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5 Best Multiple Monitor Software For Windows 10
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5 Best Multiple Monitor Software For Windows 10

You could be a gamer, video editor, stock broker or a simple writer like me who loves to work on one PC and see the subsequent effect on another, setting up dual monitors on Windows 10 is something that many users do. Though you might invest in a larger than life ultra wide screen but that may still cost you a fortune. Why shell out that kind of cash when you can get the same experience by hooking up another monitor. And to make life even simpler here are some of the best multi monitor software for Windows 10.

Best Dual/Multiple Monitor Software
1. Dual Monitor Tools

2. DisplayFusion Pro

3. UltraMon

4. MultiMonitor Tool

5. MultiMon Taskbar 2.1 (Free)

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Best Multiple Monitor Software For Windows 10:

1. Dual Monitor Tools

Dual Monitor Tools

Get It Here

As you can make out from the name Dual Monitor Tools is not just one tool but a package of several other tools. In a single free dual monitor software for Windows 10 you get tools. With the help of these you can –

  • Provide information about DMT in general and the configuration of the monitors connected to your PC (General)
  • Help you control cursor movement across monitors (Cursor)
  • Can enable you to launch your favorite applications with few desired keys (Launcher)
  • Snap images on one monitor and flash them on secondary monitor with the help of user defined keys
  • Change wallpapers You can have same wallpapers across all monitors or have different wallpapers across all monitors

And, there are several other tools as well that can be used.

2. Display Fusion Pro

Display Fusion Pro - Monitor Software

Get It Here

If you have multiple monitors, then DisplayFusionPro is a dual monitor software that you must have on your Windows 10 PC. It helps you gain control with the help of features like customizable hotkeys, title bar buttons, and separate taskbars for each monitor and various others. The dual monitor software for Windows 10 comes with a free 30 day free trial and even after it expires you can still enjoy the limited free version.

  • Dim the monitors that are not in use
  • Change wallpaper images by downloading images online or using images from the computer’s gallery
  • Taskbars are added to each of your monitors so that you live an organized life on each of your monitors
  • It comes with a trigger feature with the help of which you can control events like desktop unlock, window creation, system idle, window focus, etc

3. UltraMon

UltraMon - Monitor Software

Get It Here

UltraMon is a great software for multiple screens on Windows 10. It helps you easily navigate between multiple monitors and comes with customizable commands with the help of which you can manipulate your multiple Windows monitors.

  • Taskbar extensions or Smart taskbar helps you keep only those applications which you would require on a taskbar of a particular monitor
  • You can have same wallpapers across all desktops or choose to have different wallpapers across different desktops
  • It has a scripting functionality with the help of which you can access all the powerful features of the software
  • Enable/ disable secondary monitors and preserve the state of desktop icons in a matter of seconds
  • With mirroring feature you can choose to mirror either the whole desktop, a certain application and even the area around your mouse

4. MultiMonitor Tool

Multi monitor tool

Get It Here

It is one of the best dual monitor software for Windows 10. It is a small and simple tool which allows you to perform several actions when you are working with multiple desktops on Windows 10. You can save monitor configurations in a file so that even when you disable a monitor with multiple monitors, your monitors will be in the same position as they were before.

  • Swiftly move from one Windows monitor to another
  • Easily enable and disable monitors
  • Save and load configurations of all the monitors
  • The above actions can be executed via the user interface or through command line
  • There’s a preview windows that shows you the preview of all the monitors on your PC

5. MultiMon Taskbar 2.1 (Free)and 3.5 (Pro)

Multimoni Taskbar

Get It Here

If you want an upgraded pro version of MultiMon Taskbar (version 3.5) you will have to bear a price tag. Whereas you can always get MultiMon Taskbar as a free dual monitor software for Windows 10.

  • While MultiMon Taskbar 2.1 works up to Windows 7, the pro version works up to Windows 10
  • Taskbars added to all the monitors
  • You can hide monitors on the second or the third monitor from normal Windows Taskbar
  • Caption arrow buttons with the help of which you can quickly move through one monitor to another
  • You can add buttons to resize windows especially if you are working on applications like spreadsheets

Don’t Just Confine Yourself To One Screen

If you haven’t up until now, maybe these dual monitor tools for Windows 10 will motivate you to add on multiple monitors to your PC. And, if you have and are already enjoying working on multiple monitors, do share with us your experience in the comments section below. Also, if you have any other questions regarding tips and tricks that can take your multi-monitor experience to the next level, do let us know in the comments section below. For more such content, interesting info on apps and software across devices and every small bit on technology, keep reading Tweak Library.

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