What Is The Difference Between Dark Web, Deep Web and Surface Web?

What Is The Difference Between Dark Web, Deep Web and Surface Web?

Thanks to technology, there are billions of pages and websites are available on the internet to enhance your knowledge and for pleasure. But do you know, using the search engines like Google and Yahoo, you can only get your hands on 10 % of the content and reaming 90% of the content remain not indexed. In fact, the internet is divided into three different categories. So, let’s understand what these three categories are, which include surface web, deep web and the dark web.

In this post, we’re going to discuss the difference between dark web, deep web, and surface web.

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What is Surface Web?

Surface Web is a standard web that allows users to browse the internet and excel your knowledge. When users access to the surface web you get it for all intents and purposes such as connection friends on social media platforms. Moreover, here everything is recorded by search engines. For instance, Google, Bing and Yahoo are great examples of search engine and the best way to use the surface web. It is just a portion of the World Wide Web which is voluntarily accessible for the public. This portion of the internet that is being indexed by search engines called Visible Web and Surface Web.

When users access websites and surf the internet then surface web only provides 4% of the internet to get the information.  However, the world of the internet is just like a big sea and you can only enjoy the beauty just seeing the upper layer. Surface Web is also known as Lightnet, Indexable Web and Indexed Web.

What is Deep Web?

Deep Web is a secret web which ensures the security of organizations and not accessible for the ordinary people. This web contains the content of website, pages, and corporates which are not indexed by search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. Here, military data, personal and private data is kept such as username, credentials, URL, etc. Banking data are also stored on the deep web and only select people have the access to this data, normal users do not directly get their hands on this data due to security purposes. The deep web also contains data on cloud storage services or personal storage. It is used to encrypt the data from being accessible form regular users.

Around 90% of the content is available on the Deep Web with aim of the keeping if secure and concealed all the time. Due to the prohibited access of users, there is very fewer unlawful activities are performed. On the deep web, admonitions can get the data through direct link and visiting websites. The deep web is vast size web and it is rising exponentially.

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What is Dark Web

Dark web is a very small ration of the Deep Web which is not authorized or accessible by surfing internet. It is a hub of illegal trading to websites where illegitimate and restricted activities are executed. This platform also used to perform illegal activities such as trafficking, drugs dealing, arms deals, killing human, extremism, pornography, and many more.

As the name reflects, it is considered as the concealed and hazardous portion of the internet which is also known as the dark net. Moreover, this is not allowed to access by normal users as it falls under unlawful doings.  However, Dark Web is accessible is through Tor Browser (The Onion Router).

Tor creates multiple layers of IP address and lets you access the dark web anonymously. However, there are many websites that are banned which you will not be able to access through Tor because the dark web is not less than a mystery and it is immeasurable due to its nature.  So, it is recommended to maintain adequate distance from the dark web to make sure you don’t end up yourself in jeopardy.

What Is the Difference Between Dark Web, Deep Web and Surface Web?

Categories Dark Web Deep Web Surface Web
Content Illegal Both legal & illegal Legal
Browser Tor Google, Bing, Yahoo, Opera, Firefox
Percentage of Information 6% 90% 4%
Also Called Hidden Web, Invisible Web Indexed web, Visible Web
Constitutes Web Web Web
Meaning Concealed Content which can be browsed through Tor browser. Content not accessible with search engines. Accessible by search engines.

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The Bottom Line:

Certainly, accessing deep web is beneficial to gain information and enhance your excellence. This information can be profitable if you know your limits because if you step into the wrong territory then you might end up compromising anyway.

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