5 Reasons You Would Give Up Chrome For Vivaldi Browser Android

5 Reasons You Would Give Up Chrome For Vivaldi Browser Android

Chrome is an excellent browser for Android and for some of us it has become the second skin of our Android device, isn’t it and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, if you are tired of seeing Chrome day in and day out, you might as well look for some fresh air.

There are several browsers for Android available. One such option is Vivaldi browser for Android and if you still can’t take your mind off Chrome, might as well have a look at the following reasons that’ll make change your notion for the best browser for Android 2019 –

1. User Interface

User Interface - best browser for android 2019

Nowadays, Android phones are coming with a surprisingly tall aspect ratio. You would want a browser that can adjust with length. In that regards, Vivaldi is probably the best web browser for Android. To begin with, you can add a new/ recent tab at the very bottom, which would ease off your access to the tabs. And, it’s not just the tabs, but Vivaldi browser for Android provides all major options such as search, side menu, forward, backward, bookmarks bar, etc. at the bottom.

2. Search Engine Nicknames

Nicknames - best browser for android 2019

One of the best features of Vivaldi browser for Android is that it gives nicknames to search engines. To make this work, all you have to do is prefix your search query with a nickname. For example, when you type “d” in the address bar, your existing search engine will change to ‘DuckDuckGo’, or when you type “g” in the address bar, the search engine will automatically change to Google. You won’t have to change your search engine every time.

To find these shortcuts, tap the “V” icon present in the upper right corner and then follow the path mentioned below:

Settings >  General > Search engine

3. You Can Take Notes On The Move

Notes - Vivaldi browser android

Vivaldi browser for Android has a note-taking feature that can be accessed from the ‘panel’ button present at the bottom left (you can see this as the first option). Once you click on the panel, you will find four options. Click on the third option and voila! You can now take notes on the go.

The notes feature is integrated into the interface so well that you can access ‘notes’ even while you are on a website. In fact, you can take notes while you are using a website as a reference. To add on, you can copy an important text piece from the website and paste it into the notes.

You can sync these notes across all your devices. Doesn’t these features make it the best web browser for Android?

4. Speed Dial Your Favourite Websites

Another feature that makes Vivaldi one of best Android browsers in 2019 is its speed dial ability. If there’s a website that you frequent a lot, you can add that website in the speed dial list by tapping on the ‘+’ icon present at the bottom and then you can enter the name of the website and the URL.

You can even segregate your favourite websites in folders. For instance, you can have a separate folder for websites related to technology or E-Commerce or Sports.

5. You Can Take A Screenshot Of An Entire Website

Entire Screenshot - best web browser for android

How cool is that? Under normal circumstances in any browser, if you try to take a screenshot of a website, you probably won’t be able to because some of the other element will come in the way. But, Vivaldi lets you take a screenshot of the entire web page from the top to the very bottom of the page with nothing hidden or cut.

Final Takeaway

It’s completely up to you to pick up a browser. You see, it’s always great to keep options open, right? And, without a doubt, Vivaldi browser for Android can be seen as a great option. What browser do you use on your Android device? Please mention your thoughts in the comments section below.

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