Check Out The Best Entertainment Apps You Wish You Knew Earlier

Check Out The Best Entertainment Apps You Wish You Knew Earlier

During the current scenario all across the world, we all are staying inside our homes and exploring new things every now and then. Earlier we used to binge on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu streaming services, but now we are discovering many new entertainment apps to learn more and explore more during this quarantine.

We all are amongst the people who scroll their thumbs thousands of times over a single app in a day. This article is for all of us to kick the boredom away and plan to scroll through some new entertainment apps to do the needful. Yes, we are talking about apps other than Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Since we all are living in the era of social distancing, it is the time to make the best apps at use. Here are listed some newly and some rarely discovered mobile apps to get you through the entire day. Check them out.

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Best Entertainment Apps 2022

1. Soon- Everyday Bucket List

Soon- Everyday Bucket List - Entertainment Apps

Download Soon: iOS

Soon is yet another in the list of the best entertainment apps for the iPhone that helps you remember, discover, and experience things that can make your life more fun. Soon- an app for the iOS devices offers a bucket list of your daily needs that includes the movie you recently heard about, a cool restaurant opened nearby, book tips/recommendations from a friend, podcasts, TV shows and much more. This is one of those entertaining apps that can help you plan your lockdown days and is all about you want-to-do in your life. With this, you will have your upcoming days sorted and you can make the most out of this golden period.

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2. Pimsleur

Pimsleur - Entertainment App

Download Pimsleur: Android , iOS

This quarantine let us build a new skill set. Yes, we are talking about learning a new language while staying home. Pimsleur is yet another app that can help you learn and explore the world of different languages. This one helps you get rid of all those word games. If you are really interested in speaking a new language, Pimsleur is a uniquely focused conversational language skill you can help yourself with. Since it’s hard to know what to go with, we would recommend you to prefer apps that let you focus on repetition and conversational skills.

3. Letterboxd

Letterboxd - Entertainment Apps

Download Letterboxd: Android , iOS

Just as Goodreads is for books, Letterboxd is for movies! Get yourself a shift from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon like streaming channels. This is indeed a great platform to come over and discover something hilarious and some enlightening insights. This quarantine, we recommend Letterboxd to all movie geeks out there to browse through the popular, highly anticipated and best rated films. You can further access popular reviews and lists, read and post comments on those reviews and lists, search easily for films, cast-crew, and members etc. The film buffs here are wonderfully witty and it is actually more entertaining than even Twitter itself.

4. Goodreads

Goodreads - Entertainment Apps

Download Goodreads: Android , iOS

Goodreads is yet another app that can help you make the most out of this quarantine. Here you can find new and interesting books and browse through personalized recommendations based on your past reads.  You can follow people and see what they are up to, you can write book reviews, and keep a track of what you want to read at a later date. It further offers a barcode scanner that you can scan the next time you are in a bookstore. Add your choice of books to the ‘to read’ shelf and check out their reviews before buying. Goodreads is a better place to be where more than 35 million members have added more than a billion books to their shelves.

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5. Catan Universe

Catan Universe - Entertainment Apps

Download Catan Universe: Android , iOS

This quarantine, try your hands on these amazing board games covered all under one app- Catan Universe. This is an amazing entertainment app of 2020 wherein you can play your favourite game Catan anytime and anywhere. This app has a combination of the original board game, the card game and the expansions in one single app. You can have fun with this board game as it offers multiplayer mode for up to three players free of cost and for more variety, you can unlock the complete basic game, the expansions and a lot more. Give this game a try now!

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6. Citizen

Citizen - Entertainment App

Download Citizen: Android , iOS

Well, over entertainment apps our safety and security is also the topmost priority to be considered. This is where Citizen comes in. It is one of the powerful safety app you need during this period of crisis. Citizen app notifies you of any crime in progress even before Police. This awesome app is for the good of the community where you can protect you and the community responsibly. Additionally, it gives you real-time safety alerts where you can avoid potentially dangerous situations, live breaking video and keeps your community safe with instant reporting of the incident happened in your vicinity.

7. Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies - Entertainment App

Download Relax Melodies: Android , iOS

Entertainment has various forms, one of them is to calm your soul and meditate. Relax Melodies is one of those best entertainment apps that helps you to have a sound sleep with its 100+ soothing sleep sounds, white noise, calm music and meditation. Basically, Relax Melodies is designed aiming at being the most efficient sleep-aid app. Explore its wide variety of music inclusive of Nature sounds, White noise, guided meditation, brainwaves, etc. Give your mind a peace and meditate for a while to gain a better sleep and wake up fresh. Its features include- Large sound library, guided meditation programs & Sleep meditations, Sleep Moves with or without your pillow, and some breathing techniques

8. Quibi

Quibi - Entertainment App

Quibi is one of the most popular entertainment apps used by several users nowadays. It is yet another streaming service like app that gives you access to various shows and quick bite original content that fits any moment of your day. The episodes are designed for your phone and are kept 10 minutes or less for better browsing experience. Quibi brings new and quick content that is enough for little breaks in between work, coffee time, and some similar breaks. On your personalized feed, you can discover what’s new, trending and shows as per your mood. The best part of using Quibi during this quarantine is that you do not have to sit for hours to finish a movie. It comes up with original movies in chapters, told 10 minutes at a time. Isn’t it great? Want to know more about Quibi? Click here.

9. TikTok

TikTok - Entertainment App

TikTok, we all know how people are getting crazy over it and especially during this lockdown a large number of people are spending most of their time on TikTok. It is the most popular entertainment app out of those listed above-mentioned. They are running in the race of getting viral and gaining more likes and followers on TikTok. This app is raw, real and has no boundaries. People create their own short videos while spreading some social messages through it or by capturing some funny or memorable moments to share with the world. Add fun stickers, music, and filters to your videos to take it to the next level. Make every second count and enjoy the most of your life with such apps.

Note: As it is a Chinese app, it may not be available to install in India, because the Indian government has banned some of the apps from China.

10. Houseparty

Houseparty - Entertainment Apps

While you are exploring new things and new technologies, here comes a time when you think of trying your hands on different apps that offer similar features. For instance, Skype or Zoom are the most popular entertainment and video calling apps used for both personal and professional use. But with Houseparty, as the name says, you can enjoy quality time with your friends and family despite being far from each other. This app has a lot to offer from face-to-face social networking to play games effortlessly online, in-house alerts and much more. This lockdown, Houseparty is one of the best things to hanging out in person, along with maintaining a distance.

Brownie Tip:

While you are working from home, and chilling within houses, you are exploring new things quite frequently. Therefore, apart from the apps listed above, it is important for you to stay calm during this stressful time surrounded with COVID-19. For this you can refer to an amazing mental wellbeing website i.e. Calm Sage. The articles here are awesome for your mental health and lets you divert your mind from stress and helps you find peace around. This quarantine you can work on yourself and give yourself a stress-free life.

Wrapping Up

That’s all people! These were some of the best entertainment apps we feel might be helpful for you to make the most out of this lockdown period. Hope you find them interesting and you get to learn and explore more through these apps. Check them out and let us know which one worked for you and which one didn’t. We’d love to hear from you.

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