Best Android Auto Apps in 2024

Best Android Auto Apps in 2024

Adding Android Auto to the Centre Console is one of the best things that has happened to cars in recent years. It helps to access messages, calls & directions in an effortless way. However, with the Best Android Auto Apps, you can completely personalize your car and driving experience.

With the blend of Android Auto, the infotainment system in your car will let you view, access & use mobile applications that will help you stay entertained, connected, informed, notified, and, most importantly, safe.

In this definitive guide, we will explore the best apps for Android Auto to use in 2024.

Why Do You Need Android Auto Apps?

Believe it or not, your phone is your biggest enemy while driving. It distracts you and jeopardizes your safety. All the times you look at it for notifications, directions, calls, and messages are all the times it puts you in danger.

The Android Auto apps help you overcome this challenge by bringing your Android apps directly to your car’s display. The apps let you get directions right in front of the screen, call someone hands-free, revert to an important message, listen to your favorite songs, and have fun along the way. Android Auto app is your smart and convenient driving companion that keeps you connected, entertained, and focused.

10 Best Apps for Android Auto You Need In 2024

Selecting apps that don’t distract your focus while driving is Important. Hence, after extensive research & testing, we’ve curated this list of the finest applications that enhance your experience.

1. Google Maps

Price – Free

Vendor – Google LLC

Compatibility – Android 6.0 or above

Download Google Maps for Android

Google Maps

Google Maps is at the top of the list because it is one of the most valuable apps for knowing directions. You can go anywhere by viewing the location on your car’s display. Utter the name of a business or an address into the voice search button on your steering wheel, and your car’s display will show all pertinent information. Google Maps also responds to external light and allows you to switch between light and dark themes. It comes in handy when driving at night or passing through low-light areas like a tunnel.

2. Audible

Price – Free, In-app Purchases start from $1.10

Vendor – Audible, Inc

Compatibility – Android 6.0 or above

Download Audible for Android


Audible is an all-in-one audio entertainment app that lets you stream stories and news while driving. It is an ideal driving companion that allows you to personalize your car experience. With Audible, you can also create a library of your favorite content, which will be available everywhere you drive. You might not have time to read books, but with your Audible, you do not need to. You can instead listen to them on the go.

3. Spotify

Price – Free / $9.99 per month

Vendor – Spotify AB

Compatibility – Android 6.0 or above

Download Spotify for Android


 For the love of music and entertainment, we’ve added Spotify as a part of our best apps for Android Auto list. The app lets you play millions of songs and podcasts for free. Its library is immense and growing with each update. Spotify is undoubtedly the best Android Auto app if you are searching for a single application that can play your favorite podcasts and music playlists from your favorite artists. It will indeed make your drive relaxed and upbeat.

4. WhatsApp

Price – Free

Vendor – WhatsApp LLC

Compatibility – Android 4.1 or above

Download WhatsApp for Android


The next entry on our best Android Auto apps list is WhatsApp. You can listen to your messages on Android Auto and speak back to them. You can record and send voice responses using Android Auto by tapping on a message as it appears on your car’s display. You can send and receive messages hands-free. Thanks to the app’s call-waiting functionality, you can also accept an incoming call while on another call.

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5. Pocket Casts

Price – Free

Vendor – Automattic, Inc

Compatibility – Android 6.0 or above

Download Pocket Casts for Android

Pocket Casts

Pockets Casts is a feature-rich and multi-faceted podcast app. It has an extensive library of podcasts. It offers hand-picked podcast suggestions based on different categories. You can listen to your favorite podcasts with pocket casts throughout your everyday commute. It works flawlessly with Android Auto and allows you to play, pause, AND move backward, and forward easily. You can also browse for fresh content by using filters and accessing previously created “Up Next” queues.

6. Audioburst

Price – Free

Vendor – Audioburst

Compatibility – Android 6.0 or above

Download Audioburst for Android


Audioburst is an excellent way to add talk audio to a car to drive engagement and revenue. It is one of the greatest Android Auto apps for listening to and streaming your favorite content while driving. The Audioburst Android Auto app enhances in-car entertainment systems by providing access to the largest searchable database of chat audio content. It also features a customizable content collection, making it an ideal traveling partner.

7. Facebook Messenger

Price – Free

Vendor – Meta Platforms, Inc.

Compatibility – Android 6.0 or above

Download Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

If you still keep track of your friends via Facebook, you must have Facebook Messenger on your Android Auto. You cannot make voice or video calls on the app, but it certainly helps you read and revert text messages. It notifies you when new messages are received. You can listen to them by clicking the Play button. You can also tell your friends and family that you are driving by using the “I’m driving right now” auto-responder.

8. Scanner Radio – Police Scanner

Price – Free/In-app Purchases

Vendor – LLC

Compatibility – Android 8.0 or above

Download Scanner Radio for Android

Scanner Radio

Scanner radio enables you to keep an eye out for incidents like accidents or other potential occurrences while you are driving. It keeps you informed about local crises so you can avoid traveling to those specific locations. On your commute to work, you can use Scanner Radio to learn about any traffic bottlenecks. Although there are a few applications that can do this, Scanner Radio is the quickest since it receives its information directly from the authorities.

9. Autovaras: The Car Assistant

Price – Free

Vendor – Omnipisix

Compatibility – Android 6.0 or above

Download Autovaras for Android


Autovaras is an intelligent car assistant that timely reminds you about the expiry dates of the insurance, road tax, periodic vehicle inspection, and more. With Autovaras on your car’s screen, you will never have to remember any dates. To stay updated, you must feed those important dates for renewing insurance, car inspection & so on. This vital information will always be visible, ensuring you remember all deadlines that might jeopardize your license.

10. TuneIn Radio: News, Music & FM

Price – Free/In-app Purchases start from $0.72

Vendor – TuneIn Inc

Compatibility – Android 6.0 or above

Download TuneIn Radio for Android

TuneIn Inc

TuneIn Radio is a world full of music, news, podcasts, and live sports. It features the most extensive library of on-demand and live audio. The Android Auto app covers information related to the latest news, popular podcasts, and commentary on live sporting events. Whether you are a sports enthusiast or a businessman who wants to keep up with the information around the world, the all-in-one TuneIn Radio app is the right choice for you.

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Final Takeaways,

Android Auto is one of the best things that has happened to cars in recent years. It lets you completely personalize your car experience with the best Android Auto apps. With the help of these applications, Android Auto transforms from an old functional tool to an entertaining one. From getting directions to answering essential calls, the Android Auto app lets you do everything while you are safe and sound. To further customize your car experience, you can also make use of apps like Waze Navigation, Pulse SMS, Poweramp Music Player, Podcast Addict.

If we’ve missed an important entry, feel free to mention them in the comments below!

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