LastPass Vs Dashlane – A Head-To-Head Battle

LastPass Vs Dashlane – A Head-To-Head Battle

The need for a password manager can’t be stressed upon. Hackers and cyber miscreants are on a roll, and if you throw in a few simple letters, alphabets or even characters as password, your password security will go for a toss.

So, you need strong passwords for your accounts. But, our human brain at times restricts us to a handful of permutations and combinations for passwords. Thankfully there are password managers which come with strong password generators. Using these, you won’t have to take the pain of remembering passwords every single time.

Stay Safe!

Employ Best password manager As Keeper Of Your Precious Passwords!

Talking about the best password manager apps, you can’t forget two towering titans in the business – LastPass and Dashlane. Now, if you have extended your hands and are in a state of dilemma to which password manager keeper to choose, consider taking a 360° purview.

And there we are! We have listed some common factors that a user (a general user) would take into consideration. Though, you could also have your own criteria (feel free to put them down in the comments section below.)

Based on the above factors let’s have a head to head battle between two of the best password managers LastPass and Dashlane.               

SL.No. Factor/Criteria Dashlane

dashlane - android password manager


lastpass - android password manager

1 Pricing and

Subscription Cost



Is a bit costlier and is priced at approximately $ 60. Something that might leave you gasping a little bit but if that’s the case, consider going through other factors More affordable at $ 36 per year
2 Features If it bears a heftier price tag, it justifies the higher cost – enhances cybersecurity with features like VPN, inbox scan, identity theft. And, that’s not just it, Dashlane even scraps through Dark Web just to find if your account is in a soup because of that.

With Dashlane, you can change multiple passwords, all at once.

Dashlane also doubles up as a chrome password manager too, and the extension caters to all the major browsers

LastPass is a hardcore password manager, which means the functionalities are more focused on managing passwords and other sensitive information like a bank account, passport details, etc . Though you won’t be able to enjoy features like VPN.

As a password manager LastPass allows you to change one password at a time.

LastPass has a more robust chrome password manager plugin  and is more accessible and convenient, even for an average user. 

3 Customer Support You won’t possibly run into any problems with either of the two apps but still you would want to talk to someone should you be in trouble. Though telephonic support is not available with either of the two, Dashlane definitely scores here as it gives you a priority chat support if you take the premium version While LastPass doesn’t give you telephonic support or chat support, it does have a prompt Email support. But again, you might have to wait for your queries to be responded.
4 How good is the password manager as an Android password manager



As an Android Password Manager, Dashlane replicates almost everything as its desktop version – you can save your passwords, login and fill forms, save credit card and bank account details. Even with the Android version you get a VPN when you use internet on public WiFi. You can also secure your vault with a two factor authentication.


The app also comes with a strong random password generator, so you don’t have to remember lengthy passwords.

LastPass saves usernames and passwords for Android versions Oreo and above.

So does LastPass. It also has a strong password generator.

5 User Friendliness You will probably entitle the best password manager if it is user-friendly. Dashlane as far as usability is concerned, comes clean. It lets you import password with ease, it has a super clean interface, it lets you manage your password vault neatly and even update them.



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But, here is where LastPass may prove to be a little better, it is more user friendly as a browser extension. If you are using Chrome, it is a better Chrome password manager. Even the categories are more sorted in folders (which can be great if you want password security for your organisation.


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We have laid down some of the major aspects both password managers and both the password managers stand true to their promises, yet there are areas where one password manager does rise above another.

We’ll leave that decision totally on you. Which one’s your favourite?  Do let us know in the comments section below.

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