Best Google Cardboard Apps to Download in 2024

Best Google Cardboard Apps to Download in 2024

Here, we will share the best Google Cardboard apps that will give you virtual reality experience at its best. If you are planning to buy Google Cardboard or have already bought it and are looking for the best apps for this VR headset, you are at the right place.

Let’s discuss Google Cardboard first!

Google Cardboard headsets is a virtual reality platform, introduced by Google, to acquire an interest and encourage VR applications for smartphone users. In short, Google Cardboard transforms your smartphone into basic VR headsets. In this post, we will mention the best Google Cardboard VR apps.

Best Google Cardboard Apps in 2024

1. Titans of Space

Titans of Space

Titan Of Space is one of the best Google Cardboard VR apps that offer many realistic features such as a dynamic soundtrack, size comparison of planets and moons.

You can take benefit of informational messages along with 50-minute story narration.  Additionally, Titan Of Space works in different menu languages. You can get the space tour information on the cockpit dashboard.

Recommended- If you are a newbie and aims to learn about the solar system, this Google Cardboard app is for you.

User Ratings- Titan of Space owns a 4.3-star rating from its users.

Availability- Android users can download Titan of Space from here.

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 2. VirtualSpeech


VirtualSpeech is another great example of Google Cardboard apps, meant for educational purposes.

You can learn soft skills, public speaking, presentation, interview practice and a lot more. Virtual Speech weighs 45 MB and has been recently added on the Google Play Store.

Recommended-  If you want to overcome public anxiety and practice for interviews and conferences. This app is must-try for you!

Availability- iPhone

User Ratings- Virtual Speech got a 3.9-star rating from its users.

3. Star Wars

Star Wars

Star Wars is here as the amazing Google Cardboard VR. This app helps set your customized avatars so that you can get involved in iconic scenes.

Moreover, you can get the best star wars theme that features the original effect of planets and locales. You can also share Star Wars emoji and animations to your social group.

This app weighs 105 MB and is adorned by everyone across the globe.

Recommended-  Well, who don’t like Star Wars? This is the best  Google Cardboard app for both platforms, i.e. Android and iPhone.

Availability- Android & iPhone

User Ratings- Star Wars got a 4.1-star rating from its users.

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4. Wizard’s Might VR

Wizard's Might VR

Wizard’s Might VR is an underrated Google Cardboard app that offers the ability to become a wizard.

Once you are a wizard, you can shoot fireballs and lightning hammers on the enemies. You can even summon ice spikes! Fight with demons, dragons, werewolf, and so on.

Recommended-  This game can be a good source of entertainment that offers puzzles and quests.

User Ratings- Wizard’s Might VR got a 4.1-star rating from its users.

5. The Turning Forest

The Turning Forest

Turning Forest is a Google Cardboard VR app created by BBC’s audio team. The sound in this app is taken from the original soundtrack from the piece of EPSRC.

You will see a mystical forest, and a kid who meets a creature and their bond starts in this journey. You can experience real sounds of birds, fishes,  creature and so on.

Recommended-  This VR game can be used as storytelling for kid’s bed-time stories.

User Ratings- The Turning Forest has got a 4.6-star rating from its users.

Which Google Cardboard Apps Will You Choose?

You can turn your smartphone into basic VR platforms with the above-mentioned apps. Which will Google Cardboard VR will you take from the list?

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