6 Best Web Browsers for Windows 10 for 2024

6 Best Web Browsers for Windows 10 for 2024

We browse websites in such an unintentional manner just like we would do other involuntary tasks. A web browser for Windows is indeed a gateway to the magical world of the World Wide Web (‘www’ as it is more fondly and popularly referred to) and the myriad of information it contains.

No matter what device you own, a smartphone or a desktop, you can’t spend a day without browsing some or the other website. If you have landed on this blog, you’ve come here because of a browser. While there is no denying the fact that despite spending a considerable time of the day on our smartphones, we do spend a fair share on desktops as well.

It goes without saying that a web browser is essential software. Unlike what many might think, there are several options that one can consider before zeroing down on a web browser. So, if you are looking for speedy and efficient web browsers for Windows consider the following options.

6 Best Web browsers for Windows 10 At A Glance –

1. Google Chrome – The Best and The Most Preferred

google chrome most preferred browser

Chrome has, hands down, becomedown become a go-to browser for most Internet users and is, therefore, one of the best browsers for Windows. If you are looking for speed combined with features, look no further. Google Chrome is simplistic, visually appealing, and offers a massive library of extensions and apps.

Another reason for choosing Chrome for browsing the internet is that Chrome has an extension or app for every task that you wish to perform. For instance, if you wish to count the number of words on the website, there is an extension dedicated just to that. Also, Chrome lets you sync your bookmarks, openedbookmarks opened tabs, passwords, and more across several devices.

Top Reasons To Choose Google Chrome

  • Inbuilt password manager to save passwords and autofill forms.
  • Cross-integration with other Google products like Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc.
  • Efficient tab management; you can pin tabs.
  • Send tabs to another device.

Writer’s Tip – You can manage browser memory and kill crashing websites/ extensions with Chrome’s Task Manager.

Download Google Chrome

2. Mozilla Firefox – Browsing Speed At Its Best

Coming second yet standing as a strong contender to give Chrome a tough fight, you might want to consider installing Firefox which is one of the fastest internet browsers for Windows 11/10. It is lighter on your RAM as compared to many other browsers as such it is also one the fastest internet browsers.

With Firefox, you can expect a fast browsing session and it doesn’t take a lot from your system’s resources. Something that makes Firefox stand out is the seriousness with which it takes a user’s privacy. For instance, Firefox’s tracking protection prevents requests for tracking domains.

Top Reasons To Choose Mozilla Firefox

  • Privacy-intensive browser with no ad tracking.
  • Better bookmark management; you can customize names and categorize similar links.
  • Built-in language translator.
  • Private Browsing Mode automatically deletes search history and cookies after every session.

Writer’s Tip – Ever felt like taking a screenshot of a webpage? You can simply right-click and take a screenshot.

Download Mozilla Firefox

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3. Opera – The Underdog


Opera has come far from being what it was for Java-enabled mobile phones (remember Opera Mini?). It is now one of the fastest Windows web browsers that comes with a host of spectacular features and stands in the competition of being one of the top web browsers for Windows.

Firstly, it’s more stylish, more customizable, and more flexible. It also offers free VPN integration, Web 3 support, a fast ad blocker, and built-in social media messengers are just a few of the many features that are packaged by Opera.

Top Reasons To Choose Opera

  • Integrated free VPN. Here are some of the more feature-rich VPNs for Windows.
  • The sidebar has some of the popular social media platforms and tools like WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, etc
  • AI assistant Aria built into Opera.
  • Battery saver mode for longer browsing sessions.

Writer’s Tip – Organize tabs into different workspaces to keep your browsing sessions more focused.

Download Now

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4. Brave – A Rewarding Browsing Experience

Brave for safe data browsing

Brave is undoubtedly one of the best and fastestWeb browsers for Windows. You may not realize, but, as a consumer of the web you pay a significant amount of data charges for trackers and ads. Even more, the websites have hands on your private data. This intrusion is unwelcoming but maybe we have made terms with it, isn’t it?

Not anymore! With Brave Browser, this comes to an end. When even the best web browsers cannot get past all the ads and trackers, Brave is “brave” enough to shield you against them. Not only that, it helps keep a count of all the ads and trackers that it has blocked. Taking this a notch ahead, with Brave rewards, Brave browser rewards you for viewing and supporting websites that keep user privacy as their top concern. You receive the rewards in the form of Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).

Last but certainly not least, it’s fast, compatible, and supports most extensions, leaving no stone unturned for you to give this browser a thumbs up and try. Indeed! If you love your privacy, Brave rewards you for that.

Top Reasons To Choose Brave

  • Inbuilt VPN with which you can bypass geo-restricted websites.
  • Brave search that doesn’t track you or your clicks or your queries.
  • Brave Talk lets you conduct private video calls.
  • Make playlists right in your browser.

Writer’s Tip – You can use Brave’s AI assistant “Leo” who can assist you with a wide range of tasks. It can answer questions or even help solve coding-related issues.

Download Brave

5. Microsoft Edge – Feature Rich Browser

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is one of the best browsers for Windows and it comes as a default web browser on your Windows PC. It is fast and responsive and offers you a wide range of features. Being Windows’s default browser, it integrates well with Windows personal assistant Copilot and Microsoft OneNote.

Edge also has a reading mode feature that removes any distractions that may appear when you are reading an article. An avid reader can especially find this feature great if intrusive adverts keep bugging every now and then. Edge also lets you share a website swiftly with one click. With this feature, apart from sharing a website’s link with contacts, you can even add the website to Cortana reminders.

Top Reasons To Choose Microsoft Edge

  • AI assistant Copilot that can assist you with information and tasks.
  • It comes with Microsoft Defender Smartscreen and Password Monitor.
  • It has “Drop” on its sidebar with which you can send files and notes across your mobile and PC devices.
  • Immersive reader to improve the reading experience.

Writer’s Tip – You can enable “Sleeping Tabs” that put inactive tabs to sleep, thereby reducing memory and CPU usage.

Download Microsoft Edge

6. Vivaldi – Awesome Design


Developed by Opera’s Co-founder and CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner and Tatsuki Tomita, Vivaldi is quite a new entrant in the field of browsers. Yet, you cannot deny the fact that it has made a place amongst some of the best web browsers for Windows. If you are tired of traditional browsers, here is an option that you won’t regret.

It runs on the Google Chrome engine, yet, it is leaner and lighter. It’s highly customizable, for instance, you can customize mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts. It has an adaptive UI that adapts itself to the color scheme of the website you are on.

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Top Reasons To Choose Vivaldi

  • “Memory Saver” boosts help boost performance.
  • Group any number of tabs into two-level stacks
  • Set tracker and ad-blocking preference.
  • Create shareable themes.

Writer’s Tip – You can use the integrated translation feature to translate text from one language to another.

Download Vivaldi

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Which Is Your Favorite Browser?

You might ask, why would you need another web browser for Windows when you already have your favorite web browser that you probably have been using for years? Believe it or not, browsers are not what they used to be like before, they are now faster, lighter, more secure, and private browsers enriched with features. So, if you haven’t, it is time that you give one of the lesser-known browsers a spin.

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