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The Best Paid & Free VR Games 2020
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The Best Paid & Free VR Games 2020

Did you buy an expensive VR Headset and found that you’re short on cash to buy some great VR Games? Well, don’t get disheartened; as there are a plethora of best free VR Games available for various platforms. Just check out the list & get all set to dive in the pool of Virtual Reality!

Best VR Games To Play:

PART 1- Popular VR Games For Most Headsets
PART 2- Best VR Games To Play Without Controller
PART 3- Few More Mentions: Best VR Games For Beginners

 PART 1- Popular VR Games For Most Headsets 2020

Our list of Best VR Games covers the titles for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, Windows Mixed Reality headsets and more.

1. Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life- Alyx - VR games

The famous VR Game can be your ultimate return to the world of Half-Life after a gap of 13 years, except not in the way you will completely recognize. Replacing Alyx Vance rather than Gordon Freeman, you’ll be fighting through City 17 at a time before the unlucky physicist arrives.

Available On: Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality

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2. Wonderglade

Wonderglade - VR game

It’s a beautifully designed free VR game for Google Daydream headset users. The game is all set to take place in a theme park and bring a plethora of mini-games packaged into one. You can explore lots of puzzles, racing & arcade style games in one. The bundles of games are exciting enough to kill a boring afternoon. Also, they are kid-friendly, so yes, download now & have fun!

Available On: Google Daydream

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3. Rec Room

Rec Room - VR Games

Well, social spaces for games are nothing fresh; conglomerates like Sony have tried it with their popular PlayStation Home on PS3 almost a decade ago. But Rec Room is definitely something else. You will not be able to explore an infinitely repayable game to explore here, but Rec Room is definitely a way for players who need to get their VR sea legs before they tackle in-depth experiences.

 Available On: Oculus Rift, PS VR, HTC Vive

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4. Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay

Star Wars- Droid Repair Bay VR Game

Well, Star Wars is something that has been best known in the industry for producing excellent games that arrives with a perfect blend of movies with a wider universe, in fact. To get started with this best free VR game, you are required to influence The Last Jedi through your deft work repairing BB-8 & other droids aboard a resistance starship.

Available On: Oculus Go & Samsung VR

PART 2- Best VR Games To Play Without Controller

Looking for some really cool VR games that don’t demand the use of controllers? Well, there are several Virtual Reality games that exist in the category!

1. Deep Space Battle VR

Deep Space Battle VR

If you are a huge fan of spaceship shootouts, then Deep Space Battle VR Game should be your next destination to satisfy your cravings. Being a player, your character turns out to be a lone space pilot, who must fend off to conquer the Shadow Fleet. Since you are the last hope for saving earth, you have to deal with bold lasers & explosions in the colorful, bright landscapes.

Available On: Android

2. Darknet


Did you’ve ever wished to become a super cool cyber hacker? Then, this paid VR Game is designed just for you. Darknet is a famous cyberpunk hacking puzzle game, loved by millions of gamers from all around the world. You enter the Virtual Reality game and simply infiltrate the web via worms, viruses in order to exploit and steal data before you get traced.

Available On: Steam, Android, Oculus & PlayStation Store

PART 3- Few More Mentions: Best VR Games For Beginners

Not sure if the Virtual Reality revolution is a field for you? Are you scared you’ll get motion sick? Well, you certainly don’t need to worry; we have listed down some simple to understand, easy to tackle VR games that doesn’t require moving much in the virtual world.

1. Water Bears VR

Water bears VR

The best VR game will brighten up your mood & fill your day with enough challenges to keep toddlers busy throughout. While playing the virtual reality game you’ll feel like you’re actually inside the tangled twisted pipes with an attempt to sort it out as soon as possible. Wait, there’s more, Water Bears VR game brings traditional puzzles, which you can enjoy in the natural surroundings.

Available On – HTC Vive

2. Minecraft VR

MineCraft VR

Most of us are already familiar with Minecraft games. Hence, no special introduction is required here. But if you’ve ever played Minecraft on a traditional console or maybe PC, then you can easily hop in to the Virtual experience, without any hassles. It certainly offers quick hacks to instantly go away from the Virtual Reality world & instead lets you play on VR TV.

Available On: Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR & Hololens

3. Pinball FX2 VR

Pinball FX2 VR

Who’s the biggest pinball fan here? Well, it’s one of the Best VR games for beginner users, since they must already be aware of the easy gameplay. Also, playing this game is a fantabulous way to get started experiencing virtual reality for the first time. The controls are super simple to handle and you can certainly lean in to get a closer look of the pinball machine. Undoubtedly, it’s the best VR game to get nostalgia feels.

Available On: Oculus Rift

Virtual Reality is still a relatively new genre for people, but it does hold a potential to take the gaming experience to a whole new level. We’ve tried to jot down all the popular choices so that you can experience most of the VR headsets and play best VR games without controllers as well!

Shoot your favorite Best VR Games in the comments section below!

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  1. Shashank

    I didn't know there were VR games that could be played without the VR sets! Can you also suggest which is the best VR set among those mentioned... I want to buy something that has largest VR game library and from a reputed company, which will be supported for a couple of years at least..

    1. Mansi Vijay

      Hello Shashank, Thank you for your comment. Though we have mentioned several VR Games that can be played with or without controller. In case you are looking for more options, you can consider VR Roller Coaster, VR X-Racer, Smash Hit & End Space. These games can be enjoyed without having controller! Happy Playing!

  2. Rashmi Kandhil

    I was unaware of this fact that there are so many games to play without VR sets. Thank you for this informative article.

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