremely simple to use and it comes packed with several great features. But, is it that good that it can replace a standalone PDF viewer that offers similar (if not all) functions, let’s find out.

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Complete Review on Aiseesoft PDF Merger software 2021

Aiseesoft PDF Merger Interface:

PDF document

The interface is pretty decent. You can easily add as many PDF documents as you want. However, you might have to spend a little time getting accustomed to certain functions, especially if you are new to the concept of merging PDFs.

For instance, the functionality to assign Page Ranges or Sorting pages in order could have been better labeled. Apart from that, you should not have any difficulties navigating across the interface. You can easily add PDF documents, shift their order.

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Aiseesoft PDF Merger Features:

As we mentioned, Aiseesoft PDF Merger offers you several features. You might wonder, a PDF Merger is a simple utility, so what features can you expect? Many! Yes, you heard us right. Aiseesoft PDF Merger is much more than your regular PDF merger documents. In fact, after going through the features, you’d probably gain an interest in merging documents. Let’s dig in –

– Assign Page Range

It is quite possible that you only want a specific page range from a particular PDF document. Aiseesoft makes this task a cakewalk. You can manually assign the page range or even sort the pages in reverse order or sequence. Plus, you can even choose to merge all files alternately.

– Changing The Order Of The PDFs Easily

Let’s first talk about what the heading says – you can shift PDF documents up and down depending on the order you desire. The interface makes the listed PDF documents look neat and sorted which in turn makes it easy to review the order of documents before you decide to merge them. In the process, if you find that you don’t need a particular document, you can select it and remove it.

– Drag and Drop

Have PDF documents scattered across several locations. You can randomly visit these locations, select multiple PDF documents and then simply drag and drop them into the interface.

– Merge Highlighted Parts

There are times when you might want to pick up specific highlighted parts from various PDF files and then put them together. Normally, you’d probably type these parts one by one or search for parts and copy-paste them in a separate file. Aiseesoft PDF Merger precisely splits highlighted parts and merges them into a distinct PDF file.

– OCR Technology That Supports Several Languages

Ever heard of a PDF merger that uses the OCR technology? Probably not. Aiseesoft PDF Merger’s OCR technology supports 190 languages that include English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and many more.

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Aiseesoft PDF Merger Speed:

Merge PDF

This PDF merger from Aiseesoft is one of the fastest PDF mergers. Although, at the outset, we’d like to mention that the speed at which it merges PDFs depends on the size of the PDF files to be merged. Here we’ll be merging 8 PDF documents of 10 MB and see how much time is taken to merge these. These should be large enough to test the mettle of this PDF merger. In approximately 50 seconds the PDFs were merged. As compared to many other free PDF mergers it did the job in a much lesser amount of time.

How To Use Aiseesoft PDF Merger?

1. Download, run and install Aiseesoft PDF Merger


2. Click on Add Files marked by the + With the help of this option, you will be able to add all the PDFs that you want to add

PDF setup

3. Here you can change the order of the PDF files by moving them Up or You can see the options for the same at the bottom just above the Output Setting

4. Want to manually enter the page range or reverse the order of pages? Double click on the PDF item and manually enter page range or sort pages in sequence or reverse order as shown in the screenshot below

Merge method

5. After you are sure of the PDF documents you want to merge and after you have entered the page range and sort them, it’s time to give your file a name. For this, click on the dropdown next to File Name. Here you can choose a naming convention of your own choice

6. After that select a folder where you want to export the merged document

7. Once you are sure of all these things, click on the Merge button after which all your PDF files will be merged into one single document.

Pros and Cons

The advantages of having Aiseesoft PDF merger are way more than few disadvantages –


Easy to use, decent and attractive interface

You can select the page range, order (sequence or reverse)

Unlike many other PDF merger software, you needn’t install Adobe Reader

Easy naming convention

Tutorial to help you get started

A speedy merger of PDF documents

Support for Windows 11


The drag and drop function doesn’t work occasionally

You might have to spend some time understanding certain functions

Wrapping Up:

A utility like Aiseesoft PDF Merger lets you stay productive when you often have to deal with several PDF documents. Apart from very minute challenges, you shouldn’t have any issues in using this utility. So, do give this tool a try and let us know if it has stood up to your expectations. For more such content, keep reading Tweak Library.

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