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10 Best Video Players for Windows 10 – 2021
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10 Best Video Players for Windows 10 – 2021

Videos these days come in all shapes and sizes; large, small, HD, 4K, 8K, MP4, WMV, FLV, AVI, etc. Windows built-in player isn’t well equipped to handle the functionality that a person would require from a video player. You may want to change the aspect ratio, color coordinate the video, add subtitles to the movie, etc. for a better viewing experience. But all of this can be achieved with the right video player.

We have accumulated a list of 10 Best Video players for Windows. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get straight to it.

Best Video Players For Windows 10 in 2020:

1. VLC Media Player:

VLC Media Player for windows
Source: Wikipedia

VLC Media player is one of the most widely used Video players in the market. VLC supports nearly all the video formats that are in use currently. It supports up to 8K Videos. It comes loaded with features like changing the aspect ratio, cropping the video frame, adding subtitles, 360-degree videos, etc. It is available for free for all the popular platforms like Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS.

VLC is known for its easy to use interface and availability of any feature a person would require while watching videos. No wonder VLC Media player is used so extensively.

However, VLC Media player isn’t a thematic video player and some may find the interface of VLC a bit mundane. Apart from me nitpicking, there is hardly any flaw which one may point out in VLC Media player and hence, is one of the best video players for Windows.

Download: VLC

2. GOM Player:

GOM Player for windows

GOM player is another very popular video player available in the market. GOM Player holds a wide range of functionality like VLC. GOM Player is available for free. Though it offers a fine video quality and transition, it doesn’t support 8K videos. Multiple skins are available for GOM Player that keep it fresh and don’t let you get bored with its interface. Though the VLC media player is a tad bit better than GOM, GOM player looks way more engaging. GOM Player comes equipped with a Codec finder in case player can’t find one on the PC. It supports various file formats like AVI, WMV, MKV, MP4, etc.

However, it also possesses few downsides. The GOM Player package contains a few unwanted applications that are installed on your PC along with the video player. Also, the UI of the GOM player isn’t as intuitive as it could be.

Still the upsides weigh heavier than the downsides and hence, GOM player is among the best Video Players for Windows available in the market.

Download: GOM Player

3. Zoom Player:

Zoom Player for windows
Source: Softpedia

Zoom Player is another amazing video player for Windows. It possesses a lot of great features and functionalities. Zoom video player for Windows supports nearly all the video formats and has fairly simple commands to navigate in the application. Users can import the whole library videos and put them in a playlist. Zoom capability can help people with certain professions like medical.

The UI of Zoom is also pretty minimalistic. It only features a few on-screen controls and for the rest of them you will have to go to the drop-down menus.

On the downside, it has no option to select a particular folder to add to the library, it rather scans for all the videos on the device. Also, the number of ads in the application are a bit annoying.

Despite the few downsides, Zoom Player definitely deserves to be in the list of 10 Best Video players for Windows.

Download: Zoom Player

4. Kodi Media Player:

Kodi Media Player for windows

Kodi Media Player is another popular video player for Windows. However, it also supports Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. Because Kodi is an open source tool, it is highly customizable. It is perfectly capable of handling a large number of files at once. The most beneficial aspect of Kodi is that it offers an extensive library of add-ons. These extensions add to the capability of Kodi Media Player such as Streaming sites, games, subtitles, etc.

However, Kodi Media Player has suffered from a bad image because of Kodi Boxes because of which users can stream to content illegally. However, the app in itself isn’t illegal. Also, the UI of Kodi is unimaginably scattered and to find a setting in the Kodi menu is a task of its own.

However, for people who try it, it is a brilliant app with almost all the features one would require in a video player for Windows.

Download: Kodi Media Player

5. KM Player:

KM Player for windows

When it comes to viewership, there is hardly any application that can beat KM Player. KM Video Player for Windows is an awesome tool rewarded with a great number of users and downloads. KM Player is capable of playing UHD, 4K, 2K, and 3D videos. KM Player is a free-to-use application. KM Player support is available in 36 different languages. The video playback offered by KM Player is much smoother than its competitors.

However, the annoying ads may ruin your experience with KM Player. Also, the user interface isn’t that appealing to watch either.

Download: KM Player

6. Potplayer:

Potplayer for windows

Pot Player is a feature packed video player for Windows. Pot Player is heavily customizable and can be extensively personalized. When you compare it with our top contender, VLC, it may be fairly less popular but that doesn’t mean it lacks the functionality. Pot Player can smoothly play 3D Videos and supports various 3D Glasses. Audio in Pot Player is crystal clear.

The user interface offered by Pot Player is simply amazing to look at. Also, the built-in keyboard shortcuts make using the Pot Player a breeze.

However, the long list of features with Pot Player may be a downside for many users. Also, the Pot Player is only available for Windows. Hence, the users who use multiple devices may want to switch to the player that is available for all their devices due to the ease of use.

Despite these shortcomings, Pot Player is an amazing Video player for Windows available in 2020.

Download: Potplayer

7. ACG Player:

ACG Player for windows
Source: Windows 7 Homes

ACG is an UWP (Universal Windows Platform) application. The charming clean interface of ACG is a treat to look at. ACG is one of the top media players for Windows. Its long list of features includes Gesture control, Music Equalizer, Video Effects, Touch enabled, etc. It also supports media codecs. The additional features like ability to customize subtitle appearance and animation, online stream playback, and multi-window mode add to the functionality of the software.

Another younger sibling of ACG player is Ax-Lite which is a lightweight version of the application and features a minimalistic design. It can be used with devices which either have a limited space or limited computing ability. AX-Lite is as quick and snappy as its elder cousin, ACG Player.

However, the only shortcoming of ACG Player is that it isn’t available for any other device and platform.

Download: ACG Player

8. Media Player Classic:

Media Player Classic - Video Player for windows

If you used Windows a decade ago, you would remember the good old Media Player Classic. The Media Player Classic used to be the default Video Player for Windows and was the most extensively used media player.

Media Player Classic is available in two different projects such as Home Cinema and Black edition. For most users Home Cinema edition would be an ideal choice, Black edition isn’t bad either. It’s just that the Black Edition offers too many features an average user doesn’t generally use.

Media Player Classic is amazingly fast and requires very low computer resources. The installation size of Media Player Classic is fairly small. The intuitive design and User interface make it a charm to use. It supports nearly all the codecs out of the box. Media Player Classic supports playback from external devices and discs. However, it is only available in Windows only.

Download: Media Player Classic

9. Plex Player:

Plex Player for windows

If you are a binge watcher, be it movies or tons and tons of web series, it can handle it all. It helps you organize all your media collections in a pleasing orderly way. It provides easy to share options and you can also choose with whom you want to share your library.

Plex Player, in addition to being a Video Player for PC, is a free streaming service provider. Plex Video Player supports all the major video and audio formats. Another amazing feature is Chromecast compatibility which helps you cast the video on a large screen easily. Plex Player is only available for Windows.

Download: Plex Player

10. 5KPlayer:

5KPlayer for windows

5KPlayer is another great media player for Windows. Although it lacks in features when compared to other Media players in the list, it can easily fulfill the needs of an average user. It supports all the widely used video and audio formats. 5K Player features a clean and minimalistic user interface. It also offers streaming services and also lets you import music from other streaming sites like YouTube and Facebook also. 5KPlayer also works as video downloader for many popular sites. With all these features and more, 5KPlayer is a great tool to play videos on PC.

Download: 5KPlayer

So, this was our list of 10 Best Video Players for Windows available in the market. Do let us know your views if you have used any of these, we love hearing from you.

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  1. Matthew

    Though VLC was working great, I was pretty bored with its interface. Reading your article, I went for the second best, GOM Player, and I am not at all disappointed. Loving the new interface and feel of it. Thank you

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    Amazing blog! This list of apps is quite helpful and includes a few names that I didn't know earlier. I personally liked PotPlayer.

  3. mariya jonsan

    My all time favorite video player is VLC Media Player because any type of video file you can easily run in it so i loved it.

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