Is Apple Walking Down The Same Path As Google?

Is Apple Walking Down The Same Path As Google?

In a support document published last week by Apple, the company confirms the discontinuation of its iCloud Documents and Data service. With that said, by May 2022 iCloud Document and Data will be merged in iCloud Drive and you will be able to see everything in the Files app.

(Merger will take place when you enable iCloud Drive manually on the device. Steps to enable it Settings > iCloud > Enable iCloud Drive)

This announcement has raised several questions like:

  • Will the storage capacity be impacted?
  • Is this the end of iCloud Documents and Data service?

If you also have the same questions or are uncertain about what is happening, keep reading.

First thing first, Apple says the merger will not impact the storage capacity used by files stored in iCloud. This means you won’t have to change your iCloud storage allowance. Mind it, there is no official announcement so we cannot be sure how things will turn.

Support statement by Apple

“In May 2022, the iCloud Documents & Data service, our old document sync service, will be discontinued and replaced entirely with iCloud Drive. If you are using iCloud Documents & Data, your account will be migrated to iCloud Drive after this date.

If you are using iCloud Documents & Data service, you need to enable iCloud Drive by following the steps below to view your files. Upgrading to iCloud Drive does not change the storage space used by your files saved in iCloud.”

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What is iCloud Document and data?

Introduced in 2011 with iOS 5, iCloud Documents and Data is a system that automatically syncs data from different apps in the phone and makes it available across all devices.

If that is the case, why is Apple merging it now with iCloud Drive? Is there some hidden motive?

What is iCloud Drive?

iCloud drive

Introduced in 2014 with iOS 8, Cloud Drive is cloud storage that lets users share their data across all their devices thus giving the facility to share it with family members. It provides the ease of working from anywhere and whenever the user wants. Furthermore, iCloud also offers data safety and allows syncing data with a single click.

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What’s new taking place in May 2022?

iCloud Documents and Data introduced in 2011 with iOS 5 and iCloud Drive introduced in 2014 with iOS 8 serving the same functions will now be merged into iCloud. This will help users find the data in one place without accessing different services.

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Will it be helpful for users?

Indeed it is a great move because earlier both iCloud Document and Data and iCloud Drive were doing the same job of saving the data online but in two different forms. Now consolidating them will remove the confusion of saving the data on two platforms.

Is it a move inspired by Google?

It doesn’t seem that way because Apple says, the change will not impact the 5GB free space. Also when making the announcement, to justify what is being done, Google said it is already offering more free storage. Nothing of this sort or comparison like this has been given by Apple. Hence, it seems Apple is just doing it to reduce users’ confusion.

However, if you think Apple is following Google we would like to know your thoughts on the same.

Effective from June 1st, 2021 everything, including photos, videos, and documents will be part of free 15GB Google Drive storage.

This is all folks. Does this news of merging iCloud Documents and Data with iCloud Drive make you happy? Do you think it will change anything for you? We would like to know your thoughts about the same. Share them in the comments box below.

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