Top 10 Best Password Managers For Android

Top 10 Best Password Managers For Android

Everyone wants their devices to be safe, secure, quick, and easy so they find the best password managers for their devices. With password manager apps, you do not have to remember long and unique, and complex words for all of the online accounts which require passwords. Password manager apps help you remember all the passwords for you. Basically, iOS and android password manager apps save your devices and accounts from all types of data breaches. After installing the password manager app, all you need to remember is one master password for the password manager that’s it.

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In this blog, I am going to highlight the top 10 best password manager apps for your devices based on the features.

Best Password Managers Android Apps:

S. No App Editor Rating  Get Here
1 Tweak Pass – Password Manager 9 Get It Now 
2 Dashlane 9 Get It Now
3 LastPass 9 Get It Now
4 Keeper 8.5 Get It Now
5 Enpass 8 Get It Now
6 1Password 8 NA
7 Zoho Vault 8 Get It Now
8 Robo Form 8 Get It Now
9 Password Boss 8 Get It Now
10 Sticky Password 7 Get It Now

1. Tweak Pass

Tweakpass - Password manager Apps

Install For Android

If you are looking for a safe and reliable password manager then Tweak Pass is the best password manager available out there. With a single password you can protect all of your apps and information in an AES encrypted secured vault.

But Why Tweak Pass?

Because Tweak Pass has lots of best features that might attract your attention.

It supports fingerprint unlocking on supported devices.

We can create a complex and strong password in a single tap. It auto-fills your log in details on the app that requires login.

Tweak Pass has its own inbuilt browser for secure web browsing. It syncs your password on multiple devices.

So, by using Tweak Pass you don’t have to remember long and complex passwords for different sites or apps.

You can get rid of all of your sticky notes written passwords. All you need a single master password for all apps and Tweak Pass provides you that.

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2. Dashlane

Dashlane - password Manager For Android

Install On Android

Dashlane is one of the best password managers which is available on the internet. it has many features that make it different from other password protecting app. By creating a single password, you can protect all of your data and passwords which you use for various apps.

It can store infinite passwords and to protect all these passwords it has a single password. It will fill all of your login details automatically. Whenever you use a different device it can easily import all of the login details from your browser easily.

It generates a very strong and complex with a single tap. If your data is being used on the dark web it will immediately notify you and take necessary action.

It has its own inbuilt browser to browse safely. It follows the policy of no data storing. It doesn’t save or leak any data to any third party. All of your data is safe here.

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3. Last Pass

Lastpass - Password Manager for Android

Install On Android

LastPass is a password manager as well as a password generator. You can secure all of your personal data and all of the login credentials for different apps with just a single password.

LastPass protects your data through multi-factor authentication which is used in many of the banks. LastPass enables you to log in to your accounts through your single password or fingerprint.

It syncs all of your data from one device to another device which you use and autofill all the log in details.

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4. Keeper

Keeper - Password Manager android app

Install On Android

Keeper was awarded the best password manager by PC mag. Its thousands of 5-star ratings make it the best password manager.

Keeper can store unlimited numbers of passwords in its digital vault and protects them by zero-knowledge security architecture by using multiple layers of password authentication and make it accessible only to you.

You can select up to 5 of your trusted individuals to access your account in case of any emergency. Keeper keeps an eye on your data on the dark web by enabling Breach Watch.

Breach Watch will immediately inform you in case your data appears on the dark web and take the necessary actions required.

You can organize your data, files, password in folders, and sub folders in an encrypted digital vault which you can access through a password or your fingerprint.

5. Enpass

Enpass- Password Manager Android App

Install On Android

Enpass password manager was created by the Sinew software system private limited. It is one of the best password managers available for securing the data and information.

Enpass secures your data by using a military-grade open-source SQLCIPHER engine (AES-256 bit). It saves your data in your own device instead of uploading it to its own servers. That way your data will remain safely in your device.

Enpass can easily sync all of your data and login credentials through your iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive and can easily import your password from other devices as well as other apps.

Enpass supports biometric authentication that’s why you can easily access your data through fingerprint. It has its own inbuilt password generator and inbuilt secure web browser.

Enpass also has a collection of beautiful themes which you can use on your HMI.

6. 1Password

1Password - Password manager for Android

1Password was selected by the Android central as the best password manager for android. It secures all of your personal data and financial accounts passwords, photos, and other information in its vault by using a single self-generated password.

It autofills all the required password or login credentials whenever you want to access your any account. You can access it by just using your fingerprint.

The most important feature of 1Password, it enables you to share your data with friends and family. Since your data is all secured in your own devices you can easily transfer it from one account to another.

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7. Zoho vault

Zoho Vault - Password manager android app

Install On Android

If you can’t remember all of your passwords then Zoho vault might be a good option for you.

Zoho Vault is a password manager which will secure all of your login credentials for different apps at a single place and will protect them by using AES 256-bit protection. Your data will be completely safe in the inbuilt digital vault of the app.

Zoho vault keeps your data secure, autofills all of your details, and creates a strong password with a single click. You can also share your details with your family and colleagues too.

It provides a different dark theme to make the interface more attractive.

8. Robo Form

Robo Form - Password manager App

Install on Android

Robo Form is an award-winning password manager which was created by Siber systems inc.

By using Roboform you can get rid of your notes which you used to write down your different passwords. Roboform creates a single password to secure all of your data and login credentials and secure your data by using AES 256-bit encryption. It syncs all your passwords in all devices whether it’s a window, MacBook, Linux etc. It safely saves all of your financial account passwords and details. It can also find reused or weak passwords and notify to change them

You can purchase a family plan for Roboform and which enables 5 individuals to enjoy the benefit of the app services.

9. Password Boss

Password Boss - Password Manager Android apps

Install On Android

Password Boss is one of the critically acclaimed password managers of the year 2018.

It saves all of your passwords which you use for various apps and financial accounts in its digital vault by using 256-bit AES with 64000 rounds of PBKDF2 salt encryption. Which is only accessible to you by means of fingerprint or a single master password. It will directly autofill your login details whenever you want to access your data or apps.

Its digital wallet can help in fast checkout by storing the credit card details. Password boss also enables the emergency access to your accounts for someone else other than you. You can also store all of your important stuff like travel programs and insurance details in it.

10. Sticky Password

Stickey password for android

Install on Android

Sticky password is one of the oldest password managers available out there. if you have fed up with remembering loads of passwords then this app is for you.

Sticky password will save all of your passwords, credit card details, your insurance, or license details in a single place and will protect them with a single master password by using AES 256-bit encryption and this digital vault will only be accessible to you. But if you want you can share the accessibility to other individuals too.

You can save your credit details in a very secure digital wallet. It syncs all your passwords to every device you have access to. With a single click it will log you into your account and auto-fill your login details.

Sticky also notifies you about the weak or reused passwords.

I hope you like this blog, comment down and let us know about your best password manager. Follow Tweak Library on social media platforms.

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