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What Qualities Should You Look For In A Good Quality Software Updater?
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What Qualities Should You Look For In A Good Quality Software Updater?

Is it necessary to update installed software frequently? There is a reason why developers, service providers roll out updates now and then. Broadly speaking, these updates help enhance both the functionality as well as security aspects of the software. Not updating the software can prove to be a lethal mistake. However, do we have time to manually look for these updates? Probably not! Leave aside fetching the update, oftentimes we aren’t even aware that the developer has rolled out an update. That’s where a software updater comes into play. Here are some of the best software updaters for Windows 10.

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However, here is another important question. What are the qualities of a good software updater?

While we have listed the best in the business, you must have some perspective about what a good quality software updater is all about especially if you are new to the concept of software updaters.

In this blog, we’ll take an example of Systweak Software Updater which is one of the best software updaters around. It exemplifies qualities that a desirable software updater for Windows should have. Here we will use Systweak Software Updater as a means to explain some of the characteristics of a good software updater for Windows 10.

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In Depth Review on Systweak Software Updater

What To Look For In A High-Quality Software Updater for Windows

One-Click Updates Without You Have To Manually Checking For Them

A good software updater immediately brings to your notice if any application on your Windows computer needs an update. And, then you can fetch the update with a single click. As you can see in the screenshot below, Systweak Software Updater lets you fetch the updates by simply clicking on the Update button. And, worry not! The updates provided by Systweak Software Updater are 100% secure. There are high chances that you might never have to see the face of any malicious software ever again.

Software Updates

Facility To Create A Restore Point

Sometimes, after an update, users notice the entry of bugs in an application. These bugs or discrepancies may make software malfunction, impair user-friendliness, or even harm the overall functionality of the software. One of the characteristics of a good software updater is that it creates a restore point before the user chooses to fetch the update. In that case, if a user is not happy with the changes that the update has brought along, he or she can revert the changes. In Systweak Software Updater, you can create a restore point by –

1. Clicking on Settings from the left-hand pane of the interface

2. Then from the farthest right-hand side, click on Create Restore Point under System Restore Point

Systweak Software Updates - System Restore point

3. Here, you can also access the restore points that you have created and adjust the maximum disk space that you wish to allocate to restore points

Systweak Software Updater- System Restore

Get A List Of Recommended Software

Systweak Software Updater - Utilities and Tools

It is not just one kind of application that you need to perform various tasks on your Windows 10 computer. You need several different kinds of software that can fulfill several different purposes. Systweak Software Updater provides you with a list of some of the most recommended and high acclaimed utilities across several different categories –

Category Listed By Systweak Software Updater


Security Applications that can identify and delete malicious threats before they enter your computer and cause damage to your operating system’s functionality or the files that reside inside
Browsers Seamlessly browse the world wide web using some of the best browsers, that don’t bank upon user’s data and privacy
Communications Applications that can help you with video calling, instant messaging, and several other forms of communications. After all, you should be able to communicate with the world even on your desktop.
Multimedia Whether it is playing the audio or video files or editing them, you need some of the most feature-packed applications
Utilities & Tools Several applications can help you up to your productivity game. Updating drivers, keeping a note of passwords, managing disk space, uninstalling redundant software are some of the many tasks and there are applications for all these

Systweak Software Updater not only lists out applications but with regards to the same –

  • It lets you install these applications from trusted sources
  • Gives you complete information regarding the developer, storage size, and several other aspects
  • You can sort applications by popularity, app name, publisher, storage size, and many other factors

Systweak Software Updater - App name

High Customizability As Far As Editing Is Concerned

Systweak Software Updater - Setting

A good quality software updater for Windows 10 gives you complete control over the settings. Now, you might be wondering what settings we are talking about here? Creating a restore point, for instance, is one of the settings that we have already discussed in the blog. Apart from that, good software gives you complete control over things that can otherwise take a considerable amount of storage space and toll on functionality as well. These include –

  • Enabling and disabling automatic updates
  • Removing the setup file once the application has been installed
  • Include or ignore software for updating
  • Check update history
  • Choose to run the application immediately after booting up the computer
  • Shows all those Microsoft products which are not related to the operating system
  • Exit applications on close
  • Choose a light or dark mode theme

Wrapping Up

Enjoy what you read? If you do use a software updater on Windows 10, which one is it? Do let us know in the comments section below. If you find the blog to be helpful, do share it with your friends, and for more such updates, keep reading Tweak Library.

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