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The Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android 2022
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The Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android 2022

Although the technology wasn’t very promising in its initial years, Virtual Reality is one of the fastest-growing tech niches today. Owing to its popularity, many developers have introduced virtual reality applications on mobile platforms too. If you are an Android user who wants to enjoy amazing virtual reality apps on your device, then my friend this article is dedicated to you!

Hereafter, we are mentioning the cool Virtual Reality Apps for Android, that will swirl your mind.

Best Virtual Reality Apps 2022

1. Google Cardboard

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We have Google Cardboard on the list of VR apps for Android. This amazing virtual reality application is all set to give you outstanding VR experience ion your Android device.

This VR app weighs 48MB and owns 4.1 user experience from across the globe. Google Cardboard offers Arctic Journey demo along with a sky full of stars. You can even plant flowers and can fly alongside the Arctic terns.

You can download this Virtual Reality app for Android from here.

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2. Within VR

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As the name suggests, Within VR! Yes, we count this app as one of the best VR apps of 2022. This application will take up almost 78 MB space on your device and has got a 4.3-star rating from users all over the world. Pretty Cool!

Additionally, if you are busy in finding your lost headsets to feel amazing VR experience through this virtual reality application. Wait! You don’t need any earpiece, as this VR app grants 360 mode view, where your smartphone converts into “Magic Window” to give cool VR experience.

Download Within VR from here

3. Sisters

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Virtual Experience is incomplete without horror genres. Indeed, for our horror fans, we are listing another VR app for Android devices.

Sisters is a smartphone VR Ghost story, where you can experience the true horror with a spice of Virtual Reality.

This app will take up 75MB space on your device and is loved by millions of users.  You can view the creepy environment through 360 degrees mode.

Get this amazing VR app from here

4. InCell VR

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If you are a biology student or aims to be a one, then this VR app would be fun for you! Although anyone can take benefit from this virtual reality application.

The InCell VR will take up to 72 MB of space on your smartphone and admired by millions. This is the best VR app that transforms gaming experience into a blend of science and strategy form in the human cell.

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5. VR Crazy Swing – FIBRUM

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If you are looking for a ride that will take you to the zig-zag building, swinging around the windows to the door, then VR Crazy Swing is the best VR app to make you drift from the skyscrapers.

This amazing virtual reality application weighs 26MB. Yes, the small app size on our list of VR apps for Android.

You can enjoy 350 views with the sound to give you immense VR experience. Additionally, you will be needing a virtual reality headset to enjoy the jump from high buildings.

Final Words

VR games are really fun for everyone. As technology is growing day by day the influence of virtual reality has taken leaps. That’s why now everyone is aware of VR, because of this VR developer has developed virtual reality applications for mobile users. To make your gaming experience more joyful, we have listed the best VR apps for you which will surely make your VR journey full of entertainment.

What’s Your Take?

So, which VR apps for Android will you prefer? If you are already using any application or anyone of your friends is using any of the VR apps, let us know in the below comment section, we will update them on our list.

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