Best Secure and Private Web Browsers

Best Secure and Private Web Browsers

In this digital era, where nothing is secure, shielding your online activity is becoming essential. After Cambridge Analytica scandal everyone including the average user has become more aware about their online privacy. And they are looking for ways to secure their online activity and data from being hacked. To reach this nothing more than a secure web browser is right.

A secure and private web browser ensures full protection from hiding your information from outsiders to giving faster and secure browsing experience, it offers all the features. Secure web browser is the smartest way of avoiding data being collected by reputed companies like Facebook and Google.

But, it can be tricky to break out of the comfort zone as you’re used to using the current web browser. But does the web browser you are using offers online security?

Here, we enlist best private and secure web browsers that will make your life easier and are better suited to your needs. With these web browsers, you can improve your online browsing security and privacy.

What is a secure browser?

A secure web browser offers variety of security features such as download protection, URL filtering, ‘do not track’ and other security features. Tor is most popular web browser as it offers various security features, but as it is mostly associated with dark web criminal activity people don’t use it that often. Also, Tor can slow down the Internet and can lead to connectivity issues. Therefore, we need look for best and most secure web browser that offers online privacy.

Best Private Browsers

Here, we bring for you best web browser that will offer secure Internet browsing experience.

1. Opera

An unrecognized yet best browser for users with slow Internet connection. Opera is the best web browser as it has an integrated ad-blocker, fewer plugins and works excellent in turbo mode. Yet only 1% of users use Opera. This browser launches fast and also reduces the amount of data transferred thus dodging any restricting placed by ISP. Besides this Opera has a battery saving mode that promises to give your laptop longer battery life.

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2. Brave

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Another browser Brave announced by Brendan Eich, co-founder of the Mozilla, is an open source browser that offers great speed with advanced ad-tracking controls. Brave is perfect for privacy paranoid people who are looking for lightweight browser.

It is available on all popular platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux. Not only this, Brave blocks cookie capture, includes HTTPS Everywhere integration, has an ad-blocker, and an active developer community

However, like every other browser it too has a downside. As it is a new browser, it is not as polished as the others in the list and the extension functionality is also missing.

3. Mozilla Firefox

First and foremost, on our list of best and fastest web browser is Mozilla Firefox. It is the most secure and fastest Internet browser for switching between sites and loading pages. This web browser is compatible with all popular platforms Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.

Not only this Mozilla Firefox also has synchronization option, to help you use your save bookmarks, passwords, browser settings on other devices where Firefox is installed.

Moreover, when we talk about privacy and security Mozilla Firefox can detect and show warning messages for destructive websites. This helps user to fall in traps of cyber criminals, download data from malicious links and websites. Also, it has pop-up ad blocker.

Even more, Mozilla has an easy to use interface and includes a privacy browser, that does not save cookies or track your online activity. In a single web browser window multiple browser tabs can be opened, also if a tab is closed accidently Mozilla Firefox recovers that for you. But one thing that isn’t right is there is no call or chat support. To get the support you need to use user forums.


  • Surfs web quickly
  • Blocks malware without fail
  • Consist of a private web browser


  • No chat or call support.
  • Not easy to find bookmarked webpages.
  • Lot of suggested links on landing page.

4. Google Chrome

Another most popular and fastest web browser for Windows is Google Chrome. It is incredibly brilliant, takes up least screen space and supports parental control. But on the downside, it is one of the heaviest web browser. If you have limited RAM Google Chrome isn’t for you. In most Android smartphones, Google Chrome comes as the default web browser and is compatible with iOS too.

Google Chrome is best at spotting known malware and does good job in notifying about destructive website that may contain infections like malware, phishing mails or devastating links. Therefore, it qualifies as the most secure browser. But when compared with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome fails to identify much threats as it depends on third party browser extension and antivirus programs.Apart from this, Chrome is fast at loading webpages and even lets user set icons on toolbar to visit web pages quickly. Moreover, users can pin tab and can pin the most often visited web pages to Google Chromes homepage, thus giving more room than the toolbar.


  • Clean and simpler UI
  • Built in phishing and malware protection
  • Customizable


  • By default, cookie tracking is enabled.
  • No telephonic support.
  • No option to search extensions from browser menu.

5. Vivaldi

With Vivaldi web browser you can experience the web in a whole new way. This browser helps to protect your online privacy and it capable of handling sensitive crucial data. This is the best web browser as it doesn’t track or store any of your data. Also, it is incredibly customizable, has built-in tools like Notes and screen capture, creative interface.

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Besides all this Vivaldi is bit different as it allows to dock websites while main window is being used for browsing. Vivaldi allows to group up tabs to avoid crowding. Also, it is built on Chromium, this means it can be further extended with extensions available on Chrome web store.

6. Tor Browser

Tor is more than just a web browser, it is a complete suite of online security tools. This ultimate and best privacy web browser keeps browsing private by blocking cookies. But on the downside, it is slow. Also, as it is associated with dark web most users avoid using it. But Tor’s privacy aspects are very strong they make tracking your online activity almost impossible. It is modified version of various privacy packages.

Tor software is built on distributed networks of relays to protect Internet data transmission from being tracked by the ISP and other surveillance agencies. This secure Internet browser creates a dedicated encrypted tunnel for sending and receiving of data. This best privacy browser can be used without installing any software on Mac, Linux and Windows as it comes with pre-defined security features to protect anonymity.

7. Epic Privacy Browser

Epic web browser is another browser developed using chromium technology. This means Epic aims to keep browsing private, with its private browsing mode it allows to keep sensitive data private. Once the browser is closed all browsing data gets deleted. Moreover, this browser uses “encrypted proxy” to hide IP address and encrypt browsing data. Also, it blocks tacking scripts and ads to load webpage 25% faster compared with other browsers. Not only this Epic browser blocks ads, cryptomining, fingerprinting, ultrasound signaling and more.

8. SRWare Iron Browser

Another best secure browser is SRWare Iron Browser, it offers customizable privacy settings, extensions, and developer tools. This best browser for Windows has built-in feature to block unwanted ads. Also, it creates unique user ID and is a fast browser with sleek design and innovative features. It secures users data by implementing various security tools.

9. Yandex Browser

Another browser with easy user interface and best online security is Yandex. It scans files and websites for viruses, blocks fake webpages and protects bank details and passwords. Yandex too depends on Chromium and uses ‘Flicker’ to run checks through downloads.

In addition to this Yandex gives DNS spoofing protection to secure passwords and other confidential data.

10. Disconnect Browser

This best web browser uses an advanced technology to identify websites that track public. Disconnect as the name says disconnects user from the sites that store any information related to the user.

Disconnect automatically ends an interface with specific websites that pose a danger to your privacy.

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We hope you found the list of best and secure web browser interesting and will use them for safe browsing. Undoubtedly Tor, is the best secure web browser but it all depends upon the user which web browser he would like to use. Each browser has its own benefit and downside. One can choose any of the browsers listed to stay secure during online surfing.

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