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Best Monitor Calibration Software For Windows 10
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Best Monitor Calibration Software For Windows 10

Monitor Calibration Software for Windows 10 allows users to maintain image quality of their systems.

Monitor Calibration is a process that measures and adjusts the colors of your computer screen to match a common standard. This wonderful utility uses a device called a spectrophotometer or colorimeter. However, these devices are software based and hence work through computer software to maintain colors.

Who Should Use Calibrated Displays?

  • A Photo Camera Owner
  • Users working with videos and photos.
  • Designers and artists who work with drawings.
  • Professional photographers and videographers.
  • Software developers and web designers.
  • Just web surfers who love the image quality.

Why Do I Need A Monitor Calibration Software?

All the screens we use (computer or phone) act differently and further displays the same image in different color tones. This is not because the image is bad, it’s because the screen’s contrast and sharpness acts differently on each device. This is where the need of Monitor Calibration Software arises.

This software adds consistency to this situation. It applies a common standard to the situation so that every monitor displaying the image using this standard will present the image in the same way. Monitor Calibration is indeed a useful technique especially for the ones who are into selling and printing images.

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Can I Calibrate My Monitor Manually?

The manual process to calibrate a monitor is lengthy and tedious. It can take up a huge time and a bit complex for every user to understand. Still we have explained the process here to calibrate your monitor manually using the instructions below.

Step 1: Head to Windows Settings by pressing Win+I key together and choose Display Settings.

Step 2: Then go to Advanced Display Settings.

Advanced Display Settings

Step 3: In this section, Select Display to choose your monitor and go to Display information and click on Display Adapter properties for Display device name.

Advanced Display Settings properties

Now, head to the Color management tab > click on Color Management button > Advanced section and click on Calibrate Display.

Color Management - Calibrate Display

Step 4: This will open a new window i.e. Display Color Calibration. Click on Next to start.

Step 5: Click on next again, and adjust your Display’s Gamma.

How to Adjust Gamma

Step 6: Adjust brightness and contrast settings.

Step 7: Adjust the Color Balance.

Color Balance

Step 8: Once you are done with this process, click on the Finish button.

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To skip the hassle of manual adjustments, check out this list of best monitor calibration tools.

Top 10 Monitor Calibration Tools For Your Ease

1. Calibrize

Calibrize - Monitor Calibration Tools

The best monitor Calibration Software for your Windows PC is Calibrize and it tops our list for its flexibility that includes all the monitor types i.e. CRT, LCD, beamers etc. This utility is easy-to-use and makes it easy for you to use the display colors available. Additionally, this tool works well with Windows that too free of cost. The only immediate requirement is to have an efficient internet connection. It further reads the EDID data i.e. the monitor’s color data by using an ICC profile.

Get it here

2. Quick Gamma

Qucik Gamma - Monitor Calibration Tools

The list of best Monitor Calibration Software is long and we have listed here several tools for your ease. This is a faithful color calibration tool that has a standard screen display. It further uses the luminance technology from the input and Gamma signal is well versed with it. Navigating through this tool is quite easy that even a beginner can use it immediately. Every time the system is rebooted, your monitor will be adjusted as per the monitor’s Gamma value you’re using.

Get it here

3. Lagom LCD Monitor

Lagom LCD Monitor

Lagom LCD Monitor is the next in line among the popular Monitor Calibration Software that can be used both online and offline. While you use Lagom, you get a chance to adjust monitor colors by comparing the test images. Not only this, you can adjust the sharpness, brightness and contrast

 etc. with these images. Make all the relevant adjustments and you’ll be able to see the ideal calibrated settings using this wonderful tool. You can also make necessary changes to give it an ideal appearance.

Get it here

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4. DisplayCal

DisplayCal Monitor Calibration Tool

Next one on our list of best monitor calibration is DisplayCal that is also an open-source color management tool. Additionally, this amazing tool is a cross-platform tool providing users a system with a wide range of controls for your monitor’s color adjustment. While having this tool, you can alter the screen brightness, or grayscale of your screen using other several color management features that this utility has to offer. DisplayCal lets you calibrate your monitor with its hardware sensors assistance.

Get it here

5. CalMAN ColorMatch

CalMAN ColorMatch

Next on our list is CalMAN ColorMatch. It is a free to use and a cross-platform utility that allows you to tweak your screen color settings. This color calibration software lets you meet advanced technical specifications that utilizes your color calibration protocols and international standards. You can further add 100+ basic colors and set them with just a single click. The CalMAN ColorMatch lets you verify the display performance. Not only this, it is also utilized by Hollywood’s most-respected color professionals to make sure that the content is viewed exactly as it is proposed to.

Get it here

6. Natural Color Pro

Natural Color Pro

Natural Color Pro is a freeware monitor calibration tool that also standout amongst the best computer utilities. This particular utility is made available by Samsung for Windows. It is designed for CRT as well as LED screens, CDT and LCD monitors. Therefore, you can use this tool to mold the screen display color and is much compatible with Windows 10 along with the older versions. This completely free tool lets you alter Gamma, tweak its brightness and contrast, check the RGB levels for the Gamma and much more.

Get it here

7. W4ZT


Another wonderful monitor calibration alternative in our best picks is W4ZT. This software is compatible with a number of gadgets and help user to calibrate the color as per the requirement. The interface directly states your screen resolution by setting Gamma i.e. brightness and contrast. This program allows you to adjust the contrast according to the screen brightness, its home page asks you to widen your screen to see both the arrows on the screen. Furthermore, you can play smartly with its settings pertaining to color, greyscale and gamma adjustments.

Get it here

8. Photo Friday

Photo Friday - Monitor Calibration Tool

Photo Friday is yet another amazing monitor calibration software. It is an easy to use tool with quick navigation and interface. It is a one-page software that lets you play with the brightness, contrast, and grayscale of your monitor. After you process monitor calibration, the tool ensures that the blacks should appear black without any trace of grey. Therefore, the main motive is to tweak the monitor or screen settings in such a way that can be distinctively differentiated between.

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9. Online Monitor Test

Online Monitor Test

The Online Monitor Test is the next one on our list of best monitor calibration software. This tool has a simple to use interface and offers extensive range of efficient tests to manage your screen hues. The monitor test can be run in 4 modes: The monitor test can be run directly in 4 different modes: A simplified HTML version for Smart-TV, smartphones, and tablets, Flash in an ordinary HTML window (maximize with F11), Flash in full screen HTML (opens in 1920×1080 but can be resized to fit any resolution), Executable full screen program for any resolution (no installation required). You can start by altering the contrast and brightness, then the Color Range test helps you identify what your screen can deliver.

Get it here

10. Atrise Lutcurve

Atrise Lutcurve Monitor Calibration Tools

Last but not the least. Atrise Lutcurve is the last pick on our list of best monitor calibration software for Windows. This is a program designed for Windows having access to various tools and features that allows you to tweak the brightness, screen shading, display, saturation etc. Additionally, this tool has to offer the user several color controlling features and color calibration tools. Atrise Lutcurve has an easy to use interface and a calibration tool with a process that fascinates offerings such as- color rectification and more.

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Is It Beneficial To Have A Dedicated Monitor Calibration Tool?

Well, the need of having a monitor calibration tool is of paramount importance. But these tools are often overlooked and many of us do not even bother with them. People think these tools are complex and time-consuming that might further hinder your regular workflow. Is it true? Well, no! Having a dedicated tool for monitor calibration makes it easier and convenient for you to calibrate your monitor for better visibility and display. If you are using an old monitor, we strongly recommend you to use a monitor calibration software as the colors of an old monitor changes over time.

So, these were some of the best monitor calibration software for your Windows PC that you can use.

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